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We understand the vital role that Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) plays in optimising operations within the transportation sector. In an industry where assets are the lifeblood of efficiency and profitability, having a robust EAM solution is imperative.

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Introduction to Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) in the Transportation Sector

At NTT DATA Business Solutions we understand the critical importance of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) in the transportation sector. Our tailored EAM solutions offer optimised asset utilisation, cost reduction, enhanced safety, and improved decision-making. With core features including asset tracking, preventive maintenance, work order management, mobile access, inventory management, and advanced analytics, our solutions empower transportation organisations to streamline operations, maximise asset performance, and drive sustainable growth. Partner with us to transform your transportation operations and unlock the full potential of your assets.

Optimised Asset Utilisation

Maximise the utilisation of your transportation assets, from vehicles to infrastructure, ensuring they are efficiently deployed to meet demand and minimise downtime.


Cost Reduction

Reduce operational costs by implementing proactive maintenance schedules, minimising breakdowns, and extending the lifespan of critical assets, ultimately driving down maintenance expenses.

Enhanced Safety and Compliance

Ensure compliance with industry regulations and safety standards by maintaining a comprehensive record of asset conditions, inspections, and maintenance activities.


Improved Decision Making

Utilise data-driven insights provided by EAM systems to make informed decisions regarding asset management, replacement strategies, and resource allocation, leading to better overall performance.

Core Features of EAM in the Transportation Sector

Asset Tracking

Maintain a complete inventory of transportation assets, including vehicles, equipment, and infrastructure, with detailed information on location, condition, and maintenance history.

Preventative Maintenance

Schedule and automate routine maintenance tasks to prevent unexpected breakdowns, optimise asset performance, and extend asset lifespan.

Work Order Management

Streamline the management of maintenance activities, from work order generation to assignment, execution, and completion, ensuring timely resolution of issues and efficient resource allocation.

Mobile Access

Enable field technicians and staff to access EAM functionalities on-the-go through mobile devices, facilitating real-time updates, inspections, and maintenance activities.

Inventory Management

Optimize inventory levels for spare parts and supplies, ensuring that necessary components are available when needed without excess stockpiling, reducing costs and minimising downtime.

Analytics and Reporting

Utilise advanced analytics and reporting tools to analyze asset performance, identify trends, forecast maintenance needs, and make data-driven decisions to optimise operations.

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