Overcome New Challenges with Consumer Products ERP Solutions

Optimise demand management, comply with food safety regulations, and increase supply chain agility - with Consumer Products ERP Solutions.


Improve Efficiency and Visibility with Consumer Products ERP Solutions

Today’s consumer products businesses face a host of new challenges. Changing consumer demands are influencing innovative product design and price optimisation like never before. Add to this the increasingly stringent food safety regulations and compliance requirements, and you have a challenging business environment to manage. To overcome these challenges, consumer products companies need to bring all of their Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) processes together in one place – with sophisticated Consumer Products ERP software that meets their specific needs.

Hot Topics Driving the Need for Consumer Products ERP Solutions

Demand Management

In today’s customer-driven market, effective demand management is absolutely essential. Organisations with Consumer products ERP solutions gain quick and easy access to relevant information to support profitability analysis and price optimisation as they try to satisfy changing consumer tastes. The movement toward fresh, quality and sustainably produced goods drives the need for modern ERP solutions that provide visibility into the sourcing of each and every product and the ability to manage short life cycles driven by new products and flavours.

Supply Chain Agility

Good planning is critical to success, but quick, efficient re-planning is just as important. With an increasing number of goods being transported daily, planning must be agile enough to respond to unpredictable events – such as delivery delays caused by traffic jams.

To accelerate decision making, access to accurate real-time information via the IoT and investment in Consumer Products ERP solutions are vital.

Food Safety

In an era defined by globalisation and digitisation, businesses require a comprehensive food safety program. This should ensure the highest possible quality across all processes and timely compliance with global regulations.

To close the gap between incidents and corrective actions, organisations in the food sector need a powerful consumer products ERP solutions with innovative IoT capabilities to keep them ahead of competition.

Financial Management

Financial Management – Provide detailed analytics and visibility into financial performance through dashboards, key performance indicators, pre-configured reports and a powerful end-user reporting tools. With finance integrated with your consumer products ERP applications, organisations are able to comply with industry regulations with added visibility into quality standards and traceability.

Are You Facing Similar Challenges in the Consumer Products Industry?

  • Is it increasingly difficult for you to cope with changing consumer demands and economic volatility?
  • Are you struggling with shrinking operating margins due to growing global competition and fluctuating raw material prices?
  • Are you suffering from compliance issues due to a dynamic global regulatory environment and the necessity to mitigate operational risk and manage non-conformance?
  • Are you familiar with all the compliance issues and food safety risks?
  • Are data granularity and transparency increasingly significant to your company?

If you are currently facing one or more of these challenges, we can help you rethink your processes and introduce a modern consumer products ERP solution.

Industry-Specific Processes & Consumer Products ERP solutions

Inventory and Supply Chain Management

  • Manage inventory in multiple, concurrent units of measure where needed, and allow seamless processing in all units (e.g. pricing at the in-process scale)
  • Manage all inventory formats, including customer-owned, customer-pegged (promised), made-to-order (private label), quarantined, pre-approved by quality, etc.
  • Manage all traceability issues, lot track & trace, quality recall management, etc.

Sales and Operations Planning

  • Evaluate all options for improving the business
  • Explore product mix, customer mix, supply planning with ingredients and dry goods sourcing, supply chain costs, and optimisation of cost options to maximise margins
  • Collaborate across all roles and functions to build the best plan

Product Lifecycle Management

  • Streamline PLM from product inception to disposal and align the business’s product portfolio to its objectives
  • Transition from R&D to production in a well-planned, thoroughly co-ordinated manner

Pricing, Promotions, and Commissions

  • Manage complex customer pricing including deep top-to-bottom logic to accommodate complex contractual pricing component details
  • Assign prices based on individual product characteristics
  • Handle promotional pricing issues connected to the physical logistics planning cycles (inventory, transportation, etc.)
  • Implement automated price optimisation based on demand
  • Compensate broker/distributor channels accurately, with links to the end customer where needed

Multichannel Sales

One system to handle:

  • Direct
  • Indirect via brokers/distributors
  • B2B and B2C e-commerce and online stores

Analytics & Yield Management

  • Align analytics with strategic needs throughout your business process
  • Manage yield throughout the buying, production, storage, and logistics execution processes – focus this effort on critical control points rather than inefficient all-encompassing scope
  • Increase visibility to key performance areas for business leadership, real-time, in-process (no closes needed)
  • Streamline end-of-month and end-of-year processes for fast, accurate completion
  • Leverage embedded analytics for real-time feedback on critical issues, such as yield

Profitability Analysis

  • Start with the right level of granularity to allow management of margin at the right level of detail for your business – most consumer products businesses need visibility at the customer and product level of detail
  • Slice and dice your profitability analysis to see the effects of customer/revenue and product/cost mix, logistics execution, and other factors influencing profitability – use this information to improve the sales and operations planning process

Our Consumer Products Specialties

Meat Industry

Food safety regulations are particularly stringent in the meat industry, and compliance is vital for avoiding costly penalties – or, even worse, closure of the company. Moreover, legal requirements are changing fast and it is not easy to keep track of them all. We will support you with our proven expertise and SAP Consumer Products ERP solutions that are tailored to your unique requirements.

Dairy Sector

The growth of the healthy snacking culture combined with online and mobile shopping are changing the way dairy food is being bought and consumed. Adapt to these trends through better use of technology and data to target customers with tailored offers. At the same time, ensure that supply and demand are in line through better inventory management. With our extensive knowledge of dairy industry processes and our SAP Consumer Products ERP solution, we can help you overcome these new challenges.

Eggs Industry

The egg sector, as a bulk business, is characterised by massive price pressure. Therefore, it is particularly important that all business processes, such as flock management, harvesting, grading, and sorting are optimally streamlined and run as cost-efficiently as possible.

Bakery & Confectionery

Over the past few years, sales figures in the bakery and confectionery industry have stagnated due to customers’ changing nutrition habits. As a basic requirement, you have to ensure that all processes, such as recipe management and quality control, run smoothly. Our experts support you with SAP Consumer Products ERP solutions so that you can concentrate on your core business.


Digital transformation is changing consumer buying habits. Organisations are introducing big data and advanced analytics solutions to engage customers in the consumer durables industry. They are also tackling cloud adoption, data security, and intelligent Consumer Products ERP to stay competitive in the growing global market.

Agri-Food Business Transformation

Increasingly demanding customers and suppliers, stronger traceability focus and new technologies are altering the way Agri-Food companies do business. Find out how you can lead this transformation.

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It's Often the Little Things That Make the Difference

We understand the subtle differences among the consumer products industry’s specialties. As such, we have developed a multitude of industry-specific products to provide our customers with tailored SAP solutions - whether on-premise, cloud, or hybrid.

Don Mackenzie, Consumer Products Industry Principal, NTT DATA Business Solutions.

NTT DATA Business Solutions: Experience Meets Innovation in Consumer Products ERP

As a trusted long-standing partner of SAP, NTT DATA Business Solutions is part of the development process for Consumer Products ERP solutions. Combined with nearly 30 years’ experience in SAP implementations across multiple industry segments, this gives us unparalleled knowledge of the consumer products ERP industry. It also puts us at the forefront of innovation in the sector, meaning that as we grow, you grow.

What’s more, thanks to our global presence, you can benefit from our best-in-class B2B and B2C solutions and round-the-clock consulting, wherever you are.

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