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Harness the Power of SAP BW/4HANA Data Warehouse

This next-generation SAP BW product, BW/4HANA delivers agile data warehousing solutions to support real-time analysis and decision-making


What is SAP BW/4HANA?

SAP BW/4HANA is the next-generation SAP Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA. This latest data warehouse software runs on the SAP HANA platform. It delivers new levels of simplicity for building and operating data warehouse solutions with flexible data management capabilities in a modernised user experience.

The solution has been designed from the ground up to simplify the provisioning of timely business insights. You can now capitalise on the full value of all data, and innovate with one trusted source for company-wide intelligence, that runs on SAP HANA.

It brings all of your data together and makes it actionable.  A data warehouse solution built on BW/4HANA can accelerate your business into real-time, eliminating the barriers between operations and analysis and putting data in front of decision-makers throughout your business.

What is SAP BW/4HANA

SAP BW/4HANA Conversion

We benefited from a project that delivered our SAP BW/4HANA solution on time and to the agreed budget. By leveraging NTT DATA Business Solutions’ experience, advice and quality resources, we were able to deliver a quick and low-risk technical conversion.

Brad Korte Head of Finance Technology, Janus Henderson Group PLC

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Why Organisations Who Want to Become Data-Driven Need BW/4HANA?

  • One of the strongest Enterprise-class data warehousing applications available
  • Quickly consolidate data from multiple data sources, or applications, to support timely decision making
  • Work with data from anywhere – SAP, non-SAP, on-premise or cloud
  • Structured development methodology helps to ensure governance and protection for your enterprise data assets
  • Dedicated data extractors and pre-built data models to accelerate value from your SAP systems
  • Designed to be the best at working with SAP applications and data
  • Optimised for the SAP HANA platform to offer best-in-class in-memory performance
  • A single version of the truth to underpin a data-driven culture

SAP BW/4HANA Can Help You Quickly Become an Insights Driven and Digital Company

Data & Analytics Assessment Services

Data & Analytics Assessment Services

Grow your business with intelligence through insight. Plan your transformation with NTT DATA Business Solutions Assessment services, based on over 30 years of experience. Our selectable, practical services help you to understand your data & analytical maturity, visualise your future and plan your transition.

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Move to SAP BW/4HANA Conversion Package

Move to SAP's next-generation data warehouse with NTT DATA Business Solution's low cost, low impact conversion factory and begin your journey to the Intelligent Enterprise.

Data Warehouse

SAP Datasphere Rapid Adoption Package

Start seeing value from your SAP Datasphere investment immediately with this NTT DATA Business Solutions Rapid Adoption Package. We will help you identify a suitable use case and then set up connections to your data sources, establish your tenant and enable you to build your own data models and data flows.

Key Product Features

Comprehensive Toolset

A single solution combining connectivity, data transformation, business logic, scheduling and data modelling means that you don’t waste time trying to get different products to work together, instead you are focussing on getting value from your data.


Whether on-premise or cloud, real-time or import – Data Warehouse Cloud enables you to connect to your data easily with support for hundreds of connectors.

Optimised for Data Warehousing

Dedicated functionality designed to handle typical data warehousing challenges such as delta loads, slowly changing dimensions, hierarchies and additional capabilities are built in to help you model your data quickly

Data Modelling

Combine multiple datasets, prepare and transform data, add calculations and business logic such as currency conversion and then add security to ensure your data can be used effectively and safely.

High Performance

Built on the SAP HANA platform, BW/4HANA takes advantage of the latest in in-memory, columnar processing. Combine this with a range of data engines and you are able to support all your users’ data processing needs.

Data Tiering

Not all data is equal so BW/4HANA allows you to move data between its different storage tiers – from in-memory where speed is of the essence through to data lake storage which can scale to petabytes of data – all still accessible through the same interface.

SAP Business Content

Free, ready to use data model templates designed to get you working with your data quickly. Industry and line of business offerings provide you with pre-built content designed to work with SAP applications and allow you to start uncovering value right from the start.

SAP Native Integration

Designed to be the best when working with SAP systems and SAP data, BW/4HANA offers unique benefits when working with your SAP application landscape. Better integration and better metadata support means you spend more time analysing your data and less time having to prepare it.

Simplified Governance

Fine-grained security controls, mature development lifecycle support, auditing, monitoring and data protection. BW/4HANA offers a wealth of functionality to ensure you have complete visibility and control over your data – however sensitive it might be.


Work with your data where it resides and on your terms. BW/4HANA can support multiple use cases, including batch and real-time data ingestion as well as allowing you to choose between data ingestion and data federation.

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