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Increase revenue, reduce cost and optimise assets with manufacturing ERP solutions from SAP and NTT DATA Business Solutions.


Enhance Operations with Manufacturing ERP Solutions for the Digital Age

With ever-shorter product lifecycles and a rapidly growing number of product variants, discrete manufacturing companies are facing growing challenges. They need to reduce time to market, shorten lead times and present compelling support services. While these demands are nothing new, digitisation and modern manufacturing ERP solutions have upped the pace. This calls for streamlined manufacturing operations, optimised value chains and cutting-edge sensor technology.

The Challenges Caused by Legacy Manufacturing ERP Solutions with Global Operations

Discrete Manufacturers operate in a dynamic and global market which is complex and high value, meaning customer service and responsiveness are critical factors. However, many global manufacturers share common issues caused by legacy manufacturing ERP solutions;

  • Inefficiencies caused by operating as individual entities across geographies
  • Issues with inter-company transactions (pricing and margins) and conflicts between internal businesses
  • A disconnected business with silos of data and systems, and outdated processes
  • Increasingly complex, time consuming and expensive processes caused by duplicate activities
  • Complexities in managing the financial reporting of subsidiaries in multiple countries with different legal, taxation and accounting standards
  • Difficulties in financial consolidation and management of business processes across all divisions

Gaining Visibility & Control of Global Operations

By streamlining and standardising operations across multiple geographies, divisions and departments, discrete manufacturers can realise a single view of their business. This single version of the truth can be achieved by consolidating legacy systems on to a global manufacturing ERP platform that provides a joined up view of operations that will allow you to react faster to changes in your environment.

  • Create a flow of real-time information across your international organisation – and adopt new technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI – with enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
  • Transform data management with next-generation ERP
  • Benefit from a simplified data model and in-memory computing platform that can help reduce IT complexity, increase business productivity, and create real-time system performance
  • Capitalise on cross-company, global and local real-time analytics and key performance indicators
  • Consolidate global financial reporting, close the books faster and have greater visibility into manufacturing operations

5 Success Factors in Discrete Manufacturing

Unlock the Potential of Digital Manufacturing

Manufacturers are in the midst of digital transformation. With sensor technology and advanced manufacturing ERP systems, companies can unleash the potential of their data. What’s more, flexible platforms help you realise the connected smart factory and facilitate better collaboration with other companies.

Seize the Opportunities of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things enables businesses in discrete manufacturing to make precise predictions based on real-time sensor data from machines and give their customers recommendations for future actions. It also paves the way to new business models, such as consumption-based contracts, allowing you to offer your customers more added value.

Accelerate Product Development and Innovation

Today’s customers increasingly demand individual products. This means manufacturers need highly flexible and responsive manufacturing ERP processes. By utilising tailored manufacturing ERP solutions, you can accelerate product development and bring innovations to market faster and more cost-effectively than your rivals.

Integrate the Supply Chain

In every supply chain, transparency is the key to performance. With more visibility and control, you can see clearly across your global supplier network. One of the first steps is automating the flow of data and information to and from suppliers. This integrated view gives you insight into how you can be more efficient from one end of your supply chain to the other. With the right SAP solution, your sourcing strategy becomes clearer. So you can adapt as markets change and drive even more value from your network.

Gain Real-Time Insights through Analytics

As a basis for strategic decisions, greater transparency into all manufacturing operations is required: from production planning to aftersales service. With technology for real-time monitoring and data analytics, you can leverage sensor data to create new, service-based business models and gain additional capabilities, such as predictive maintenance. Adopting artificial intelligence will then allow you to increase productivity and accuracy through automation.

Manufacturing ERP: How We Can Support You

With expertise across the manufacturing sector, we’re driving insight to action, intelligent processes, business agility and increased capability.

Our strong ecosystem of manufacturers are driving innovation agendas linked to Industry 4.0 and the need for connected factories. We are driving a number of digital transformation and industrial automation journeys with the deployment of SAP S/4HANA to multiple small and large-scale international manufacturers. In addition, we’re exploring IoT initiatives, adopting design thinking approaches, and agile development services to connect the shop floor to the top floor. Recent project examples include improvements to shop floor processes (improving the user interaction with build efficiency and build integrity in real time) plus detailed scheduling and MRP Live analysis. We also offer our own solutions and add-ons, such as it.manufacturing and it.automotive, tailored to the specific demands of manufacturing ERP.

Our Specialties in Manufacturing ERP Processes

Industrial Machinery & Components

With such a broad range of components and product variants on offer, the industrial machinery and components sector can be highly complex.

We can help you to increase revenue, reduce cost, and optimise assets by supporting your most compelling manufacturing and production priorities with customer-centricity, “segment of one” service, digital smart products, digital supply chain and smart factories.


The high-tech sector requires ever-faster response times and product development cycles.

With NTT DATA Business Solutions, you can rely on proven experts who support you with state-of-the-art technology and ready-to-run processes, so that you can quickly respond to changing market conditions.

Aerospace & Defence

The aerospace & defence sector needs to digitalise to improve productivity and innovation.

With NTT DATA Business Solutions you can access integrated processes to execute programs on time and within budget, support global expansion and acquire, develop, and retain the best industry talent. SAP solutions will provide your platform to design complex products and projects, enable a responsive supplier network and ensure you provide the very best aftermarket services.

Automotive Component

In the modern automotive industry, it’s all about mass customisation instead of mass production, and offering multiple product configurations is crucial to success.

Our solutions help you accelerate product development cycles and strengthen your supply chain.

Intelligent ERP with the SAP S/4HANA Digital Core

The overwhelming volumes of data in discrete industries are having an impact on business; manufacturers now have to simplify their IT landscape in order to handle the data and quickly turn it into actionable insights. With SAP S/4HANA, the next-generation intelligent ERP solution, you can connect machines and processes to a digital core. This allows you to monitor and analyse data from multiple sources in real time and transform your challenges into opportunities.

Read more about SAP S/4HANA

Ready to Run Solution for B2B Commerce in Manufacturing

NTT DATA Business Solutions has combined its own manufacturing ERP and User Experience (UX) expertise with the power of SAP’s commerce accelerator, to build it.B2B commerceR2R for Manufacturing.

Manufacturers benefit from a tried and tested enterprise cloud solution that is scalable, responsive, and connects to SAP ERP.

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4–5 times more revenue generated by value-added services on top of simple machine connectivity.

Source: SAP Executive Overview – Powering the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Digitization of Business in Industrial Machinery and Components

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