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The Intelligent Enterprise – More Than Just a Trend

As the world changes rapidly, you must also accelerate to overcome new challenges. This world requires adaptation, reaction, and quick actions.

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to every problem. However, there is a new mindset that is worth working on – becoming an intelligent enterprise.  This new perspective means businesses need to gain new talents and abilities to quickly adapt to changes so that sustainable growth can be achieved.

Becoming intelligent enterprise is not about being trendy or popular. It is about achieving tangible results. There is no single technology or system to become an intelligent enterprise but having a technology landscape that fits the process makes everything easier.

Every company has its unique path for becoming an intelligent business, because it depends on individual needs, systems, and processes. However, the journey does not have to be expensive or complex. Your iterative and step-by-step journey towards becoming an intelligent enterprise will also have similar qualities: adaptive, flexible, and agile.

What Affects Your Business and Increases Your Concerns?

There are certain challenges that define today’s environment and society. Market conditions change rapidly, new competitors emerge, start-ups bring an innovative approach, customer expectations change and increase. Obviously, new ways of working, new perspectives, and external impacts on highly integrated networks are also facts.

For instance, we are now more focused on the experience we have with a certain situation, product, or service. The focal point is the individuality of each person and increasing expectations. This is exactly why the economy is now considered as experience-driven.

This world is often described as VUCA:

Volatile – Uncertain – Complex – Ambiguous

Ask Yourself the Right Questions

Not only the world, but also societies and technologies are experiencing continuous evolution. Plus, these changes become more frequent and impactful. Therefore, both the economy and businesses must change accordingly.

To stay ahead in competition, your business must react faster and achieve progress. Previous business models are now being tested under new conditions, even though they were successful for centuries.


Is your company flexible and adaptive enough to overcome with these challenges?

Of course, there is hope. Challenges are not the only thing we see. There are also new opportunities that are driven by this new perspective and state-of-the-art technologies empowered by this new mindset and advanced technologies.

Are you ready to benefit from these opportunities?

If you want to overcome challenges and benefit from opportunities, you need to review your business and find out how to acquire new skills and talents. An intelligent enterprise does exactly this: seeking new perspectives for the entire silos of the company.

You may consider new services to diversify your products or changing your business model to “as a service” in order to meet customer expectations in a more agile way. You need a new perspective now: If you adopt the viewpoint of a start-up, for example, you can see the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of your long-term business model. This perspective enables you to work step by step on projects, to increase the scale according to your success. Just like a start-up.

Becoming an intelligent enterprise is about getting the right answers to right questions.

Start to ask yourself the right questions

The Intelligent Enterprise Provides Answers

An intelligent enterprise should, first of all, be ready for changes – either in the form of challenges or opportunities. Obviously, the VUCA world is a hindrance to foreseeing and planning, but an intelligent enterprise focuses on flexibility and proactiveness. For example, it works on probable scenarios to be better prepared and to adapt more easily should such scenarios become realities.

If you wish to achieve this level of flexibility and to become an intelligent enterprise, you need not only technologies, but also new skills for improving your daily operations and performance.

The first step is finding a suitable perspective and then exploring technologies that support it. The best way is to start with the digital core as the central point and later to work on intelligent technologies experience management, respectively.

Mindset and Abilities

An intelligent enterprise is not the follower of trends, but a proactive initiator of the change. Being always the first to take action, it goes beyond responding to changes and shapes the future.

Here you can find an example revealing how prediction and sensor technologies come together to achieve greater flexibility. However, flexible thinking and structuring is not enough, because you also need certain reference points before making decisions and these reference points can certainly change.

This is why you need to be agile. Agility is the key to adapting to changes in needs and environments, thus adjusting your strategy accordingly. However, you need to be agile not only in strategy, but also in daily operations, as shown in this example .

Adopting all these skills and qualities gives an enterprise the ability to respond to changes quickly as well as to be part of that change.

Kia Mia case by NTT DATA Business Solutions is a great example in terms of transforming a challenge in retail into competitive advantage. Through innovative bot technologies, Kia improves customer and product experience significantly.

In short, technology has the capacity to enable remarkable improvements and new abilities. Let’s have a closer look at the actions and ways to fine tune businesses so that requirements unique to every business are met.

The Digital Core

The core of a business model consists of daily operations, processes, and interactions. Transition to SAP S/4HANA or SAP C/4HANA can be the first stage in becoming an intelligent enterprise, because it allows a business to collect and process enormous amounts of operational data (O-Data), create real-time insights from them, and to analyze them in order to operate more transparently and efficiently (more benefits of SAP S/4HANA).

Obviously, the digital core enables smoother daily operations and overall business processes, however this transition should not be made just for the sake of implementation. You should first consider business goals and processes so that you can clearly see your business’s potential for optimization.

Intelligent Technologies

To be able to incorporate cloud-based technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), robotics process automation (RPA), Internet of Things (IoT), or analytics into your business, you first need to have a digital core.

All such technologies mean a new phase in digital transformation, but digitalization is not an extraordinary topic anymore – it is a part of our lives and simply a natural aspect of evolution. For instance, you have assistants such as Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, etc. on your smartphone. They all use integrated speech recognition and conversational AI technologies to answer your questions. You can get the weather forecast from them or control room temperature, windows, doors, and parts of your kitchen in your home very easily through an app. Robots vacuum and clean the floor as we take a bath. In short, we already live in smart homes with certain technologies.

When these technologies are transferred to a business environment, it is not difficult to see their potential and the opportunities they offer.


There is another aspect to add to intelligent technologies: the experience. The experiences offered to customers (CX), employees (EX), and stakeholders has huge effect on their behavior and consequently on your business performance and revenues. In addition, each experience generates experience data or X-Data.

To become an intelligent enterprise, meet the needs, and achieve sustainable growth, you need not only a new perspective and skills, but also the right, relevant and effective technologies. Businesses should be able to manage and process data efficiently to reach valuable and meaningful conclusion for success today and tomorrow. This means O- and X-Data must be connected and interdependent for business success.

Let’s now see how and where you can start your journey to become an intelligent enterprise, because every journey to intelligence is unique.

Your Journey to the Intelligent Enterprise

Your business certainly has certain strengths that enable success. The journey towards becoming an intelligent enterprise and integration of new technologies will never damage these strengths, but only support and reinforce them.

Always remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to intelligent enterprises. We will join you in reimagining your business, find out the departments and processes that operate efficiently, and identify the ones that need optimization. No matter what your IT infrastructure and system landscape is like, we can implement the process smoothly.

Let's Begin at Your Individual Starting Point

First of all, let’s talk about your challenges, problems, or future plans and expectations. Do you need creative inspiration or some support in operational or technical processes before integrating your systems? Or do you also require change management? Our experience shows that most businesses already have bright ideas “in the air”. Let us help you to reveal them and start your journey to become an intelligent business.

  • Do you need more automation in your production and supply chain?
  • Does your business require more efficiency in logistic, production, and delivery?
  • Do you believe you will improve visibility and transparency if you get real-time insights into data to make data-driven decisions?
  • Do you seek strategies for reconciliation of economy and ecology?
  • What can you do to improve employee loyalty and to become a preferred employer?

Focus on the Immediate Added Value of Change

Every intelligent enterprise is defined by agility. If you wait for the perfect time, it may never come, so you need to benefit from what you already have in hand. Plus, you should not be afraid to change, since reimagining and reshaping your business can be an enjoyable experience.

Another thing to remember before starting your journey is how innovations are made: Most innovations are inspired by ideas from other industries or lines of business. All you need to do then is to reorganize them in line with the new model you plan.

We, as NTT DATA Business Solutions, do not support implementing technologies for the sake of technology alone. We aim to support you in improving your company. Let’s come together to select the right set of tools that best suit your needs so that we can create immediate and sustainable value for your company.

Let's Assure the Successful Journey to Your Intelligent Enterprise

We focus totally on your business and adopt an iterative approach to guarantee success in the journey and we cooperate with you in every step of the way.

Together with you, we identify the strong points, technological capabilities and digital maturity level of your business so as to decide on the best starting point.

Thanks to our iterative approach, we are flexible enough to adapt to your unique needs and to fulfill our mutual goal: making your business a future-proof one.

With vast experience in many industries, technological expertise, and close collaboration with SAP and NTT DATA, we are perfectly equipped to cooperate with you to find the right solution.

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