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Selecting your SAP Support partner isn’t always as simple as comparing support services, service levels and prices. When choosing your strategic SAP Support service, and potentially broader SAP managed services partner, there are multiple facets that should be considered in order to provide confidence that you’ve made the best and most appropriate choice.

On your SAP journey, you need an engagement model that demonstrates a true understanding and appreciation of your business. You need one that is founded upon a common goal of helping you get the best from your SAP solution and your in-house SAP expertise.

What You Should Consider When Selecting Your SAP Support Partner

Your Journey to SAP S/4HANA

As an SAP ERP customer, you may be running an older version of SAP and will no doubt be considering your journey to S/4HANA in order to unlock additional business value and innovation from your SAP investment. It’s important that your SAP Partner has the method, tools, process and references to take you on your S/4HANA journey, including the potential to provide temporary Managed Cloud platforms that may well become redundant once the journey is completed.

SAP Cloud Solutions

SAP customers have the opportunity to extend their SAP Digital Core with additional Cloud Solutions from SAP. Whether you’re entering the HR world of SuccessFactors, considering e-procurement with Ariba or enhancing Customer Engagement with SAP CX applications, it’s important that your SAP Support Partner not only understands but can assist in the implementation and support of these extended solutions.


Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Machine Learning (ML) are examples of emerging concepts where SAP is embedding the latest capabilities into its applications to give customers the benefit of powerful innovation within business processes. Equally, it’s important that your SAP Support Partner understands the latest innovations and is able to provide proactive advice, ideas and recommendations to take you to this new and exciting business systems paradigm.

Hybrid Cloud Integration

As much as we might like to think it will be, in this new world, not everything connected to the SAP Digital Core will be from the SAP stable. You may have SAP and non-SAP Cloud applications already deployed, so it’s important your SAP Partner has the Cloud skills to support the integration points of your cloud landscape. Your SAP Support Partner needs to understand hybrid-cloud integration and be experienced in connecting non-SAP applications to the SAP Digital Core.

Managed Cloud Platforms

We are finding that customers with SAP and other legacy on-premise solutions are increasingly exploring alternatives to investing in and running their own data centres. There is a growing desire to put these systems in the Cloud, and in the case of SAP solutions, engaging their SAP Support Partner to manage them. Having an SAP partner who understands how to move these applications into the Cloud is equally important.


Whilst Analytics is becoming increasingly embedded in the SAP applications themselves, which in itself provides a massive leap forward for many customers, there is an increasing appetite for Enterprise Analytics pulling on data from disparate data sources and potentially serving such Analytics capabilities to end-users through Cloud applications. The world of Data and Analytics needs to be an integral consideration in your SAP journey and hence having an SAP Support partner with a deep understanding of how to develop and support your overarching Analytics strategy is increasingly important.

Hybrid SAP Support

Your future SAP landscape may well manifest itself as a combination of On-Premise and Public Cloud applications that could themselves be integrated into non-SAP applications, also potentially in the Cloud. Accordingly, your SAP Support model needs to reflect the adoption of SAP public Cloud solutions, where support itself has a different meaning to the on-premise world and integration becomes a potential grey area. Your SAP Support partner needs to offer subtly different services to ensure that you understand the potential of new releases and where the conversation is more about adoption, changes in configuration and general advice and guidance than it is about break-fix.

Key Facts about NTT DATA Business Solutions and our SAP Support

SAP Customers

10000 SAP customers supported globally

Platform As-A-Service

13 Data Centres to support your SAP S/4HANA journey


1000 SAP AMS resources globally

Dedicated Support

66 Dedicated UK SAP support professionals

All SAP Modules

24/7 support for your international operations

Global Support

Hosting Centres near-shore, offshore and onshore

SAP IP Library

A comprehensive library of SAP solution extensions&IP

SAP Support with ECTP

We're a global organisation with extensive industry know-how and are highly responsive to our customers. The same goes for NTT DATA, that's why we chose NTT DATA Business Solutions as our end-to-end SAP Support Partner.

Filipa Fernandes, SAP Lead, ECTP

Success Story

NTT DATA Business Solutions is Redefining SAP Support

As one of the leading SAP support providers, we’ve introduced a new support model that is highly flexible and easy to consume. Our extensive capability, global operations and our open access to a vast pool of dedicated SAP resources provide the ability to flex from the lightest of touch in steady-state operations through to full Managed Services during major transition projects and beyond.

We keep things simple and allow our customers the flexibility and commercial management to meet their business objectives in a dynamic manner. The scope of our service portfolio, breadth of SAP expertise and intellectual property combined with our Managed Cloud services allows us to truly be your local partner with global reach.

SAP Support and SAP Application Management Services Overview

Application Support. Flexible SAP Application Management Services. A single point of contact for Cloud and On premise Support Services with choice of platform (Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Managed Cloud and Hyperscale options)

Whether you’re looking for a strategic partner for application management or your IT department requires support over holiday periods, we are here for you. With a service desk and three-stage support system for end-users, key users, and process owners. Based on personalised service agreements, we take care of your SAP systems – from classic SAP ERP to field-specific solutions for finance and logistics, to SAP S/4HANA, and other cloud technologies from SAP SuccessFactors to SAP Cloud for Customer. We take on short-term incident management as well as permanent development of your SAP landscape.

Stabilisation & Hypercare. Intensive support is most needed in the first weeks after SAP implementation or migration. We are here for you from the initial go-live and offer close monitoring of your system management.

From the moment we take over your SAP environment, we begin precise monitoring of all your applications and assess how your employees actually use the solutions. A specialist support team is always on standby to respond to your questions or problems, and even train your employees if required. That way, we ensure that your entire SAP landscape runs smoothly from day one.

Release & Innovation Management. Checking that your software environment, processes and expertise always meet the latest standards.

Innovations develop much faster in the cloud than with classic IT systems. As your central point of contact, we take care of this step by step. We advise you on new functions and, on your request, handle all your settings and adjustments that result from quarterly updates. Concise training sessions for users, including your key users, ensure that you make immediate use of innovations productively. We also support you when testing or documentation is required.

Transition Services. Want to switch to NTT DATA Business Solutions from internal or another managed services partner? We make it simple with a tried and tested method.

We transfer your SAP application to NTT DATA Business Solutions using our it.transition framework. This consists of best practices for planning, analysis, and implementation for IT transformation to create the optimal knowledge transfer between all parties. Your personal transition manager can lead you through each phase and make sure time scales, budget, and scope are adhered to. We define the framework for transition services together with you in a transparent service-level agreement (SLA).

Service Delivery Management. With NTT DATA Business Solutions, you have a central contact for all managed services at your disposal. Get to know your service delivery manager.

For service delivery, we constantly analyse the quality of our services, identify opportunities for optimisation, and update you every step of the way. We make sure to always meet or surpass your expectations on the basis of ITIL processes – as well as prompt communication and effective project management.

Transition SAP Support

Transition SAP Support to NTT DATA Business Solutions

Moving over to our support services is painless using our proven Transition Service. Quick, efficient and effective, our basic service can be made available in as little as 5 days from giving us the go-ahead.

NTT DATA Business Solutions customers are leading the way in exploiting the new SAP technologies that are powering Digital Transformation, from SAP S/4HANA and SAP User Experience to Connected Clouds beyond the digital core, Big Data, Analytics and IoT innovation.

  • Award-winning SAP Support Services.
  • Certified SAP Training Courses.

Application Support: SAP Services Delivered Concisely

SAP Application Management Services

Whether you have the classic SAP Business Suite or already use SAP S/4HANA, rigorous maintenance, fast support responses, and fast rollout for innovations are and will remain vital.

With our application management services for the SAP Business Suite and SAP S/4HANA, we take care of everything: SLA and ITIL based support eliminates user-based errors, assists your users, implements updates, and manages your SAP applications and processes.

The starting point is a structured knowledge transfer. After that, local and global AMS experts are there to answer your inquiries – 24/7 on request.

  • Reduced service costs despite first-class, individual support
  • Far fewer software problems and risks
  • IT and Business experts as personal points of contact

SAP Hybris Marketing AMS

Manage leads, develop dynamic customer profiles, create segmentation and campaigns, and tailor offers precisely to each buyer, with SAP Hybris Marketing. This increases customer loyalty.

But all these only works when the solution is seamlessly integrated within your existing SAP environment. Furthermore, it is crucial that problems with software can be solved around the clock. In addition, the marketing solution must be agile enough to expand if market conditions change.

The NTT DATA Business Solutions Center of Expertise supports your IT team with all of these tasks. At your request, and on the basis of a service-level agreement, we manage every step – from licensing, to implementation and hosting, to system optimisation. Moreover, you gain access to the latest SAP Hybris services, including incident management according to ITIL, and a 24/7 on-call service.

  • Greatest accessibility and reliability for SAP Hybris applications at predictable costs
  • Customisation and expansion of your marketing platform according to up-to-date, individual requirements
  • Complete service package from a single source – from consultation to support

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer AMS

The solutions portfolio from SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer combines CRM functions for marketing, customer service and social networking. A crucial advantage: Instead of merely managing your customer contacts as in the classic CRM age, you build and maintain personal relationships – and tailor marketing and sales activities to them individually.

Requirements are changing rapidly, especially in this area: New technologies and social networks emerge, and international customer expectations differ. If you want to maintain a long-term competitive advantage, you need vital market expertise and SAP solutions need to be adapted quickly.

The experts from NTT DATA Business Solutions support you from A to Z. We not only help you with implementation and maintenance, but also advise you on optimal configuration, show you extension opportunities, and remain on hand with the latest expertise. We offer support from incident management according to ITIL and also provide 24/7 call services.

  • Greatest accessibility and reliability for SAP Hybris applications at predictable costs
  • Customisation and expansion of your CRM platform according to up-to-date, individual requirements
  • Complete service package from a single source – from consultation to support

SAP SuccessFactors AMS

The solutions in the SAP SuccessFactors portfolio enable businesses to perfectly adapt their human resource management to Generation Y and digitalisation. From recruiting to succession planning, talent management is integrated on the basis of precise analyses. It is a central but complex solution landscape that requires special expertise for efficient use.

Using SAP SuccessFactors AMS, we help you manage your HR solutions in the cloud. We advise your team and solve problems quickly and effectively, such as incorrect data sources or false configurations. You are able to tailor your solution to your needs after implementation with custom services. And, we are always at your side with integrated incident management – giving you time to focus on taking care of your talent.

  • Optimised and approved service based on a transparent agreement
  • Flexible services reduce workload for your IT department
  • IT and business experts as personal contacts
SAP Global

We are the Right Application Management Services Partner for You

We Offer You Comprehensive AMS Support Worldwide. As SAP Support providers we’re proud to help no matter which sector or region you are active in. From analysing and optimising your processes to implementing tailored systems to suit your needs to service and maintenance of your SAP system landscape.

Use Your SAP Solutions to Their Full Potential. When it comes to fully exploit the potential of your SAP solutions, we are the first choice for many businesses. We support our customers with a unique wealth of SAP technical support and experience gained from a multitude of successful projects.

Profit from Our Long-Standing Expertise in SAP Software. We’re specialists in what we do so understand the diverse SAP solutions. We manage customers of all sizes and in all industries, from local mid-size companies to international corporations.

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