Industrie: Healthcare and Life Science, Pharma
Kategorie: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Bilthoven Biologicals

Why we‘ve chosen NTT DATA Business Solutions:
  • Expertise in pharmaceutical business processes and SAP
  • SAP validated template
  • Hands-on approach
  • Engagement and commitment
  • Dedicated team, local support
With itelligence* we could put our faith in a dedicated team that knows what they’re doing. And, that is very important.

Ad Röling, CFO of Bilthoven Biologicals

Employees: 500

Turnover: MEUR 90

Bilthoven Biologicals (BBio) is recognised worldwide for its polio vaccines. The company was formed following the privatisation of the production activities of the Netherlands Vaccine Institute (NVI). In 2012, the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer acquired these activities.

This created a powerful combination of knowledge, network and facilities utilised by BBio in order to achieve its ambition: worldwide eradication of polio.


Herausforderungen und Vorteile


  • Transition from government organisation to commercial company
  • Complex, regulated production process
  • Outdated and non-integrated systems
  • Insufficient control of the supply chain
  • Improvement of reliability and predictability


  • Integrated support of the production process
  • Processes demonstrably under control
  • Improved insight, speed, efficiency, and scalability
  • Prepared for further growth of the organisation


  • NTT DATA Business Solutions it.lifesciences for pharmaceuticals template
  • Management Execution System
  • Validated implementation
Bilthoven Biologicals relies on SAP in the global fight against polio

The implementation of a new SAP ERP alongside the NTT DATA Business Solutions it.lifesciences for pharmaceuticals template and a Management Execution System helped gaining control of the integrated supply chain.

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The Need for an Integrated and Transparent Supply Chain at BBio

BBio used an outdated SAP system in combination with a variety of other non-integrated systems. "We had to have a system that provides our processes with optimum support and that allows departments to work together, where possible, in an integrated manner."

Deciding on a Project Partner and Solutions to Implement

Following a selection procedure, BBio chose NTT DATA Business Solutions as the best match. SAP ERP was decided on, along with the NTT DATA Business Solutions it.lifesciences for pharmaceuticals template, that is based on sector-specific best practices and more than 25 years of experience in the industry. This template supports all Life Sciences processes and enables organisations to quickly replicate processes. In parallel, a Management Execution System was implemented and an integration with the quality system was developed.

6 Months until Go-Live

Ultimately, BBio and NTT DATA Business Solutions had just six months in which to go live. Röling: “Thanks to NTT DATA Business Solutions, we met that deadline, without losing one single production batch. The NTT DATA Business Solutions people worked here as if it were their own company. NTT DATA Business Solutions is familiar with our business processes, and know SAP inside out. That is a perfect combination. We could rely on a dedicated team that knows what they are doing, and takes responsibility.”

With SAP, BBio has a reliable and validated system, including the requisite reports at both department and corporate level.


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