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CEMEX Polska

Why we've chosen NTT DATA Business Solutions:

  • Long-time relationship with NTT DATA Business Solutions
  • Confidence in NTT DATA Business Solutions personnel and their expertise
  • NTT DATA Business Solutions specialists are highly qualified and flexible

Cooperation based on outsourcing is not new to us. However, it now covers a much larger area of our business. A direct benefit of our comprehensive cooperation with itelligence*, besides the fact that it reduces network maintenance and management costs, is that it enables us to use employees previously engaged in infrastructure management to optimise other IT processes.

Jacek Majewski, IT Infrastructure & Applications Manager, CEMEX Polska

CEMEX is a global manufacturer of cement, ready-mix concrete and aggregates. The company has been supplying top-quality construction materials for over 100 years to customers in over 50 countries on five continents. It is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the Mexican Stock Exchange (BMV).
CEMEX Polska has operated on the Polish market since March 2005. The company is a leading provider of building materials in Poland, serving the cement, ready-mix concrete, and aggregates markets. They also distributes chemical admixtures. Its manufacturing base in Poland consists of two cement plants in Rudniki and Chełm, eight aggregate quarries and a chain of 40 ready-mix concrete plants, the largest in Poland. CEMEX employs nearly 1,300 staff in Poland.

Challenges and Benefits


  • Developing the concept of a network using various transmission formats
  • Managing a network that connects branches operating all over the country
  • Managing interfaces with CEMEX’s international WAN network
  • Supervising the services of telecom operators providing connections
  • Optimising data transmission in the network


  • Reduced costs due to the introduction of comprehensive management of the network connecting CEMEX’s branches
  • More efficient work in manufacturing plants
  • System security and a guarantee of the best possible technical support
  • A reduction of the workload of the company’s IT department, allowing its employees to be assigned different tasks
  • The possibility of quickly taking action and responding to market changes and customers’ needs
  • An increase in the company’s competitiveness by enabling secure and effective communication


  • Comprehensive ICT network management ensuring communication between over 60 locations.

About the Project

IT outsourcing consists of a number of services, one of which is the comprehensive maintenance and management of a company’s information and communications technology (ICT) network. This is the focus of the cooperation between NTT DATA Business Solutions and CEMEX, which is based on an agreement on the full outsourcing of the domestic WAN network connecting the Polish locations of the construction materials manufacturer.

NTT DATA Business Solutions’ experts manage an ICT network covering over 60 branches of CEMEX all over Poland, which they have also developed, designed and built.

The agreement with NTT DATA Business Solutions allowed CEMEX to substantially reduce its network management costs and simplify day-to-day connection maintenance. The fact that a single company is responsible for supervising the entire network also means that CEMEX receives a single invoice for the combined services of several telecom companies.

Another key element of the cooperation is guaranteeing network availability and ensuring the highest standards of security. NTT DATA Business Solutions guarantees that the WAN network will be fully secure. The agreement also provides that it must keep to defined response times and network downtime rates and also specific time limits for making repairs. NTT DATA Business Solutions also provides CEMEX with a 24-hour Service Desk. The Service Desk specialists carry out a preliminary assessment of the type of problems reported, register assistance requests and either solve the problems themselves if they are straightforward or refer them to experts in a given field. CEMEX can also access its service requests at all times and monitor their progress in detail.

The network is well-organised and transparent and also fully redundant. In line with CEMEX’s most stringent requirements regarding network connection security, in critical locations each component of infrastructure at risk of failure is duplicated. NTT DATA Business Solutions also provides an interface to CEMEX’s international WAN network via two connections in two different geographical locations.

NTT DATA Business Solutions has provided services to CEMEX for more than a decade, which include both SAP implementation, server hosting and managing part of the WAN network.

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