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NTT DATA Business Solutions | July 25, 2019

See How IT Changes the Future | WAKE UP II by NTT DATA


NTT DATA Business Solutions is Part of the NTT Group. NTT DATA as global partner for innovations has launched a web series that takes a look into the IT future and how it effects our lives. Here is NTT DATA take on “Wake Up”.

We are NTT DATA – your global partner for innovations. We are continuously inspired by the future and in the part two of our review of the web series “Wake Up” we rejoin Adam K. Lynch and his cyber-assistant, Entity at Asimov Corporation. Faced with new challenges, Adam refers to Entity for information on three more key areas for digital transformation. Can Adam ‘wake up’ the power of digital?

At NTT DATA, we unlock the true potential of digital; accelerating our clients’ migration to digitized processes. By combining all of the digital focus areas, companies can future-proof their operation, protect themselves against potential cyberthreats, and offer their customers a truly tailored and personalized service.

If you haven’t yet discovered our other digital areas of focus from part one in the series, take a look. You can also relive the first series of ‘Wake Up’ on YouTube.

Cybercrime: Beat the Hackers

Cyber attackers have the ability to penetrate your connected system. We have all heard the horror stories of data being corrupted and businesses jeopardized due to a single, seemingly harmless email. While stories like this can keep CIOs awake at night, Entity relieves Adam of any worry as she teaches him about effective cybersecurity measures. Take a look.

Via integration with the broad NTT Group company service portfolio, NTT Security protects infrastructure, platforms, applications, information, and users from today’s advanced threats.
Christopher Camejo, Director of Product Management, NTT Security


At the Edge of Computing

Asimov Corporation needs to evolve its IT estate. Adam, a purist, (or perhaps just a man who has spent ten years comatose) harks back to when NFC and Bluetooth were the only means of wirelessly transferring data between devices.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving industries into the future. Nowadays, all devices are intelligent. This presents companies with an opportunity to simplify their business processes. In implementing an effective IoT strategy, companies will gain a better understanding of consumer behavior. Data can also be used to tailor a specific service to a customer. With the help of IoT, data can be collected, shared, and interpreted effectively.

In the future, higher performance of computing and first network capabilities can lead to a more sophisticated IoT world. To do this companies need cloud or on-premise architectures which are capable of supporting this intake of data.
Vimi Nijhawan, Vice President, NTT DATA

A Truly Tailored Service

At NTT Data, we believe that forming a relationship with a customer is no different than beginning a new friendship. You get to know each other, learn basic details and interests (i.e. name, birthday, or hobbies), and then retain this information. This can help in achieving trust and learning more about a person. Big data can also help to build trust. What’s more, unless erased, information is never lost. Big data can also allow businesses to respond quicker to customer demands, deliver targeted messages, and prepare a customer-focused strategy.

Discovering the virtual market, Adam is buoyed by his experience and points out that it is almost as though somebody is reading his mind!

Adam’s interaction with his cyber-assistant is evidence of the possibilities of a tailored service that is based on big data. Businesses are now able to offer the most suitable product or best deal to customers at the right time. The customer experience is about to take a leap forward!

NTT DATA are operating at the intersection of customer experience, data, and intelligent automation and bringing them all together to deliver Entity-like interactions.
Lisa Woodley, Vice President, Customer Experience, NTT DATA

This concludes the web series “Wake Up II”. It is our approach at the future and we hope it transforms your image of what is possible in the IT world now and soon.




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