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Transforming Financial Operations with Infor Services

Transform your finance operations with NTT DATA Business Solutions. Leverage our 30+ years of experience and extensive customer community to modernise and maximise your investment in Infor SunSystems.

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Modernise Finance Operations and Maximise Your Infor SunSystems Investment

While the core function of finance is a constant, the opportunity to modernise finance operations is a continual opportunity for the finance function. Whether your finance function needs access to more information to make decisions, modernise older processes to new cloud based best practices, or deploy advanced efficiency technologies such as automation in areas such a accounts payable, our 30+ years of Infor SunSystems experience and one of the largest customer communities in the UK means we are best placed to help new or existing customers modernise and maximise with confidence.

Working with nearly 300 Infor SunSystems customers means we are experts from initial implementation, perpetual platform upgrades, advanced digital services such a data analytics and automation, to maximising the value of the new Infor SunSystems Cloud platforms.

Modernise and Maximise and modernise with our Infor SunSystems Services:

  • Business Needs Evaluation, Strategy and Selection Strategy
  • On Premise and Cloud Implementations
  • Advanced Integration, Data Analytics, Financial Reporting, Automation/RPA Deployments
  • System Lifecycle Services
  • Managed Cloud Hosting

Our Services

Business Needs Evaluation and Selection Strategy

Over 30 years we have helped hundreds of business gain a better understanding of their businesses finance operations needs and guide them through the selection process of selecting their a new finance platform. Our Infor SunSystems consultants have decades of professional experience and understand the critical finance needs required in every finance team and the specific finance requirements specific to different industry. We help CFO’s or FD’s understand their as is needs but also explore the operational optimisation of finance through workflow streamlining, reporting and advanced data analytics, and the very latest in digital workers [powered by RPA automation] that turns the selection of a new finance platform from a rip and replace exercise to a modernise and transform outcomes led project.

Cloud and On-Premise Specialists

Cloud has become the go-to choice for organisations looking to continually modernise their finance function. Cloud delivered Finance Operations with Infor SunSystems allows the finance team to run their business while the cloud takes care of service availability, reliability, new feature and function availability, and access to new powerful digital services. In the cloud, finance operations can easily tap into the very latest in digital services, providing advanced data reporting and analytics, seamless integration with other business systems, advanced automation and RPA services, and the future power of AI. For organisations who need to operate their finance function on Infor SunSystems 6.4 perpetual licenses, we are expert at optimising, cloud hosting, application managed services, and unlocking and connecting the power of those cloud digital services to your perpetual environment. And for those organisations moving from perpetual to cloud we can simplify, accelerate and re-risk that move through our proven methodologies, tooling and experience.

Advanced Integration, Data Analytics, Financial Reporting, Automation/RPA Deployments

Finance operations is at the centre of every businesses overall operating model, and ensuring finance can deliver the outcomes all stakeholders in the business need means ensuring the finance operations platform is connected, modernised, digitised and able to drive operational value in finance and across the business. NTT DATA Business Solutions digital capabilities span all areas of the very latest in digital technologies that empower the finance team with the information they need when they need it, the ability to analyse complex data with ease and speed, to deploy advanced reporting within finance and across the business, to streamline finance processes, and in the age of automation to be able to remove the raft of manual tasks, use of spreadsheets or the endless use of copy and paste that slows finance down and makes the lives of finance professionals laborious and unproductive. And because digital never stops, our digital services team stay with you across your use of the platform helping you identify where the application of digital technologies can provide continual optimisation of your finance operations, people, and platform.

Application Managed and System Lifecycle Services

NTT DATA Business Solutions Application Managed Services and Lifecycle Services enables the finance and their IT to focus on running the business while we operate your core finance system, ensure it kept up to date, optimised for performance, and enabled with new features and functions as they are released and your business can adoption them. As recent studies* show, IT teams and decision makers are being held up by repetitive tasks – ones that keep the finance platform afloat but don’t move it further up the river. When using perpetual Infor SunSystems in your own data centre we know that IT operational teams may not be expert in all aspects of its operations. NTT DATA Business Solutions Application Management Services for Infor SunSystems were built to save time and resources that these routine operations occupy. They reduce your operational workload significantly – to give you back the freedom you need to innovate and to transform your business.

Managed Cloud Services

Currently, no market undergoes so many rapid changes like the digital industry. Companies are often overwhelmed by the technological progression and therefore shy away from incorporating new innovations in their core finance platforms. When companies operate their Finance operations on their own data centre infrastructure, they can sometimes lose the ability to operate with reliability, availability, security and the right levels of user experience. Managed Cloud Services from NTT DATA Business Solutions for Infor SunSystems allow companies to stay flexible, agile, adaptable and have experts hosting and operate their core finance operations with confidence. As one of the largest Infor SunSystems cloud services partner, our specialists ensure your finance operations are never impacted by performance, outages or growing threat of cyber risk.

Infor SunSystems Cloud

Ready to revolutionise your finance operations with Infor SunSystems? With over 30 years of expertise and a vast customer base, we're your ideal partner for modernisation and optimisation. Fill out the form below to explore our tailored services, including business evaluation, cloud implementation, advanced analytics, and more, and let's maximise your investment together.

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Ready to modernise and maximise your finance operations with Infor SunSystems? Our 30+ years of expertise and extensive customer community make us your ideal partner. Whether you’re looking to optimise processes, integrate advanced technologies, or transition to cloud-based solutions, we’ve got you covered.

Complete the form below to explore how our tailored services, including business needs evaluation, cloud and on-premise implementations, advanced integration, data analytics, automation deployments, and more, can transform your finance function. Let’s unlock new levels of efficiency and growth together.