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Optimized pipeline management and workflows with SAP Sales Cloud

Satair optimizes pipeline with SAP Sales Cloud

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • Having been part of Satair’s journey from the beginning, NTT DATA has in-depth knowledge of their business and needs to support its continuous development
  • NTT DATA’s experience allows them to provide multi-level sparring but also challenge Satair to keep pushing the boundaries for what they can do with their solution
  • A continuous dialogue – and the same primary contacts throughout – ensures that NTT DATA and Satair speak the same language

Starting small and building from there ensures that we are always fully utilizing the solution and its functionalities because it is adapted to our needs and processes.

Jesper Schlenkert Business Process Manager, Satair

Customer Reference
Flying high with optimized pipeline management and workflows with SAP Sales Cloud

With SAP Sales Cloud, Satair has increased their conversion rate, win rate, and the speed at which they close sales.

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