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Manufacturing and Digital Transformation Trends Report

Canam Research surveyed executives of manufacturing companies to learn what they’re doing to improve processes and performance, emerging business models, and the importance of sustainable manufacturing.

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manufacturing trends
wholesale distribution productivity

Accelerate Your Path to Productivity: 3 Areas of Focus for 2023

This webcast looks at ways distributors can accelerate their path to productivity and explores the "Why" of streamlined efficient processes; enhancing the "Total Experience" for both buyers and sellers; and upgrading systems to take advantage of most recent innovations. There are real opportunities for distributors that get out in front of the competition.

modern day CX

What Modern-Day CX Offers that Legacy CRM Cannot

Legacy CRM solutions lack the ability to deliver exceptional experiences to customers and align with strategic financial objectives. Learn what is driving the progression from legacy customer relationship management (CRM) to modern-day customer experience (CX).

transformation mindset

The Transformation Mindset: Professional Services

According to an SAP Insights report, the professional services industry is adjusting its approach to business transformation by rethinking traditional organizational priorities. Surveyed executives revealed the priorities, opportunities, and threats that they are considering now and for the near future, as well as their transformation plans for elevating their profitability and competitiveness.

CX agility

Modern Customers Demand CX Agility

Giving customers freedom to choose how and when they interact with your business – with quick answers and speedy resolutions -- builds trust and strong customer relationships. It also sets your business apart from competition focused primarily on price.

new market mindset

A New Market Mindset: Consumer Products

Success for consumer products companies depends on effectively coordinating a complex network of supply chain partners to meet the needs of individual consumers. When you factor in the massive demand shifts that are happening across categories, effective supply chain management becomes even more important.


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