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SVZ International B.V., Breda, Netherlands

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • Extensive expertise with SAP ERP in the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Open, communicative, and hands-on approach
  • At the forefront of innovation, making it a perfect fit for SVZ’s future-oriented approach

Ton Blok, Corporate IT Manager

itelligence* has extensive experience with SAP ERP in the food and pharmaceutical industries and knows the best practices and innovations that are most important to us. We are very satisfied customers.

Ton Blok, Corporate IT Manager, SVZ International B.V.

For more than 150 years, SVZ International B.V. has been supplying high quality food and vegetable ingredients to food and drink manufacurers woldwide. SVZ produces puree, juice and concentrates for various application in beverage, dairy, ice cream, jam, bakery, soup and baby food.

SVZ’s more than 450 employees generate annual sales of about EUR 175 million.

Kihívások és előnyök


  • Integrate acquired companies and foreign branches within a single solution
  • Streamline company processes including quotations, orders, planning, production, logistics, deliveries, and invoicing
  • Unify processes across all production plants


  • Seamlessly integrated acquired companies and foreign branches
  • Streamlined all processes
  • Achieved greater transparency across the company
  • Optimized production quality control
  • Improved demand forecasting


SVZ International B.V., Breda, Netherlands

How SVZ migrated its fragmented IT systems over to a single, integrated SAP ERP environment.

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About the Project

Streamlining Food Industry Processes to Meet Rising Global Demand with SAP ERP

Frontrunners in the Food Industry

Boasting over 150 years’ experience in the food industry, SVZ strives to offer the highest quality in both production and supply. Its products include purees, juices, and concentrates made from freshly picked fruits and vegetables. Today more than ever, efficiency is as important as quality – as Corporate IT Manager at the company, Ton Blok, explains: “The world’s population is growing fast, and food production has to keep up.”

„If you are looking for dependable SAP knowledge and advice on business issues, NTT DATA Business Solutions is the right company for you. Before making any changes to our SAP landscape, we consult NTT DATA Business Solutions.”

Ton Blok, Corporate IT Manager, SVZ

Yet SVZ’s fragmented IT landscape, which lacked integrated, standardized processes, was causing several issues. To improve its overall efficiency, the organization sought to gain control of these processes.

The company decided that the best approach would be to migrate its fragmented systems over to a single, integrated ERP environment. Having assessed its options, SVZ felt that SAP ERP was the perfect fit – and the organization looked towards NTT DATA Business Solutions for support in implementing it. The IT service providers’ hands-on approach and open communication style helped influence SVZ’s decision. “We really appreciate the direct, open contact we had – and still have – with NTT DATA Business Solutions,” says Blok.

Well Planned and Well Executed

The project was completed on time and within budget. Blok describes it as a “great success,” adding that the entire team of consultants “cooperated perfectly throughout the implementation according to an intricately planned method.” This helped SVZ “transform from an organization working with fragmented, heterogeneous systems to one where a standard, SAP-oriented method is central.”

Integration Now. Innovation Forever.

The benefits of SVZ’s new, integrated system are numerous. Not only does it meet the fiscal requirements of all the countries in which the company
operates, it also standardizes all processes across each of them. With the entire organization and all of its acquired companies employing the same working method, SVZ’s processes, such as the all-important quality control, are now more transparent than ever before.

In addition, the solution has also streamlined processes. Quotations, orders, planning, production, logistics, deliveries, and invoicing now require less manual effort. But it is not only internal processes that SVZ has been able to optimize; the company can now also anticipate customer and supplier demand and technological progress.

Furthermore, Blok claims that the integration “would have been more expensive and considerably more difficult without SAP and NTT DATA Business Solutions.” The organization’s IT manager is looking forward to further collaboration with the two parties: “Their leading role in technology aligns with our future strategy. Continuous innovation with their support can provide the solution for rapid global population growth.”

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