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sap ecommerce
sap ecommerce

Improve SAP Ecommerce Experiences To Drive Engagement

In today’s increasingly competitive e-commerce scene where markets are dominated by digital-savvy customers, organisations must take a customer-centric approach to drive growth.

Providing enhanced customer experiences with SAP e-commerce can help you gain a competitive advantage, increase customer engagement and in turn build loyalty.

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Ready to Run Solution for B2B Manufacturing (SAP Ecommerce)

NTT DATA Business Solutions has combined its own manufacturing ERP and User Experience (UX) expertise with the power of SAP’s e-commerce accelerator, to build it.B2B commerceR2R for Manufacturing.

Manufacturers benefit from a tried and tested SAP e-commerce enterprise cloud solution that is scalable, responsive and connects to SAP ERP.

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Boost your SAP Ecommerce Customer Engagement

  • Go to market quickly with a fully functional omnichannel SAP e-commerce solution
  • Combine focus on UX and UI design to provide cutting edge, modern e-commerce experiences
  • Deliver tailored services to your customers while driving customer retention
  • Employ existing business processes and data to remove unnecessary replication and duplication
  • Assess the entire buyer journey to enable better forecasting
  • Make wholesale ordering, delivery and invoicing as seamless as possible
  • Provide all company users with a single-source view of the customer

SAP Commerce Cloud Built for B2B, B2C and B2B2C Organisations to Thrive in Today’s Digital Economy

B2C E-commerce

With consumers relying on online shopping to meet their busy lifestyles, by now if brands aren’t prioritising e-commerce and customer experiences, they’re losing out to their peers. According to Temkin, 2018, customers who receive a good experience are 3.5 times more like to repurchase and 5 times more likely to recommend the product to friends and family than if they have poor service.

Customers want intuitive site navigation, streamlined customer checkout and the ability to search product catalogues. They want to be provided with highly relevant and personalised experiences that are user friendly and deliver seamless customer experience across a variety of touchpoints. For this reason and more, selecting the right SAP e-commerce platform to meet the customer expectations or enhancing the e-commerce platform you have is vital in retaining and growing your market share.

B2B E-commerce

B2B buyers want sophisticated features like specific user roles that receive tailored content, order management systems, customer-specific pricing, multiple account functionality, budgeting, compliance and specific decision-making processes.

With the need to adapt to avoid being left behind, it’s vital to consider how you can enhance certain aspects of your SAP e-commerce business.

B2B2C E-commerce

B2B2C brands used three applications, website, email marketing and web analytics solutions, but are now redefining their strategies to enhance customer experiences and provide added value, particularly when it comes to e-commerce.

When moving from separate B2B and B2C platforms to a B2B2C SAP e-commerce platform, brands expect the same level of data and analytics as B2C platforms and the sophisticated features of a B2B platform. It is important to carefully consider the right e-commerce platform to enable B2B2C brands to deliver end-to-end customer experiences for both their direct and business customers.

Smyths Toys Strengthens its Customer Experiences

Today’s online shoppers rightly expect fast and reliable retail e-commerce websites. To ensure we continue to meet those expectations, we have invested in a number of updates and improvements that have been implemented with the help of our SAP Hybris support partner, NTT DATA Business Solutions. With their support, we can be confident that interruptions and downtime will be minimised, efficiencies are maintained, and customers enjoy the best possible experience of shopping online with us.

Rob Wilson, Chief Technology Officer, Smyths Toys

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sap ecommerce (Hybris)

SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) Health Check

Our SAP e-commerce health check will help you to understand where your e-commerce platform is underperforming and how to address the issues.

We can offer a fully detailed report identifying optimisations to support your business growth with an in-depth focus on our four key pillars, Performance, Resilience, Security & Compliance and User Experience.

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Do Business Like a Local - hybris by itelligence
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SAP Commerce Cloud (Hybris) | Do Business Like a Local

With access to a wider variety of online shopping channels, today’s customers are more empowered than ever before. Organisations must interact at multiple touchpoints and provide a shopping experience that is unique to the individual.

NTT DATA Business Solutions: Experts in SAP Ecommerce Solutions

Strengthening your customer experiences and e-commerce capabilities

NTT DATA Business Solutions has one of the largest and most experienced consulting, implementation and development teams for SAP e-commerce solutions in the UK. We have already completed over 200 CX projects globally with customers benefitting from design-led CX skills, extensive SAP ERP integration experience and advanced analytics capability. This unique combination of SAP expertise positions NTT DATA Business Solutions as the end-to-end digital agency for accelerating your journey to the ‘Intelligent Enterprise’.

Benefit from our experience in delivering e-commerce transformation projects across a range of organisations and industries. Discover how we are helping our customers around the world achieve sustained business growth with SAP Commerce Cloud.

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New ways of shopping create new ways to generate revenue. But to seize these opportunities, businesses need to create a consistent, impactful omnichannel experience. And this is true for B2B customers, as well as B2C.

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