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Meet NTT DATA Business Solutions’ Innovative and Experimental Workshop

Regardless of your digital maturity level, we build and develop the best method for your business. With our experienced, open to development, young and dynamic Incubation Center team, we implement new generation methodologies and set the future with innovation. At the start of the project, we create our prototype with 2-3 days hackathons, and brainstorm with our strategic business partners with Design Thinking studies. We bring out the products by maturing and projecting the ideas within ourselves. We enable you to use these products we developed on almost all cloud platforms.

Switch from Idea to Implementation

In cooperation with our Incubation Hub, you will discover:

  • We will create a prototype with hackathons.
  • We will brainstorm with Design Thinking workshop.
  • Your business will move from idea to practice quickly.
  • The conversion time is short, the results will be concrete.
  • There will be no disruption to the basic processes of your business during the application.
  • Even the most distracting processes will transform and create value for your business.
  • Your business will become agile, ready for change and competitive.

Smart Logistics with Incubation Hub

Logistics Bridge, which is one of the innovative applications in our Incubation Center and bridges SAP Leonardo and SAP S/4HANA, triggers business processes and applications such as IoT data, blockchain and machine learning, which pass certain rules sent by technology providers. It provides transparency and real-time in-house and external inventory tracking. The process of transferring location changes detected by sensors to the system is optimized.

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