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It is sometimes difficult and complex to organize activities and determine a process within the organization, as it appears. The processes that make up these activities often branch into a complicated business process involving more than one additional activity. At this point, process mining has become more important than ever for companies to discover, analyze and improve bottlenecks or inefficient operating organizational structures.

Process mining covers all processes running throughout the organization, from sales to accounting, from the supply chain to master data management, but can also be used for special processes that operate within the framework of the company’s internal dynamics. Process mining is used for strategies designed by companies to increase productivity, such as displaying how many different processes and variances are progressing, monitoring the losses experienced in the steps involved in the process, determining the differences and suitability between the automation in the process and the ideal process designed.

Celonis: Turn Complexity to Advantage

In parallel with rapidly changing technological developments and variables, companies are changing and developing their processes and organizational structures according to todays conditions. Celonis, a new generation process mining solution, enables its users to manage all these changes and variables in the most efficient way and to develop their existing structures in the best way. Celonis follows 4 steps to manage all your processes most effectively; Connect, Discover, Develop and Track. As Global | Platin SAP partner and certified partner of Celonis, we implement all these steps and solutions in the most efficient way with our expert teams and support our customers to maximize their potential.

Transition From Irregularity to Order

As NTT DATA Business Solutions, we have been developing the processes of our business partners from every sector for more than 30 years, and preparing them for the future. We provide continuity of digital transformation for the continuity of the value created in all processes of our customers. We map every breakdown of our customers’ business units and processes from all sizes to our global and local competencies, and design together with our customer what value we could create. We use our experience and competencies to bring all your inefficient and irregular processes to high efficiency and order with our process mining consultancy services.

4 Steps in Effective Process Management


Celonis converts all the data of the company to actionable data (event log) by connecting to all ERP, CRM, Cloud or third party solutions in real time. All activity data comprises the company’s rich digital footprint. Before digital technologies entered to our lives, process mining could only take one-time photograph of the entire process map. Now Celonis enables effective process monitoring (rewriting) by  redefining the definition of process mining and redefining the concept with disruptive innovation.


After Celonis connects to source systems and transforms the data into digital footprints, it monitors the processes of these footprints and creates consistent maps of the processes. Thus, the processes that pass through all systems and pass through business units are visualized. It is critical that companies discover inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the processes. With all this real-time visualization and tracking, you can see what bottleneck has occurred at which point in which process.


Celonis helps you to optimize existing bottlenecks by examining all the process maps it visualizes. While it allows you to minimize the complexity and risk in the processes with the developing technologies, it provides the opportunity to monitor the repetitive workflows. In the rapidly changing business world, where business units are located, they need to constantly renew themselves and keep up with the change. In order to manage this change in the most efficient way and to design more effective business processes, Celonis helps to design the most appropriate smart business processes.


While all these changes are taking place, managers monitor the processes, important KPIs and compliance in real time with the Celonis solution. Organization analysis, follow-up of improvement areas, process cost analysis and performance analysis form an important part of process mining. The executives’ realization and observation of these activities enable the company to realize its future strategies better and to adhere to digital transformation.

We Support Your Organizational Structure With Our Global Experience

Whether your future IT environment is built-in, in the cloud or hybrid, we help you with our global expertise, and offer a wide range of services and solutions, including hosting and application management services. With Celonis and other process mining solutions, we support you to follow your processes and organizational structure and to eliminate all blockages and disruptions to support your short and long term strategies. With over 30 years of experience, maximizing the potential of your organization is among our top priorities as your strong business partner.

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