Indústria: Consumer Goods (non-food)
Categoria: Application Management Services, Managed Cloud

NUR DIE Germany: Streamlined IT Solutions From Hosting to Maintenance

By using Managed Cloud Services, the company receives rapid IT support from the IT experts who are responsible for managing and monitoring the IT infrastructure. The Application Management Services also enable the company to manage and operate its IT applications efficiently.

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • Strong expertise in the area of Managed Services
  • Good cost/performance ratio through scalability of services

Good communication with NTT DATA Business Solutions can be relied upon at all times. IT applications are business-critical and should therefore be treated with appropriate care. Thanks to our strategic partner, they are kept permanently up-to-date, with high performance guaranteed.

Markus Ober, SAP Area Manager (IT), NUR DIE Germany GmbH

Industry: Consumer Goods (non-food)
Products: Hosiery, knitwear, and underwear products
Employees: approx. 400 (2023)
Headquarters: Rheine, Germany

Challenges and Benefits


  • Need for scalability of IT services to provide adequate support for business growth
  • High maintenance costs and inefficiencies
  • Lack of resources for continual updating and maintenance of applications


  • Transfer of responsibility for the operation, monitoring, and maintenance of the applications
  • Speedy troubleshooting, continuous optimization
  • Regular system updates, patches, and upgrades for increased reliability and performance
  • High-performance business processes through smooth operation of business-critical applications
  • Freeing up of human resources


  • Managed Cloud Services (Hosting)
  • Application Management Services (AMS)
  • Maintenance
120 processed service tickets in 2023
Customer Reference
NUR DIE Germany GmbH, Germany

Reliable IT Services From a Single Source: From Hosting to AMS to Maintenance

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A Vision for HR Management

NUR DIE Germany GmbH is a well-respected textile manufacturer located in Germany that has been manufacturing high-quality hosiery, knitwear, and underwear, including pantyhose, for over 50 years. In manufacturing, the focus is on using high-quality materials and innovative technologies to ensure that the products can stand the challenges of everyday life. The company is keen to invest continuously in research and development so that it can offer innovative products that will fulfill the changing demands of the clientele. Among other things, this requires a modern IT infrastructure, which the company continuously enhances in collaboration with NTT DATA Business Solutions.

Managed Services Cut a Dash in IT

The textile manufacturer was facing the great challenge of further increasing the efficiency of its existing IT infrastructure. To master this task, the company decided to bring on board the IT service provider from Bielefeld as the existing IT infrastructure was no longer capable of keeping pace with the company’s steady growth. It lacked the required scalability and flexibility to fulfill the dynamic IT requirements. Also, the company did not have the required human resources to continually update, maintain, and optimize the applications. Working together, it was possible to enhance efficiency where the applications were concerned, to improve scalability, and thus to reduce costs. This led to a significant improvement in business process performance.

Managed Cloud Services for the Perfect Fit

Managed Cloud Services offer the textile manufacturer several benefits. Use of these services means that the company receives prompt IT support from experienced IT experts, who take responsibility for the management and monitoring of the IT infrastructure. Furthermore, there is the possibility of scaling the IT resources to match requirements, quickly securing additional memory, computing power, or bandwidth in order to keep pace with the company’s growth. This flexibility allows the IT infrastructure to be adjusted quickly to changing circumstances, without having to make costly investments in hardware or software, and IT costs to be forecast reliably. Instead of investing in expensive hardware and infrastructure, the textile manufacturer only pays for the resources actually being used, resulting in a significant reduction in capital expenditure and accurate cost planning.

Application Management Services for Maximum Comfort

Application Management Services, too, help the company to operate and manage its IT applications efficiently. Knowledgeable experts take responsibility for the entire life cycle of the applications, including provision, configuration, monitoring, maintenance, and troubleshooting. This further lightens the load on the internal IT resources so that the company can focus fully on its core business. Thanks to continuous optimization, the textile manufacturer always remains competitive and can continue to fulfill its customers’ needs.

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