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Workrate, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • Extensive experience with SAP solutions
  • Helpful, hands-on approach to implementation
  • Clear and transparent pricing structure

Stephan Rommelse, CFO

As an experienced SAP partner, itelligence* has given us excellent advice in getting the most out of SAP Business ByDesign.

Stephen Rommelse, CFO, Workrate

Today Workrate is the market leader for best-of-breed security solutions for data centers in the Netherlands and the company has great ambitions, aiming at expanding across Europe.

Workrate’s more than 600 employees generate annual sales of about EUR 10 million.

Kihívások és előnyök


  • Support European growth
  • Future-proof the organization and its systems
  • Gain greater control over work processes


  • Third-party compatibility has ensured existing software is not wasted
  • Mobile compatibility has eliminated need for additional hardware and administrators
  • Streamlined invoice creation based on proprietary time registration system
  • Improved scalability and flexibility


  • SAP Business ByDesign
Workrate, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Read about how Workrate will expand in the future and support data centers in Germany, England, Ireland, and Switzerland by making use of SAP Business ByDesign.

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About the Project

Securing Growth across Europe with SAP® Business ByDesign®

Ambition on a Continental Scale

Workrate provides state-of-the-art security solutions to data centers. Although the organization already leads the Dutch market, it has greater ambitions: to expand across Europe, supporting data centers in Germany, England, Ireland, and Switzerland.

To quickly establish itself abroad, Workrate was seeking a flexible invoicing and administration solution that could easily connect to its proprietary time registration system. “We wanted to support our rapid growth in Europe and integrate new offices into the central administration system in Amsterdam,” explains Workrate CFO Stephan Rommelse.

However, according to Rommelse, the organization’s existing solution was not able to support this growth. So he and Workrate turned their attention to SAP Business ByDesign, which offers the flexibility and scalability they needed. Workrate then opted to bring NTT DATA Business Solutions on board as implementation partner.

Instant Rapport. Quick Implementation.

Workrate formed an instant bond with NTT DATA Business Solutions, with Rommelse claiming: “We immediately clicked with them. They explained clearly how we could use SAP Business ByDesign to lead our growth ambitions in the right direction.” Moreover, thanks to predefined settings and SAP’s international support, the project was carried out quickly and within budget.

A Secure Investment

The collaboration between the two parties has yielded numerous benefits. For example, thanks to SAP ByDesign’s compatibility with third-party systems,
Workrate’s existing investments are not wasted. The solution’s mobile functionality means Workrate’s employees can perform tasks on their own devices, eliminating the need for additional hardware or system administrators.

Furthermore, Workrate can now easily create invoices based on its own time registration system. Plus, whenever regulations change, the company receives
quick upgrades via SAP, meaning it is always compliant. Workrate’s new system also affords it the flexibility and scalability it desired. “SAP Business ByDesign and NTT DATA Business Solutions have developed an ERP system that corresponds perfectly with the needs of our organization,” enthuses Rommelse.

Looking ahead, the Workrate CFO sees a bright future with SAP and NTT DATA Business Solutions: “We expect considerable growth in countries with large data centers. SAP gives us control over work processes. We know exactly which employees are allowed into which data centers, which safety incidents have occurred, and who was working when they did.”

„To support our rapid growth in Europe and integrate new offices abroad into the central administration system in Amsterdam, SAP Business ByDesign is the ideal solution.”

Stephan Rommelse, CFO, Workrate

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