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The results are in! Here’s 7 reasons NTT DATA Business Solutions public training courses stand out

We’ve all had to directly select, or have been responsible for booking others onto, a training course. There will be many factors that drive the selection process and it isn’t just about the “right price, right date”.

As providers of training for a range of disciplines (inc. data warehousing, reporting, analytics and Business Intelligence) across a variety of technologies – SAP, BusinessObjects, Microsoft and Tableau – we have trained thousands of people over the years. We are constantly looking at ways to further improve the learning experience and recently spoke to our training team, and a number of people who have attended our courses, and have identified 7 key reasons that set NTT DATA Business Solutions UK training courses apart from other providers, and explains why delegates come back to us time and time again.

  1. Unquestionable experience

Each of our trainers has, on average, been delivering training at NTT DATA Business Solutions for 15 years’ and came to us as practised trainers. From this experience comes a level of knowledge, not just in terms of course content but also teaching principles.

  1. Courses adjusted delegate requirements

During public courses, the trainers will take stock of the knowledge level in the room and adjust the course as required, while still ensuring course material is completely covered. If all the delegates understand the concept, then we extend the learning whilst always being mindful of ensuring every attendee is grasping the concepts and achieving their aims. Each of our trainers are subject matter experts who can adapt delivery as required.

  1. Public courses with excellent learning and fabulous food

One of the differentiators for us is our location in London. We are surrounded by lots of great restaurants and have special agreements with a number in the local area. Balls Brothers, Drake & Morgan, Tempio – to name but a few. The group get to choose where they’d like to eat, it’s great to get out of the classroom for an hour and is a terrific chance to network with others, ask questions and take a well-deserved break. 

  1. Course sizes that focus on value, not revenue

You can easily get lost or confused on large courses. Smaller class sizes, in a nice environment, run by knowledgeable and approachable trainers ensures delegates get the very most from their investment of time. That’s why we limit the number of students on a public open course to 12, and on average we have six to eight people in these classes.

  1. We connect with our delegates

There are constantly new people to train, but we quickly build a rapport and by the end of the course you often feel like you’ve made new friends. It’s a great small group dynamic to come together and help someone work smarter and faster. Many delegates tell us they value the personal experience of NTT DATA Business Solutions training, especially as they get to return and see their favourite trainers, and this attitude creates a comfortable environment in which everyone is happy to openly discuss their challenges. These shared experiences contribute to a far greater depth of learning.

  1. We know the latest technologies and products

When training people who understand their topic, but want to take it to the next level, delegates benefit from not just years of training experience, but also experience of teaching other people how to use the product. We dedicate time to get quickly up to speed on new releases and also get fresh perspectives from the people they teach in terms of different applications of the technology and love it when delegates ask challenging questions – our trainers don’t know ALL the answers, but it doesn’t take long to get an answer to one that they can’t answer straight away. All of this contributes to an increasing knowledge through application of the products to real world requirements.

  1. Change is constant

We may approach our courses with the usual plan, but differing personalities take each course in a unique direction. There is always something to be learned – an observation from a delegate, a chance remark over a break, a different way of viewing something or an unexpected question. But with maturity, experience and assurity through knowledge, people who attend our courses are never disappointed.

Still not convinced?

ccOur public schedule offers over 350 training course dates throughout the year – we also provide onsite training to a wide range of organizations – and at the end of every course, delegates are invited to complete an online training feedback form. We like this approach as people can privately submit their review, in their own time, and we believe this ensures honest and considered responses.

We utilise an independent digital feedback system and are happy to share every single review online. Anyone interested in attending training can see what previous delegates thought about a specific course, and for a general understanding of our delivery, our most recent reviews can be seen here.


The bottom line

Our training team is truly proficient and help people do their jobs better. Rarely a course goes by where they don’t hear “I wish I knew that years ago!”, “This is going to save me so much time in my day”, “I can’t wait to get back to work and start doing this”. Every trainer, without exception, gets a great deal of satisfaction from making a positive impact on a person’s work life. Maybe that’s why they’ve stayed with us for so long…


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