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The Consumer Products Industry by 2025

For the consumer products industry, sustained success and new growth depend on its ability to satisfy varied, complex, and changing demands. Customer requirements are only one element in a range of challenges that determine who succeeds in the market. This strategic guide takes a look at the key challenges facing the industry and points out possible solutions and potentials.

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consumer products trends

How Manufacturers Balance Profitability and Efficiency with Sustainability

A new survey from SAP Insights research center shows that senior manufacturing leaders are adjusting their approach to operate more sustainably and to mitigate risks more proactively. Learn about the priorities, opportunities, and threats they are considering and their plans for improving profitability and competitiveness.

wholesale distribution

Wholesale Distributors are Rethinking Digitalization and Sustainability

When it comes to how wholesale distributors measure, manage, and improve their business processes, there has been little change over the last few decades. Increasing efficiency, reducing cost, fending off competitors, and seeking new markets remain the ever-present factors on their agendas. But a new survey from the SAP Insights research center shows that senior industry leaders are adjusting their approach to business transformation.

professional services

Professional Services Leaders Shift their Focus toward Innovation and Sustainability

When asked to name their organizational priorities now and beyond the next 12 months, professional services executives reported revenue growth as most important, followed by increasing operational efficiency and mitigating risks. They also viewed sustainability as a core revenue generator and increased sustainability of their products and services as a top priority.

life sciences

How Life Sciences Companies Scale Profitably and Sustainably

Life Sciences companies are adjusting their approach to business transformation by rethinking traditional organizational priorities. The results from this SAP Insights research center study reveal the priorities, opportunities, and challenges executives are considering and their plans to elevate their profitability and competitiveness.

chemical industry

How Chemical Companies Can Compete in a Digital Economy

Chemical companies are under pressure to operate more effectively and efficiently, while fulfilling customer demands for immediacy and product innovation. Trying to meet these challenges with manually intensive processes and outdated technology is difficult, especially when external trading partners and global operations are involved. Learn about key areas where chemical companies can embrace technology to maximize efficiency, profitability and innovation.


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