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SAP Data Management Services

NTT DATA Business Solutions can help you with all your SAP data management challenges; from data warehousing to data quality management to data migration and data governance. Our services are comprehensive.

SAP Data Management
SAP Data Management Services

Transition to an Intelligent Enterprise with SAP Data Management Services from NTT DATA Business Solutions

Data is the bedrock of the intelligent enterprise. Whether you are using data to make important decisions or your system is using it to run processes, having the right data at the right time and to the right quality is key. The intelligent enterprise also generates more data than you’ve ever seen before, so storing and processing it efficiently is critical, and ever-increasing regulations mean you need to keep on top of your data.

The increasing digitisation of business in the 21st century is creating exasperating data management challenges.

Top Data Management Challenges

  • The sheer volume and variety of the data generated by modern business processes increase demands on how data is stored and processed. How do you do this effectively and efficiently whilst still making it accessible?
  • While the intelligent enterprise demands data for insight and optimisation, tightening of data regulations means it is critical that you manage and govern your data robustly. How do you put the appropriate controls in, whilst still making it available to your users?
  • With many businesses adopting new technology to support the digital industry, data migration becomes key to success. How can you ensure these activities go smoothly and incur minimal business disruption?
  • More and more users are demanding access to data or information to allow them to make more informed decisions. How can you provide them with the right data, in the form they want it and when they need it?

NTT DATA Business Solutions can help you with all your SAP data management challenges. From data warehousing to data quality management to data migration and data governance, our services are comprehensive.

NTT DATA Business Solutions Offer Comprehensive Services and Solutions

Data & Analytics Assessment Services

Data & Analytics Assessment Services

Grow your business with intelligence through insight. Plan your transformation with NTT DATA Business Solutions Assessment services, based on over 30 years of experience. Our selectable, practical services help you to understand your data & analytical maturity, visualise your future and plan your transition.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Rapid Adoption Package

SAP Datasphere Rapid Adoption Package

Start seeing value from your SAP Datasphere investment immediately with this NTT DATA Business Solutions Rapid Adoption Package. We will help you identify a suitable use case and then set up connections to your data sources, establish your tenant and enable you to build your own data models and data flows.

Move to SAP BW/4HANA Conversion Package

Move to SAP BW/4HANA Conversion Package

Move to SAP's next-generation data warehouse with NTT DATA Business Solution's low cost, low impact conversion factory and begin your journey to the intelligent enterprise.

Range of Data Management Services

Data Warehouses and Data Platforms

Basing your decisions on accurate, relevant, timely and trusted data is key to being successful. NTT DATA Business Solutions consultants will help you map, monitor, and manage your data to create trustworthy data sources to enable confident decisions to be made. Our tried and tested methodology ensures success.

  • Data Modelling & Data Warehouse design
  • Data Integration (ETL, ELT)
  • Data Quality Management

Data Governance

Data governance is the exercise of authority and controls (Planning, Monitoring & Enforcement) over the management of data assets. At NTT DATA Business Solutions, governance functions guide how all other data management functions are performed to support your digital transformation.

We focus on ensuring that the governance of data contributes to generating considerable benefit and that costs stay low once the solution is implemented.

The Data Governance Services by NTT DATA Business Solutions support you in areas such as:

  • Data Governance Structures
  • Governance during data migrations
  • Governing master data
  • Policies, Standards & Procedures

Master Data Management

Master (and reference) Data Management Services are the ongoing reconciliation and maintenance of master and reference data. At NTT DATA Business Solutions we deliver services that enable customers to simplify their governance and maintenance of master and reference data.

Tightly integrated with Data Architecture and Governance Services we support customers to:

  • Rationalise and de-duplicate their master data
  • Manage data from multiple sources to S/4 and other SAP applications during a migration
  • Create appropriate governance processes and structures

Operational Management

Operational Data Management Services at NTT DATA Business Solutions is the development, maintenance and support of data assets and is managed through traditional BASIS functions. The goals of operational management are:

  • Protect and ensure the integrity of the data assets
  • Manage the availability of data through the defined lifecycle
  • Management of data ageing/tiering for in-frequently used records
  • Optimise the performance of data technologies

We focus on the coordination of operational data management covering on-premise, cloud and hybrid landscapes.

Data Security

At NTT DATA Business Solutions, Data Security Services is the planning, development and execution of security policies, controls and procedures along with any regulatory security requirements to provide effective authentication, authorisation, access and auditing of data and information assets.

Data Quality Management

Data quality is synonymous with information quality and since poor data quality results in inaccurate information, poor business performance occurs. Data Quality Management is a critical support process for a wide range of requirements within an SAP context such as:

  • Pre-cursor for a migration to a new target operating model
  • Supporting a S/4HANA Conversion
  • Cleaning out old data from SAP ECC
  • Cleansing data for a data warehouse

Whether you are ‘getting fit’ for a conversion/transformation or optimising your SAP ECC because poor data is causing downstream issues, NTT DATA Business Solutions has a range of services enabling you to understand your data quality challenges in more detail.

Data Migrations

One of the major functions for a digital transformation to a new business model is the migration of data from one or more old systems to the new landscape. At NTT DATA Business Solutions, our data migration services excel in supporting customers to get their data cleansed, mastered, governed and into the new landscape as swiftly and efficiently as possible. We offer a wide range of services that enable customers to right-size the migration needs such as:

  • Provision of technologies and training
  • Management of a blended customer/NTT DATA Business Solutions team
  • Offshore migration factory
  • Deployment of accelerators and frameworks for SAP

Data Architecture

We focus on the coordination of data assets and the integration of solutions to ensure an agreed blueprint for data is in place. We also ensure co-ordination of unstructured/structured data to define and maintain specifications that:

  • Express strategic data requirements
  • Provide a standard common business vocabulary
  • Provide appropriate business models for data
  • Align SAP data configuration with wider data development requirements
  • Align with enterprise strategy and business architecture

Data Integration

Data integration is a set of procedures, techniques and technologies used to design and build processes that extract, restructure, move and load data in real-time or batch. In large complex SAP solutions, this could involve movement of data from SAP SuccessFactors to S/4HANA, from S/4HANA to/from SAP Ariba and interaction with other systems external to the organisation.

Whatever your architectural approach, NTT DATA Business Solutions can support you to develop integration solutions for data transformation and movement using a wide range of SAP technologies such as:

  • SAP Data Services
  • SAP HANA Smart Data Integration
  • SAP Cloud Platform
  • SAP Data Hub

Document & Content Management

Document & Content Management is the control over capture, storage, access and use of data and information in an unstructured format. Typically for SAP, this relates to document handling solutions in association with SAP transactions e.g. Invoices. We also support the management of the underlying technologies.

NTT DATA’s solutions such as Document capture with it.capture can typically provide efficiencies, cost reduction and improved control over all your document handling needs.

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