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KWS SAAT SE, Einbeck, Germany

Why NTT DATA Business Solutions?

  • Successful joint development projects in the past
  • Extensive expertise in the segment of digital sales processes
  • Cooperation as partners on an equal footing

Nils Busse, Head of Global Customer IT Services

itelligence* understood our processes and requirements and developed an application that perfectly supports our operational business processes.

Nils Busse, Head of Global Customer IT Services, KWS SAAT SE

With more than 160 years of expertise in cultivating agricultural crops and activities in more than 70 countries, KWS SAAT considerably contributes to highly productive farming all over the temperate zone.

KWS SAAT’s more than 4,950 employees generate annual sales of about EUR 1,080 million.

Kihívások és előnyök


  • Due to individual operational processes customized app needed
  • Offline-capable app to ensure location-independent customer consulting
  • Use independently of the device’s operating system (switching from Windows to iOS in production phase)
  • International project team


  • App supports sales processes without using SAP GUI
  • After offline use automatic data synchronization is possible
  • App can be used on a tablet
  • Each booking is traceable thanks to a monitoring tool
  • Solution is performant through intelligent control of network accesses


  • Individual SAP Fiori app development
  • User-centered interface design for intuitive usability
  • Continuous expansion over three major releases
KWS SAAT SE, Einbeck, Germany

Digitalize Your Sales Processes - with NTT DATA Business Solutions’ Intuitive App in SAP Fiori Design

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About the Project

Digital Sales Processes with Intuitive App in SAP Fiori Design – Developed by NTT DATA Business Solutions

Consistently Digital Sales Processes

KWS has been cultivating agricultural crops for the temperate climate zone for over 160 years and is one of the world‘s leading seed producers. High-performance seeds for maize, sugar beets, grains, oilseed rape, sunflowers, soybeans and catch crops make up a wide palette that meets numerous requirements.

Like its products, KWS SAAT also optimizes its own sales processes. Consistently digital is the motto. As a long-standing partner, NTT DATA Business Solutions developed an app that fully maps highly customized processes: master data entry, order creation, order amendment, order picking, delivery, return, inventory, checking of inventory data and redistribution. With the help of the app, sales partners can carry out their tasks purely digitally with any mobile device.

Always Keeping App Users in Mind

During the design and implementation, the development team always focused on the future user, both in terms of the range of functions and operability. Using an agile software development concept, functions were successively added.

Sales partners can create and amend new customers and orders with the offline-enabled app. The data is automatically synchronized as soon as the device is reconnected to the company network. In addition, sales partners can show correct inventories in real time and compare them against open orders. This inventory overview allows early warning of delivery bottlenecks and sell-out and the possibility to adjust orders accordingly. This high level of service is impressing customers and is already leading to higher sales.

But it is not only the functions and noticeably accelerated processes that have instantly won over sales partners. The app is also operated via an intuitive SAP Fiori interface. With this project, NTT DATA Business Solutions has once again demonstrated its great expertise in interface design with SAP Fiori. The result is a modern and intuitive design, as is normal when using apps privately.

The app has not only simplified the business processes for sales employees, but has also resulted in further added value for management. From the overview of all orders new statements and measures relevant for sales are being derived. In this way, KWS SAAT is deploying the ideal solution to stay close to the customer in the future.

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