International Women's Day

Ensuring Prosperity by Engaging Women Force

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, we would like to seize this opportunity to thank and honour the accomplishments of women, in software industry and technology world. It’s needless to discuss the social, cultural and professional benefits of women to our work environment and how positive their effect is on the general productivity scheme. So many analysis and indicators have already proven to the world that lack of talent, combined with a lack of diversity is a deep problem in business today. Which addresses to the necessity of women involvement to businesses.

Every year, we witness the successful stories of women breaking through barriers and achieving their full potential. Always easier said than done! we are all aware of the fact that the journey itself is a hard one, but those who achieve and make remarkable strides are the ones that have most effect on every day business routine and maybe on the lives of us.

We all know that the software industry is notorious for being male dominated and thats why we call our women ‘Unicorns’. Each one of them are triumphs and considered unique. With the rise of technology and digitalization, software is now the basis to almost every industry. Therefore women are needed more than yesterday it’s not just an issue for them only but to global economy, to everybody.

Researchers point out that women are leading adopters of technology in Eastern Europe and %47 of online campaigns are led by women, %57 of bachelor’s degrees earned by women and %12 of them are computer sciences, more over startups with women exectuives succeed more often and %20 software developers are women. Fortune 500 companies with at least three female directors have seen their return on invested capital increase by at least 66%, return on sales increase by 42%, and return on equity increase by at least 53%. These values are expected to increase in the near future but it also indicates that there still more to be done.

NTT DATA Business Solutions has been in IT Technology business for more than 27 years and today we are scattered around the world, serving with 4,700 employees. We are very proud with our diversity figures. NTT DATA Business Solutions Turkey’s  women workforce percentage is %40 this year and it’s a figure that has been developing  lately.  The thin, glass ceiling that remains a barrier to diversity is loosened day by day and as a pioneer in this industry we hope to create an awareness along with a long term, effective inspiration.

As a start and a first step to our inspirational projects we wanted to start from within and triggered a social media campaign for NTT DATA Business Solutions Turkey women force.Our motto of the day was ‘#NTT DATA Business Solutionsseninleguzel’ meaning ‘ NTT DATA Business Solutions is a better place with you’. Specially crafted, bloomed and fresh flowers were delivered to each and every female employee. It is no coincidence that flowers are always associated with women, after all they are both strong but delicate, decisive but emotional, passionate and productive in many ways.

Happy International Women’s Day to everyone!


NTT DATA Business Solutions
NTT DATA Business Solutions

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