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Improve transparency, efficiency and collaboration for your supply chain with SAP IBP.

SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP)
SAP IBP - SAP Cloud-based planning solution

What Is SAP Integrated Business Planning?

Does your business need a complete solution to effectively analyse, manage, and optimise your supply chain? SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) is an intuitive, easy-to-use and efficient – cloud-based planning solution. To be able to adapt your processes to current challenges, you need tools that can analyse, manage and modify your data to best meet your logistical challenges. The international aspect of today’s supply chain is increasingly difficult to manage, due to increased demand volatility, increased complexity of networks, and the inability to obtain and communicate a holistic view of the supply network.

With SAP IBP, you can manage multiple end-to-end processes in real time by combining planning functions such as sales and operations planning, demand planning, inventory management, and purchasing planning.

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Robust Predictive Analytics

This cloud-based solution, supported by SAP HANA and in-memory technology, allows you to efficiently plan your business by simulating the effects of customer demands on your processes in terms of capacity, cost and profitability. SAP IBP efficiently executes planning processes through real-time supply chain management while allowing you to analyse data and generate real-time reports with the dashboard and other SAP Fiori applications.

The 3 Challenges of the Modern Supply Chain


SAP IBP is a supply chain management system that provides full supply chain transparency. Indeed, the globalisation of supply networks is increasing its complexity, thereby increasing the demand for software that can quickly process large data to provide meaningful information. With the SAP HANA architecture, SAP IBP enables rapid data analysis and modification. Because the solution is integrated with a web user interface and Microsoft Excel, the S&OP process is optimised based on statistical forecasting procedures and information from sales, marketing, finance and operations.


Access to real-time data makes it easier to visualise the challenges and opportunities of a supply network, and is made possible with SAP IBP on HANA. SAP IBP comes with the SAP Fiori web ui, which allows you to create custom dashboards and charts – these can be quickly updated and modified to best fit the user. Microsoft Excel provides the information needed to plan processes. Five different applications are available for structured planning: Supply Chain Control Tower, IBP for S&OP, IBP for Demand, IBP for Inventory and IBP for Response & Supply.


SAP Jam is a collaborative communication platform, integrated into the SAP IBP solution. Your employees can easily share information, manage tasks, alerts, etc. allowing you to communicate more quickly and share task tracking. Users can assign tasks to other colleagues, comment, and follow up to ensure task management is as smooth as possible. With the built-in calendar system, it’s easy to monitor what tasks remain to be completed and indicate why changes have been made.

SAP IBP Dashboard

Why Is SAP IBP the Right Solution for You?

  1. Create a seamless and fast distribution network: Accelerate your distribution with predefined process templates.
  2. High level of collaboration with content-based process allocation: Organise content-based processes, such as documents and data to allow people to focus on content updates.
  3. Reduce inventory and improve customer service with multi-step inventory optimisation. The solution optimises inventory objectives in multiple stages to manage problems that could arise as a result of forecasting errors and supply uncertainties in the most efficient way possible, maximising customer satisfaction and inventory levels.
  4. Agility of action through rapid planning based on rule sets and simulation analysis through core procurement planning and response capabilities.
Optimise your S&OP processes, sales and stock forecasts

Key Features of SAP IBP

Supply Chain Control Tower

Guide the user in making effective and accurate decisions through processes based on cause-and-effect relationships by monitoring end-to-end supply chain metrics, alerts, and forecasts in real time. Reduce overall inventory levels and mitigate risks. Increase agility while reducing supply chain costs.

Demand Management

Ensure full transparency with advanced features for short-, medium- and long-term forecasting with demand perception and statistical forecasting models. React quickly to short-term changes in demand with out-of-the-box algorithms and models.

Stock Management

Optimise target inventory to meet or exceed customer service levels as efficiently as possible while balancing risk and cost and accurately managing replenishment and distribution network processes. Achieve shorter and more transparent inventory targeting cycles in each layer.

Sales Planning

Model processes flexibly by aligning them with your company's strategy in a common planning environment to maintain profitability and cost balance at optimal levels taking into account financial and supply restrictions. Accelerate planning to support profitable operations.


Optimise resources by creating procurement plans based on priority demands, allocations and supply chain constraints and adapting quickly to changes in demand, taking into account all effects on the supply chain, including production, distribution and purchasing. Efficiently prepare the production network and distribution plans using simulation scenarios and assumptions.

How to Enhance Your SAP Solutions with Our AddOns

Relevant planning data in one place: Our Ready2Run solution enables a formalised Sales and Operations Process (S&OP) based on SAP IBP Best Practice, specially customised to consumer goods and manufacturing industry.

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Are you sure that your processes are really 100 percent transparent and consistent? Can you handle short-term supply shortages from your suppliers without problems? Our experts can answer your questions and help you discover hidden potential in your supply chain.

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