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Salling Group, BW4/HANA

We had a dream team made up of the best skillsets in Europe from itelligence*, SAP and Salling Group. And we managed to solve the task on time and within budget.

Matilde Rotbøl, Senior Project Manager, Salling Group

*Since April 1, 2021 itelligence* is operating as NTT DATA Business Solutions

Salling Group is Denmark’s largest retail group serving 11 million customers every week. And with grocery stores, department stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and e-commerce stores in three countries, Salling Group plays a role in millions of people’s daily lives.

Challenges and Benefits


  • The current data warehouse did not support upcoming functional needs and developments
  • The core IT strategy required one simplified system to support one data truth across all business units and countries
  • One of the largest SAP BI systems in retail needed to migrate without disrupting business operations




  • SAP BW/4HANA provides a future-proof data warehouse supporting flexible data storage management and analysis across all business units and countries
  • By migrating to SAP BW/4HANA, Salling Group has come one step closer to achieving their one system, one process and one template core IT strategy
  • The successful migration to SAP BW/4HANA ensures internal proof of the capability to run complex processes at scale

It was crucial for Salling Group that the migration into SAP BW/4HANA be completed with the least possible impact on business operations. This was especially important because the last phase of the process was to be executed right before Black Friday, Christmas sales, and completion of the 2020 budget – all of which depend on a well-functioning BI system.

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