Transformation is not about technology. It’s about making it work for you.

Välkommen till NTT DATA Business Solutions, tidigare känt som itelligence. Vi har hjälpt tusentals företag att utvecklas och nu har det blivit vår tur. På detta sätt kan vi säkra att de senaste SAP-teknologierna inte enbart stöttar din verksamhet - utan även människorna bakom.

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Digital transformation hjälper företag att uppnå sin fulla potential – om den underliggande teknologin fungerar för användarna! Vi på NTT DATA Business Solutions designar, implementerar, driver och förbättrar kontinuerligt SAP-lösningar för att se till att de fungerar för företag – och dess anställda.

Innovation is not about a good idea.
It’s about getting it ready for the market.
Digitalization of HR – a Necessity to Enable Agile HR?

Two of the most hyped concepts of today are unarguably “Digitalization” and “Agility”. Join Pia-Maria Thorén author of Agile People and founder of the global...

05.05.2021 – 05.05.2021
Is there Really an Advantage to Measuring Employee Experience?

How do the decisions you make as a leader resonate with your employees? How do you know how much these decisions move the needle to...

20.05.2021 – 20.05.2021

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Intelligent Enterprise

Find out why you should rethink your business, what it really means to be an intelligent enterprise, and how you can become one.

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What is SAP S/4HANA? Why should I move and how to transition to it? Become flexible and agile by implementing the digital core to your business.

Life Sciences

Everything you need to know about our capabilities in the life science industry. it.lifesciences, SAP S/4HANA, and our expertise are your insurance for success.

Robotic Process Automation

Intelligent Process Automation is a surefire way to improve efficiency quickly.

Human Experience Management

Check out how to find and retain top talents by improving your employees’ job experiences with an excellent talent management and strengthen your business.

Innovation Consulting

With our modular and iterative approach, you get digital innovation actually done. Whether you just started – or have a clear vision in your mind already.

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