Meet NTT DATA Business Solutions UK Trainers: Karen, 16 Years and Loving It

NTT DATA Business Solutions provides customised training with SAP solutions and technologies, data warehousing theory and practice training, and business intelligence on SAP BusinessObjects and Microsoft BI. It’s a different kind of training – with experienced professionals with an average of 15 years experience.

Get to know the faces behind the NTT DATA Business Solutions team!

viewKaren joined NTT DATA Business Solutions 16 years ago and has been helping to train delegates on many of the courses offered.






  • What’s the best part of your job?

I love teaching delegates skills they need to get their job done more efficiency and proficiently. The best is when delegates immediately feedback that they know the skill I’ve taught will really help them in their job.

  • Why do you believe NTT DATA Business Solutions is different?

Itelligence doesn’t just hire trainers that might be a step or two ahead of delegates in understanding a specific technology. Instead, only very experienced trainers are part of the team. During public courses, the trainers will take stock of the knowledge level in the room and adjust the course as required, while still ensuring course material is completely covered. If the delegates understand the concept, then I adapt the course on the fly to help extend the learning. This is a major differentiator. All the trainers are subject matter experts able to do this versus just sticking to the course book! All students are able to progress.

I enjoy going above and beyond for those with specific issues or questions. We spend time during the breaks or the lunch with the delegates ensuring they get the most out of our session.

  • Is there opportunity to network?

One of the differentiators for us is our location in London. We are surrounded by many great restaurant locations and as part of every training session, we have a dedicated lunch at a posh restaurant. It helps to mix up the day and provide delegates a chance to network with others, ask questions and take a well-deserved break.

  • Do you have returning delegates?

I never forget a face! I have delegates that keep coming back time and time again. Sometimes it is to learn a product and then they return for advanced courses. Other times, they just keep coming back to keep pace with the latest version of a technology.

  • How many people do you tend to have in a session?

We can accommodate up to 12 people in a public course, but on average its six to eight in a room. It gives provides a nice learning environment with small classes and approachable trainers.

  • Do you have any funny stories from your years with NTT DATA Business Solutions ?

After developing a customized training course for a Japanese pharma company that was rolled out in London, I travelled to New York and Tokyo to deliver it. On training day in Tokyo, I soon discovered none of the delegates could speak English! Fortunately one delegate from the UK could translate so he spent the entire training using a Japanese-character keyboard translating the lesson and typing.

  • What are some of things delegates have said to you after a session?

I have many delegates say that they had no idea they could do a certain task in SAP, instead pulling numbers out and putting them in Excel. After the training, they had a light bulb moment about the time and energy they could now save.

Another delegate said they knew Excel so used it. But when they were shown exactly what formats and functions to use to and how do it in SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence, it was exciting. The delegate could now create 30 reports and with the click of a button update these every week rather than having to re-do the analysis over and over again in Excel.

The best is when delegates leaves saying I’ve helped revolutionise the way they are going to do their job.


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