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Digital Transformation in Metal Industry

In today’s world, where digitalization determines the competitive conditions, the metal sector also seeks its way out of the difficulties with “digitalization”. Metal industry, which includes special processes such as casting, cutting, slitting, painting, galvanizing and rolling, restructures important production processes with new technologies. Sharp competition, supply-demand balances of this industry, production capacities, tax practices, import-export restrictions and incentives are important in terms of pricing behaviors on a global scale.

Since the 4th Industrial Revolution entered our lives at a dizzying pace, it has transformed every industry differently. In order to reach the maturity level of our industry to Industry 4.0, we should use the new technologies that have entered our lives with this revolution. High efficiency, cost reduction, environmentally friendly production, accurate analysis of systems are just a few of these benefits. A properly machined metal can mean better quality production and energy savings. The metal industry covers difficult and very detailed processes. Completing these processes with automation can increase efficiency in many steps of the industry.

it.metal: A Solution Special for Metal Industry

it.metal solution, which is derived from NTT DATA Business Solutions’ 30 years of industrial and global experience, allows all business processes to be managed in a single platform, real-time and integrated. Covering the management and follow-up processes of content-based alloy requests specific to the metal industry, it.metal is also a single-center solution platform for aluminum, steel and similar metal producers, steel distributors and services. With it.metal, you can answer to your customers with an effective management approach in many areas from activating commercial goods management functions to real-time risk and documentary business processes.

What it.metal Solution Offers You?

  • Dynamic pricing management in sales and purchasing processes
  • Customer-oriented, simple, fast, and effective order tracking screens
  • Integration with LME and similar metal exchanges
  • Metal evaluation and clearing services
  • Element-based variable metal content tracking
  • Master data management for alloy composition
  • Mix simulation based on technical, cost, and customer demands
  • Parts, length, weight, and dimension conversion management
  • Cutting optimization products and field integration
  • Production order combination and separation processes
  • Quality and certification management
  • Document risk tracking and management

Embrace Metal Transformation with SAP S/4HANA

  • SAP S/4HANA acts as the digital core of your corporate structure and simplifies your IT infrastructure with SAP Cloud Platform. In this way, you can integrate your new applications and processes faster than ever before.
  • With SAP S/4HANA, you can increase factory production efficiency in the metal industry, make fast and accurate decisions, and provide flexibility in your plans. This flexibility will improve your procurement and customer management processes.
  • You will be able to manage all information from product control, invoicing, risk and compliance management to security management on a single platform.
  • SAP S/4HANA can be implemented on-premise, via the cloud or as a hybrid solution, depending on your needs.
Intelligent Technologies: SAP Leonardo Machine Learning
Watch on Intelligent Technologies: SAP Leonardo Machine Learning

SAP Leonardo is a platform developed to run the latest technologies and services in one smart system. With this developing platform, you can reduce operating and maintenance costs in the metal industry and integrate production systems with maintenance processes to increase the working time of objects. You can follow up the monitoring, analysis and maintenance of all assets on the move.

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