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Arezzo Success Case - SAP AFS, EWM and GRC Inbound


Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?
NTT DATA Business Solutions Brazil (FH) was chosen as Arezzo&Co’s main partner, by offering great experience in implementing quality projects, with over 1,500 SAP projects developed in more than 25 countries.


The Project consolidated SAP as the main technology platform of the company, providing a more robust infrastructure and eliminating possible obstacles for business growth.

Kurt Jose Ericksson Richter, IT Director, Arezzo&Co.

Employees: +2.000

Arezzo&Co is a leader in footwear, handbags and accessories in Brazil. Accumulating more than 41 years of history, currently sells over 9 million pairs of shoes and accessories a year. It has four recognized brands – Arezzo, Schutz, Anacapri and Alexandre Birman – with products that stand out for quality, design, comfort and innovation.

Herausforderungen und Vorteile


  • The implementation scope contemplated a range of innovative SAP solutions (AFS, EWM for fashion, Vistex, GRC Inbound with grids and POSDM). One of the project’s main challenges was to raise awareness throughout the company on the scope of the project, managing expectations and changes to work in an environment integrated to SAP. Many precautions were taken to ensure the project’s success, including a strict change management process during all phases of the project.


  • Automation of the Commission process performed 100% in the ERP with Vistex solution;
  • Integrated (single) database system replacing four separate databases used by the legacy system;
  • Integration and traceability of commercial processes with other areas;
  • Adoption of SAP WPB to create manuals for any system used by Arezzo&CO and centralizing these training documents online for any employee;
  • Possibility of decentralized warehouse management using the EWM solution;
  • Automation of receipt of goods and freight using the GRC standard solution (Inbound);
  • Adaptation of this GRC solution for AFS, tor use 3 levels instead of 2 levels (standard);
  • Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC), Integration with stores (POS DM on HANA) and Reports and Analysis (BW on HANA/BO);
  • Integration with Legacy Systems;
  • Integration of stores with the POSDM standard solution for validation and consolidation of ECF and NFC-e at the stores.


  • Recognizing the need to integrate their information in a single, consistent and secure database and ensure information credibility and traceability, Arezzo&Co saw in SAP AFS the opportunity to have an integrated platform that would allow raising the level of corporate governance and adopt the best practices in the company’s processes. This project was among the three best SAP projects awarded by ASUG Impact Awards 2015.

Arezzo&Co implements SAP AFS with NTT DATA Business Solutions B

Aligning its technological infrastructure so it can expand.

Considered one of the most challenging projects in its history, always investing in innovation and technology, Arezzo implemented an innovative set of SAP solutions (including ERP with AFS) to replace existing technologies, in order to align the existing infrastructure to AREZZO&CO group’s expansion strategy.

NTT DATA Business Solutions Brazil (FH) was chosen as Arezzo&Co’s main partner, by offering great experience in implementing quality projects, with over 1,500 SAP projects developed in more than 25 countries. The efficient work methodology, advanced technology and solid knowledge in IT also made a difference in this decision. Looking ahead, one of the main motivations of Arezzo&Co to invest and carry out this project was using a solution with a single and integrated platform to raise their level of governance and adhere to the best market practices.

The implementation of SAP AFS at Arezzo&Co by NTT DATA Business Solutions Brazil (FH) enables preparing the company for new and global challenges. This success story is recognized as the first project with the approved solution EWM for fashion in Latin America.

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