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SAP Merger & Acquisition Services

We support your SAP M&A technology initiatives, from strategy, analysis and planning all the way to implementation, integration, optimisation, and managed services.

SAP M&A services
SAP M&A Services

For many companies, divesting or acquiring business through M&A initiatives has become an important strategic means for growing revenues/profits and capability, as well as keeping pace with their market direction and emerging technologies. But joining forces with a competitor, acquiring a smaller company, or divesting an entire business unit can be an enormous undertaking – and one that has no alternative, other than to be executed as efficiently as possible.

Key characteristics of most M&A initiatives are extreme time pressure and a fixed budget, with significant penalties if the separated organisation cannot meet the agreed and contracted obligations. For that reason, you need a partner with the experience, process, tools, and deep expertise to support the transfer or integration of your SAP enterprise applications.

Leverage our expertise to work through your M&A technology integration. We offer:

  • Complete vision and advisory for the SAP applications to ensure the optimum outcome in terms of speed, cost, compliance, risk and futureproofing
  • Detailed planning and execution for separating the SAP application(s) from the host system and deploying and integrating into the new environment
  • Private Managed Cloud or full IT Outsourcing for SAP applications to support the transient period or long-term needs
  • Flexible SAP Support models to meet your business needs, especially during the period of necessary change
  • SAP road-mapping services tied to business outcomes to ensure a pragmatic pathway through the divestment period, but with the future SAP direction firmly in mind

Our Unique Value Differentiators Ensure Your Success

M&A Carve-out Playbook

Streamlines the entire assessment, planning, and execution phases through well-defined activities and tasks so you can meet tight delivery timelines.

Industry Best Practices

Our industry insights and best practice-based templates act as accelerators to get the separated entity up and running in the shortest time possible.

Cloud Solutions

Our cloud-based solutions running on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) can be just the right alternative for the new organisation.

Services We Provide

TSA Design Support

Due diligence | Discovery tools | Separation approaches | Technical carve | Advisory & optimisation | Digital transformation

Plan & Execute Separation

We use Natuvion, along with specialist data relocation services, to help you separate and move data from the source SAP environment (ECC or S/4HANA) to the new divested company . Natuvion is an NTT DATA company, providing expertise and its own tools to execute data extraction, transformation and loading.

SAP Managed Cloud

Hosting your SAP system in the cloud offers a multitude of benefits, including efficiency, security, compatibility and savings. We can host your SAP systems (in a transient or long-term state) in our NTT Private Cloud or with your choice of hyperscaler (AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google).

Comprehensive SAP Managed Services

NTT DATA Business Solutions offer a full range of SAP Managed Services to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly –until you can ramp up internal resources, or for as long as you need.

Our M&A – IT Separation Assessment Approach

M&A Separation Assessment Approach
Structure TSA

We Help Structure your TSA

Transition Service Agreement (TSA) costs can become extremely expensive within a short period of time – making the speed of a successful implementation critical to the success of the divested organisation. Choosing the right provider can help to reduce costs and gain high performance and reliability.

  • Due Diligence: NTT DATA Business Solutions works with your business to evaluate and understand the risks and costs involved in a target acquisition or divestment.
  • Discovery Tools: We provide tools to quickly and efficiently uncover the technology landscape and give you the information you need to make business decisions quickly and efficiently.
  • Separation Approaches: We support greenfield, brownfield, as well as technical carve approaches – whatever is most viable in your context.
  • Technical Carve: We can support several different SAP carve out models to move SAP ECC to SAP ECC, or SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA and RISE with SAP, or S/4HANA to new S/4HANA with or without RISE with SAP , or other platform combinations for S/4HANA.
  • Advisory & Optimisation: We work with portfolio companies to optimise their existing SAP instances. We find many clients running SAP can improve business process and significantly reduce cost by optimising their existing systems. We also provide support and advice regarding SAP licensing.
  • Digital Transformation. We can help you build the business case for migration to SAP S/4HANA at an appropriate stage in the lifecycle of your SAP system, be that during the carve out process, or subsequent once the TSA has been successfully concluded.
Natuvion and NTT DATA Business Solutions SAP M&A Services

Complete Vision and Advisory Services for SAP Applications

NTT DATA Business Solutions deploys Natuvion to deliver a full range of services for your SAP applications.

Natuvion’s Data Conversion Software is a system transformation engine that offers a fast and pre-defined path to SAP S/4HANA.

Whatever the size or complexity of the project, Natuvion’s Data Conversion Software and Data Conversion architects provide a highly automated, fast as well as flexible migration to SAP S/4HANA. Thanks to Natuvion’s Cutover App the critical “near zero downtime to-live” becomes possible.

Options for Moving from SAP ECC to SAP ECC

Clone and Delete

This involves creating a copy of the entire SAP ECC system from the parent company, then deleting master data that must remain with the parent company.  The process deletes all data except that being provided to the Buying entity.  We use Natuvion’s tool to automate the process, which results in lower risk, reduced investment required and a shortened timeline.

Clone and delete is the common path for most companies.

Selective Carve

In this instance, a shell copy of the existing SAP ECC system is created without any data. Once the shell has been created, we use Natuvion’s tool to extract required data and migrate it into the shell. This option is more technical, since it requires indepth analysis to ensure the necessary data was loaded into the shell system completely and correctly.

This option can take slightly longer than the clone-and-delete process, with more downtime required on both the seller and buyer side.

SAP S/4HANA Transition Options

Carve Out SAP ECC and Move to SAP S/4HANA with Targeted Innovation

This option would involve completing an SAP ECC-to-SAP ECC carve out so that the sold company is completely separated from the parent company from the IT and business perspective. Once that is accomplished, a secondary project can be initiated to convert to SAP S/4HANA using our SAP certified conversion factory with some selective and targeted innovation.

Selective Data Transition

The selective data transition option is similar to the selective carve, but in this case the shell system would be SAP S/4HANA rather than SAP ECC. As with the selective carve, once the SAP S/4HANA shell has been created, Natuvion’s tool would be used to extract required data and migrate it into an SAP S/4HANA system that is already preconfigured.

managed cloud services

Managed Cloud for SAP Systems

Hosting your SAP systems in the cloud offers a multitude of benefits, including efficiency, security, compatibility, and savings. When carving out technology from a purchased company, the quick handover of applications and data, and effortless integration into the new company are just two reasons why cloud-hosted business processes are the most practical choice.

We can host your SAP systems in our data center or with your choice of hyperscaler (AWS, Microsoft Azure, GCP).

technology roadmap

Road-Mapping Services Tied to Business Outcomes

One of the core strengths of NTT DATA Business Solutions is our extensive experience in business across a range of industries and using that knowledge and experience to solve business challenges for our customers. We combine business and industry experience with deep-rooted SAP expertise to apply technological concepts that solve specific business challenges in the most efficient, cost-effective manner.

Our consultants bring the business acumen and analysis needed to take a hard look at how the application of these toolsets are modeled and provide good advisement on the benefits they deliver. This allows your business to see the path forward and what SAP technology can deliver for the business, with tangible outcomes rather than just providing ‘technical theory.’

NTT DATA Business Solutions has developed a service-based approach to digital transformation that includes a flexible delivery model based on a dynamic SAP roadmap tailored for your business, with a value-based subscription model.

How Our Approach Benefits You

One-Stop Shop

We can provide the full range of SAP services you need for your M&A technology needs.

Comprehensive Methodology

If you’re dealing with SAP systems, we have the expertise and tools you need.

Tools-Driven Assessment

Our full range of tools help us to quickly define the ‘why,’ ‘what’ and ‘when’ – before we determine the ‘how.’

Multiple Execution Options

We support greenfield, brownfield, as well as technical carve approaches – whatever is most viable in your context.

Predictable Timeline & Spend

Key characteristics of most M&A initiatives are extreme time pressure and a fixed budget. We have the experience, tools, and deep expertise to meet your timeline and stay on budget.

Flexible Run Operations

NTT DATA Business Solutions offer a full range of SAP services to ensure that your business continues to run smoothly, for as long as you need.

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