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Styria Media Group

Why we’ve chosen NTT DATA Business Solutions

  • Team of experts with extensive SAP experience
  • Trust-based project climate
  • Highly skilled consultation, concept design and implementation

Johann Klug, IT/Organization, Styria IT Solutions GmbH & Co. KG

With itelligence*, we have succeeded in connecting two of our group online shops to the SAP system of our parent company, Styria Media Group. We have also brought our payment processes up to date with it.eCash. The solution communicates with the payment providers connected, allowing our customers to pay for their purchases easily and conveniently by credit card.

More than 3,000 Employees (2017)

EUR 424 million Turnover (2017)

The Styria Media Group has been a leading media company since 1869, with offices in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia.
Its portfolio is broadly diversified and includes daily and weekly newspapers, magazines and book publishers.

The media company has its own radio stations and shares in a TV channel.
It also operates marketplaces, content and news and community portals in the digital sector and provides numerous media-related services, from production and printing to media sales.

Challenges and Benefits


  • Need of a connection between the SAP system and subscription online shops for digital and print articles
  • Expansion of payment options
  • Securing of money collection from single and multiple payments


  • Seamless connection of the online shops
  • High degree of automation within the framework of payment transactions in the online shops
  • Integration of various payment providers for simple, digital payment processing
  • Increased transparency in cash and goods flows
  • Automated production of reports


  • it.eCash – Electronic Cash Framework
  • Connection of subscription online shops “Die Presse” and “Kleine Zeitung” to the SAP system of Styria Media Group
Styria Media Group AG, Graz, Austria

it.eCash as Middleware between Payment Provider and SAP System for Digital Payment Processes. From 2025, SAP S/4HANA will be the only software maintained by SAP. The applications, IT infrastructure and users will have to be transformed as well, to be ready for the new world.

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About the Project

Online Shop Connection

The Styria IT Solutions subsidiary, based in Graz, is the IT partner of the entire Styria Group. Together with NTT DATA Business Solutions the subscription online shops, called Die
Presse and Kleine Zeitung, were successfully integrated into the back-end SAP system of the Styria Media Group. That’s why an interface was initially set up
between the online shops and the SAP IS-M industry solution for media sales. The result is a connection of the platforms, so that payment transactions to SAP can be transferred promptly. The solution for media sales also records changes in credit card information.

Periodic activities are processed in this way within the invoicing processes. Customers can now easily and conveniently order digital and printed versions. The
it.eCash solution from NTT DATA Business Solutions is now used within the payment transaction and fully meets the expectations of the leading media company.

Convenient Payment Processes

To enter the payments made by customers as effectively as possible, a distinction was made between two process chains:

  • Scenario 1: A product is purchased and paid for only once. For this process, the money is collected directly in the online shop.
  • Scenario 2: The customer purchases a subscription for which the payment is collected periodically. The collection of money is automatically controlled in SAP and triggered regularly. Here, the it.eCash solution acts as a middleware between the preconfigured payment providers and the SAP system. This enables the most common payment methods such as PayPal and credit card to be used. To achieve efficient processing of incoming payments as well, an interface was set up between the SAP system and the payment providers, enabling seamless payment assignment to the sales order.

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