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NTT DATA Business Solutions Change Assurance and Training Services

Maximise user adoption to realise the full benefits of your new SAP solution

Change Assurance and Training Services
Change Assurance and Training Services

The Right Approach Based on Your Needs

Our SAP Change Assurance and Training Services supports your business in making the most out of SAP solutions and provide a return on your investment. We work closely with our customers to understand the nature of the change, the scale of the business impact, the capabilities and behaviours that will drive adoption success & develop a right-fit change strategy to manage the change challenges.

Our approach is a pragmatic framework and toolkit for successful change delivery focusing on the activities and outcomes that drive business readiness, successful adoption and return on investment.

Value Acceleration Services from NTT DATA Business Solutions

Value Acceleration Services from NTT DATA Business Solutions
Watch on Value Acceleration Services from NTT DATA Business Solutions
Change Management

Service Packages

Our Change Assurance and Training Services can be provided to customers with varying levels of involvement depending on their needs. This can range between advisory and strategic intervention to help set your programme up for success, quality assurance, targeted implementation support through to fully managed change and training delivery execution.

Our Approach | A Suite of Tools and Accelerators

Business Change Integration

Providing change programmes with the structure and rigour in change delivery to ensure consistent and predictable outcomes.

Change Leadership

Securing proactive change leadership to ensure good governance and clear direction for benefits realisation.

Training and Enablement

Building capability quickly to kick-start new ways of working and deliver high levels of adoption.

Change Communications

Deliver high impact communications and engagement that build business ownership and commitment.

Organisation Design

Deployment of right-fit operating models that support business strategy and change objectives.

SAP Enable Now

SAP Enable Now provides businesses with flexibility and access to the latest in digital adoption platform technology to drive enhanced, innovative learning experiences that can be used across any technology platform. SAP Enable Now is easy to implement and supports rapid development and deployment of learning and enablement content, in order to reduce the time-to-user competence for your teams.
This powerful feature set makes SAP Enable Now an excellent round learning and adoption tool to implement in any organisation.

  • Reduce help-desk inquiries by up to 62%
  • Lower support and training costs by up to 70%
  • Accelerate process execution by up to 73%
  • Reduce the time required for documentation of processes by up to 92%
  • Decrease effort required for end-user adoption by up to 50%

NTT DATA Business Solutions is one of the first SAP Partners worldwide to offer SAP Enable Now as a Partner Managed Cloud (PMC) service for their customers. We offer a fully managed SAP Enable Now solution, providing clients with the confidence they need to maximise their investment in the technology. Clients also have access to experienced SAP Enable Now certified resources, reducing the internal administrative overhead, and ensuring their system is optimised long-term.

SAP Enable Now from NTT DATA
Solution Brief
Transforming The Way We Learn With SAP Enable Now

We live in an increasingly fast-paced digital world. With cloud products providing continuous innovation cycles that deliver small regular improvements, organisations now have the opportunity to quickly adopt new ways of working to drive additional revenue and margin. At the same time, employee expectations are changing towards their learning being made available flexibly and at their point of need. We need to adapt and provide learning that meets these changing requirements. This means a move away from traditional classroom-based training and towards more targeted digital learning, in-application help and support.

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Why NTT DATA Business Solutions

Our approach to Organisational Change and Training is based on extensive experience and best practice and has been road-tested in many large and complex SAP Programmes.

Here are some of the key features we can offer to our customers:

  • A comprehensive set of tools and accelerators to ensure rapid deployment and efficiency in delivery
  • Resources with deep SAP experience, not generalist Change and Training Managers
  • Innovative use of supporting technologies leveraged to support with engagement, workshop collaboration and experience management
  • Certified SAP Enable Now Consultants – providing you with a high level of confidence in our enablement services

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