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Transform intangible ideas to concrete results: No matter if you have just started considering transformation or have already decided on main points. With NTT DATA Business Solutions as your partner in innovation, you can easily develop the innovation that suit your business the best.


Create Value Through Digital Innovation

It is not wise to adopt all new technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotic process automation or the Internet of Things, simply for the sake of following the trends. We, as NTT DATA Business Solutions, aim to solve problems, rather than introducing every new technology. We cooperate with you to understand your needs and increase your profitability, competitive power, or customer satisfaction. We implement and integrate technologies into your SAP systems or IT infrastructure according to these needs and this is how we add value to your business.

Innovation to the Point.

When NTT DATA Business Solutions is your partner in innovation, you achieve concrete results. We transform raw ideas into sustainable outcomes and support you in fulfilling your true potential. NTT DATA Business Solutions offers rapid, affordable and experience-based solutions.

The result is a service or solution that truly generates value for your business. To be able to achieve this, we offer innovative technologies that also ensure integration with your existing IT system and business processes.

Wherever You Stand: Start Right Now

What is your concern? A tangible challenge or simply a raw idea to put into life? Whatever the situation is, NTT DATA Business Solutions is here to help. With our expertise in business and technology, we will work with you to draw an innovation roadmap unique to your business. Then rapid actions will follow.
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A Modular Co-Innovation Approach Based on Your Needs

Do you know where to start your innovation process?

Innovation is not about a single path or a standard package. Even starting point may change according to every business. Therefore, we have a modular and iterative approach to guide you in the process.

We help you navigate through the process as a co-innovator. We identify your existing position and draw a roadmap to proceed towards your innovation goals. To make sure that the project achieves success, we employ certain tools and methods that are used in various combinations that best suit your individual requirements.

Do you need guidance or wish to create new business models or processes? NTT DATA Business Solutions is right by your side.

Innovation Management: Guidance to Find the Best Path for You

Inspire: Explore Your Challenges and Opportunities

If you are face to face with a challenge that requires immediate action to solve it, NTT DATA Business Solutions is ready to guide you. Or if you have an idea and want to be sure of its suitability, we will provide you with an evaluation. It is important to understand if your goals are realistic and meaningful against the challenge you face. We join you in identifying your business’s strengths, technological capabilities and digital maturity level and then find the best starting point to draw your company’s roadmap to innovation.


Goals and outcomes:

We cooperate with you in defining the goals and outcomes of all steps. This enables a fresh inspiration to identify the next stages or to make a thorough planning of the journey towards innovation. Based upon the results of this process, we use the most suitable creative methods and tools from our toolbox to develop ideas together with you. For instance, if you want to build a business and IT strategy that will be available for future developments as well, we offer you tangible steps that will enable integrating new trends into your core business processes. All of our recommendations will focus on following future technological trends. If necessary, we will also examine the technologies that you might use and offer you a brief competition analysis, including benchmarks and best practices. In addition, we will also employ methods such as Design Thinking to create and validate ideas that will add value to your business.


Sample tools we use – depending on your situation:

  • Design Thinking and agile workshops
  • Online and on-site innovation events
  • Speeches and 1 on 1 expert sessions
  • Inspiration and clear insights into innovation possibilities

Involve: Get the Right People Engaged

Although innovation is usually considered as a concept limited to technology, it is in fact more about the people to use it regularly. In order to achieve success in innovation, you must first make sure that everyone is involved in the process and is ready to adopt new technologies. This is where NTT DATA Business Solutions helps you. As we prefer developing and building innovations together with your team, rather than offering you ready-to-use innovation, we include all operational lines of business right from the start. We work on all issues and validate them together so as to have everyone engaged.


Goals and outcomes:

Methods to engage employees in innovation depend on the company’s unique structure. In some companies, there is already a bond and all you need to do is to bring lines of business and IT departments a little closer. However, in some companies it is vital to first reach a common understanding of innovation scope, goals, and limitations. Whatever your company’s case may be, we will choose the best set of tools for your needs through agile methods, always keeping the requirements of users and/or customers in mind.


Sample tools we use – depending on your situation:

  • Usability checks
  • Knowledge transfer sessions
  • Fit-gap analysis
  • Scrum/agile methods
  • Design Thinking workshops
  • Functional prototyping
  • Change management
  • Definition of a digital mission tailored to your company

Implement: Laying the Foundation

When it comes to implementing innovation, agility and cost-effectiveness are vital. Depending on your unique challenges, we have a selection of tools and methods that will provide you agility in implementation, while focusing on the implementation strategies that suit you the best. For instance, thanks to our tools and methods, we can see potential hindrances or limitations, create a flexible approach to innovation, and accelerate drawing your roadmap. By focusing on the need of your company, we benefit from our long years of experience to prepare short and long-term rollout plans at an early stage.


Goals and outcomes:

Thanks to our know-how, you can scale your innovation project in all departments, business units, and across the world, if necessary. If your employees are not ready yet, we help them to get fully engaged in the process rapidly.


Sample tools we use – depending on your situation:

  • Guided procedures
  • Best practices
  • Accelerators
  • International rollout expertise
  • Change management
  • Pilots and proof of concepts

Integrate: Blend Innovation Into Your Landscape

Innovation technologies are not standalone solutions, they need to integrate with all IT processes and systems to create a difference in your business. As NTT DATA Business Solutions, we help you in integrating these technologies, if not done already, with your system, as well as those in your partners, suppliers, and customers. Thanks to our tools and methods, we enable gaining maximum value from existing data. By avoiding the formation of new information silos and unlocking existing ones, we make sure that you are always ready to adapt to new technologies and opportunities.


Goals and outcomes:

Innovation is not a one-size-fits-all concept. We examine your landscape and offer you tailor-made solutions for your needs.


Sample tools we use – depending on your situation:

  • Demo and test systems
  • DevOps support
  • Migration and architecture consulting
  • Technical proof of concepts
  • Innovation roadmap and technology consulting
  • Technology and software evaluation

Each innovation project has its unique characteristics. With start-of-the-art technology and customized methods, we help your business become more profitable.

Klaus-Christoph Müller, Director Innovation Technologies

Our International Innovation Incubators

Combining our know-how in the challenges of businesses with the latest technology trends, we act as your innovation partner in implementing co-innovation projects. We have a number of innovation incubators all over the world. Laying the foundations for innovation, these centers create proof of concepts (PoC), perform real-life tests, and transform ideas into new products and services.

Write Your Innovation Story with Us!

Every innovation project is a story of its own. Co-innovate with NTT DATA Business Solutions and write yours now!

Get in touch with us today, and let’s discuss where your pain points lie, what you want to achieve, and how we can help you do that.

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