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Attracting and retaining students is no easy task for universities. Competition is fierce. At the same time, students are more critical than ever before, and their wishes and demands have increased.

Our solution,, helps universities to better understand the needs of students. enables them to respond to those needs, improving performance, satisfaction, and retention. - intricate insight is a state-of-the-art solution, based on SAP Student Lifecycle Management. The solution continues where traditional student information systems end. Many classic Student Information Systems focus on core functions such as the registration and tracking of students. goes much further. Think of possibilities such as marketing campaigns for the recruitment of new students, selling (short) courses and training through a webshop, and analytics.

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Thanks to, we have a complete, fully integrated solution that provides our students with a user-friendly self-service portal. We have laid a strong foundation for better cooperation between stakeholders across the university.

Anne Kaldewaij Program Director, VU Amsterdam

Are you facing one or more of these questions?

  • How do I increase the satisfaction of my students and how do I retain them?
  • How do I simplify the patchwork of student information systems?
  • How do I improve the support of non-traditional students?
  • How do I strengthen student involvement? provides the answers

Maximum flexibility

Students can track their own progress and have insight into their data, anywhere, anytime, using any device. This goes beyond the classic overviews of grades and signing up for courses or tests. Students, for example, who have insight into the progress of their study and their financial situation can apply for exemptions and may request and submit documents.

Fully integrated replaces separate systems that provide, for example, SIS, CRM, and e-commerce with a single, integrated, and easy-to-manage solution.

For all students

Students no longer always complete a single study in four years. also supports the lifecycles of, for example, international students, course participants, and exchange students all within the same solution.

Powerful analytics capabilities

The powerful analytics functions provide institutions with direct insight into relevant data. The SAP HANA in-memory technology enables analysis on live data without requiring, for example, a data warehouse.

No customisation thanks to standard processes works out-of-the-box and lays the foundation for standard processes based on proven best practices. Expensive and time-consuming customisation is not necessary.

Key features of

  • Supporting the entire student journey
  • Based on SAP Student Lifecycle Management
  • Quickly and easily view study information and progress
  • Consistent user experience
  • Also usable on mobile devices

The academic world has no secrets for us. With more than 150 experts, we are the largest implementation partner for SAP software in higher education. Thanks to our extensive experience with SAP technology and student information systems, we lay the right foundation for an attractive learning environment.

Mark Arts Director Education & Research, NTT DATA Business Solutions Benelux How may we help you?

NTT DATA Business Solutions is the designated partner for higher education and the academic world. We have our own Education Competence Center: a pool of experts who are fully specialised in this sector. We use practice-proven standard methods and a template-based approach. This keeps costs low and allows you to benefit from an optimal time-to-value.

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Insights Anytime, Anywhere with from Student to Tutor supports the full Student Life Cycle. Read more about our solution.


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Aim for flexibility when climbing the ranks as an institute for higher education

With, you support your students’ wishes, whether they are enrolled part-time, full-time, as part of an exchange program or in professional education trajectories. With an agile and futureproof IT system your students can truly take ownership of their study choices and carve out personalised study paths. Read all about it in our whitepaper and find out how to stay relevant in higher education.


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