NTT DATA Business Solutions Recognised as Boundary Breakers at UK&I Innovation Labs’ Hackathon 2022

LONDON, UK – 9 March 2022 – NTT DATA Business Solutions UK&I is delighted to announce that it has been recognised as a “Boundary Breaker” at the recent UK&I Innovation Labs’ hackathon sponsored by SAP SE. The design-led event, called “Feeding the Smart Cities of the Future 2032,” challenged SAP partners to design innovative solutions that would support the smart cities of the future in 2032.

The 48-hour challenge, which took place on February 10 and 11, ran as an immersive experience and saw SAP take on the role of Sci-Valley, a fictitious smart city of the future. As part of the session, Sci-Valley had its own news channel and introduced different citizens, including the head of waste management, to the participants. Participants were given the opportunity to offer innovative solutions in a number of areas, including city planning, distribution and waste management.

The NTT DATA Business Solutions team included representation from Akos Szalay, Mozhgan Ghasemzadeh, Asad Mahmood, Andy Steer and Simon Rotherham. The challenge took place over a 48-hour time period, during which the team brainstormed a number of innovative solutions that could showcase a design, technical and business prowess to support cities in the future.

As part of the hackathon, the team designed a pilot for a new app called Sci-tizen. The Sci-tizen app delivers a fully personalised experience based on personal preferences, including transport and dietary requirements, to help inhabitants living in our cities of the future. The advanced AI engine continuously refines users’ recommendations. With access to work and personal diaries, the Sci-tizen app can help users plan their schedules. Users are incentivised to make decisions that align with their core values as Sci-Valley citizens.

The event is also designed to help businesses manage supply chains and utilise technology, including the SAP® Analytics Cloud solution, the SAP HANA® database and the SAP Internet of Things solution.

The Sci-tizen app was developed using the SAP AppGyver® development environment – SAP’s no-code tool – demonstrating both the capabilities of SAP AppGyver and of our consultants to deliver solutions using the innovative development environment. The application back end was developed in Node.JS using the SAP Cloud Application Programming Model. It was deployed to a Cloud Foundry runtime on the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) to provision the app with data from the SAP HANA Cloud database.

Simon Rotherham, technology manager at NTT DATA Business Solutions UK&I, commented, “It was fantastic to work with the rest of the team at the hackathon. We brought together our skills in low-code cloud development, advanced analytics, and our experience of working with the very latest SAP technologies provided by SAP BTP to create an innovative application that could enhance the life experiences of citizens in the future.”

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