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A Single Platform for Your Help Desk and IT Service Management Needs

Discover automation and high-level efficiency in your IT processes with SMAX, the machine-learning-based IT Service Management (ITSM) solution by OpenText.

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How to Improve Your IT Service Desk with SMAX from Micro Focus
Watch on How to Improve Your IT Service Desk with SMAX from Micro Focus

Ultimate User Experience Supported by Smart Functions

Next-generation technologies provided by OpenText’ ITSM solution SMAX significantly reduces the workload of your IT team. Supporting the automation of repetitive tasks and effective time management, this solution helps you minimize human errors and reduce the number of open tickets. Thanks to its user-friendly interface that allows your employees to easily request support, it helps you save time and effort.

The solution enables your IT teams to provide 24/7 support via both mobile devices and computers. With its agile structure, the solution can enable a very rapid return on investment (ROI) as it offers your IT teams the best ITIL library in the market, while also providing automation in solution development and requiring no-code development for implementation.


Optimize Your IT Service Processes with Flexible Use Options

As IT infrastructures of companies become more complex as a consequence of technological developments, the need for support emerges with the increase in the number of employees. OpenText’ ITSM solution enables you to manage the Service Desk processes that your business needs through user-friendly displays and a centralized platform. Supported by intuitive technologies such as machine learning, the solution can be used in three ways depending on your business needs: on cloud, on-premise and service-based. Thus, in the age of technology, we are living in, you can automate your IT Service Desk and service management processes using flexible options in line with the needs of your industry and your scale.

Integrate Smart Technologies into your IT Services in the Best Way Possible

Reduce the Workload of Your IT Teams

You can reduce the workload of your IT team and enhance the efficiency of your processes with the live support, smart ticket categorization, and quick solution-focused guidance functions provided by OpenText’ ITSM solution SMAX. By ensuring automation in processes based on repetitive tasks, you can improve efficiency and significantly reduce intervention and problem-solving processes.

Reduce Costs in Your IT Service Management Processes

With its scalable and pay-per-use-based SaaS structure, which enables you to meet your specific business needs in an affordable manner, and options of cloud or on-premise setup, this solution offers flexibility. Offering the opportunity of setup and development without requiring any coding, it helps you keep the investment costs at the minimum level.

Simplify the Management of Your Help Desk Processes

The more the use of digital tools in business life becomes common, the more IT support services become important. By simplifying the support request procedures of your employees, you can help the processes run rapidly. Machine learning technology-based ITSM solution enables you to reveal the true potential of your IT support processes in the simplest way possible, thanks to its functions such as; simple search, mobile push notifications, ticket opening, and request fulfillment, all operated via a single portal.

Capture Agility in Your Corporate IT Service Management (ITSM) Processes

The unique ITIL Library helps you provide rapid solutions and support your employees in the most effective way in your ITSM processes. Thanks to the smart ticket management and automation, it offers and enables you to easily manage all your processes including failure logging, customer support calls, information requests, catalog and portfolio management, and SLA management with an easy-to-use centralized structure.

Manage Your IT Contents on a Single Platform

You can manage your software inventory, suppliers, contracts, and software asset management (SAM) processes on a centralized platform. You can transparently monitor processes such as; assets that are about to expire, supplier performances, phases of purchasing processes and improve the efficiency of your IT investment processes.


At NTT DATA Business Solutions, We Support Your IT Teams

In order for your IT teams to have an effective and efficient work routine, it is essential to take full advantage of state-of-the-art technology. IT automation and effective use of automation technologies can greatly improve the productivity of both your IT teams and employees. We support you to automate your service management processes while keeping the costs and risks at the minimum level.

We comprehend the requirements of your industry and your scale and implement the most appropriate applications and solutions accordingly. As a Gold Partner of OpenText, we have an in-depth understanding of their technology and applications and address them in accordance with the needs of your business, aiming to reveal the actual capacity of your processes and teams with the ITSM solution.

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