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The Intelligent Enterprise – More Than Just a Trend

The rapidly changing world brings along new challenges and businesses need to act more quickly to adapt. This new world is all about adapting, responding, and acting quickly.

There is not a single solution to every problem, but we now have a new perspective that is worth adopting – becoming an intelligent enterprise.  This means businesses should acquire new skills and abilities to accelerate their capability to adapt to changes with the aim of achieving sustainable growth. Intelligent enterprise is a lot more than a trend or a popular topic It is about achieving concrete outcomes. Although there is no single technology or system to achieve this goal, having a suitable technology landscape facilitates the journey to becoming an intelligent enterprise.

Every business has its own needs, systems, and processes. That is why every intelligent business journey is also unique. Yet, this doesn’t mean it has to be costly or complicated. The same goes for your iterative and step-by-step journey to become an intelligent enterprise as well: adaptive, flexible, and agile.

What Affects Your Business and Increases Your Concerns?

Today’s business environment and society are defined by challenges: rapidly changing market conditions, new competitors, innovative approach of start-ups, changing and intensifying customer expectations… In addition, we see new models of working, new mindsets, and external impacts on highly integrated networks.

For example, experience is more important than ever in a certain situation, product, or service. Individual nature of each person and increasing expectations are our main focus areas. This is the reason for calling today’s economy “experience-driven”.

This world is often described as VUCA:

Volatile – Uncertain – Complex – Ambiguous

Ask Yourself the Right Questions

Today the whole world, including societies and technologies, are constantly evolving, and this change becomes more and more frequent and effective. That is why economies and businesses must also change.

Your business needs to respond faster to changes and to gain competitive advantage and achieve progress. Legacy business models have been successfully implemented for centuries, but under today’s circumstances, they are being tested severely.

Do you have a flexible and adaptive company that can overcome these challenges?

Together with challenges, we also see hope. There are new opportunities emerging from new mindsets and state-of-the-art technologies.

Are you ready to benefit from these opportunities?

To be able to overcome challenges and make use of new opportunities, you should first reconsider your business and find ways to gain new skills and abilities. This is what an intelligent enterprise does: looking for a different perspective to manage the silos of the company.

A more diversified product range or adopting an “as a service” business model may help you meet customer expectations with greater agility. Here is a new mindset for you: Adopt the perspective of a start-up and identify the weak and vulnerable aspects in your long-term business model. This approach will help you to work step by step on projects and scale up as you achieve success. This is how a start-up works.

To become an intelligent enterprise, you need to ask the right questions and get the right answers.


Start to ask yourself the right questions

The Intelligent Enterprise Provides Answers

Be it a challenge or an opportunity, an intelligent enterprise should always be ready for changes. The VUCA world certainly makes it difficult to foresee and plan the future, but when you have an intelligent enterprise, it means you focus on flexibility and proactiveness to adapt quickly. For example, an intelligent enterprise focuses on possible scenarios so that it can be better prepared and ready to adapt if such scenarios become realities.

Technology is not enough to achieve such flexibility and to become an intelligent enterprise. You also need new skills to improving daily operations and performance.

The first step on the journey is to decide on the best perspective for your business and then explore supporting technologies. The best starting point is the digital core, to be followed by intelligent technologies and experience management.

Mindset and Abilities

Being an intelligent enterprise means proactively initiating change – not following trends. Always taking fast actions, an intelligent enterprise shapes the future, rather than reacting to changes.

Here is an example of how the combination of prediction and sensor technologies enable greater flexibility. However, flexibility in thoughts and structures is not the only thing you need. You should also have reference points before making decisions and these can change as well.

Therefore, there is a huge necessity for agility. Agility enables businesses to adapt to the changes in requirements and environments, which means companies adapt their strategies accordingly. However, this example reveals that agility is also needed in daily operations.

When a business acquires these abilities and qualities, it can quickly react to changes and become a be part of the change itself.

Kia Mia case is a good example that demonstrates turning a challenge in retail into competitive edge. By using innovative bot technologies, Kia increases the satisfaction level in customer and product experience.

To sum up, technology can achieve important improvements and new skills. Now, let’s look deeper into the actions and ways for making fine tuning to make sure individual needs of every business are met.

The Digital Core

A business model mainly includes daily operations, processes, and interactions as its core. For companies aiming to become an intelligent enterprise, the first step can be transition to SAP S/4HANA or SAP C/4HANA . These systems enable collecting huge amounts of operational data (O-Data), generating real-time insights, and analyzing the data for more transparent and efficient operations (further benefits of SAP S/4HANA).

In other words, building a digital core streamlines daily operations and overall business processes. Still, this transition should be made with clear purposes, not simply for the sake of implementation. First of all, you need to evaluate your goals and processes to clearly identify your business’s potential for optimization.

Intelligent Technologies

Once you have a digital core, you can then integrate cloud-based technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), robotics process automation (RPA), Internet of Things (IoT), or analytics into your business.

These technologies certainly launch new phases in digital transformation. However, digitalization is no longer an “out of this world” topic– it is now a part of daily life and a natural stage in evolving. For example, we use assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa, etc. on our smartphones. These assistants employ integrated speech recognition and conversational AI technologies to interact with us. We can learn the weather forecast or control our homes (from room temperature to windows, doors, and kitchen) through mobile applications. We have robots to clean the floor while we take a shower. In other words, we are already living together with technology in our smart homes.

When you think about transferring them to a business environment, their potential and opportunities become more evident


We need to add one more aspect to intelligent technologies: the experience. The experience that a business offers to its customers (CX), employees (EX), and stakeholders has huge impact on behaviors, which in turn affects business performance and revenues. Plus, each experience offered to stakeholders generate experience data or X-Data for the business.

To become an intelligent enterprise that fulfills requirements and grows sustainably, a new mindset and new skills are not enough. You also need to employ relevant and effective technologies that suit you the best. Data should be managed and processed efficiently to generate valuable and meaningful information for both present and future success. This requires connecting O- and X-Data to perform interdependently for success.

As every journey to intelligence is unique, it is now time to see how and where your business can start.

The Journey to the Intelligent Enterprise Starts Now

Certainly, your business has strengths that bring you success. Intelligent enterprise journey and new technologies to be integrated into your systems do not harm these strengths at all – instead, they support and reinforce them.

It should always be kept in mind that there is no single approach to becoming an intelligent enterprise. We are here to help you reconsider your business, identify efficient departments and processes, and find the ones that need optimization. Whatever your IT infrastructure and system is, we, as NTT DATA Business Solutions, can implement the process smoothly.

Let's Begin at Your Individual Starting Point

To start the process, let’s discuss your challenges, problems, plans, or expectations. Perhaps you need inspiration to boost creativity or support for operations or technical processes before integrating your systems. Or maybe you believe that you need change management? According to our experience, most businesses already have bright but intangible ideas. We can work with you on such ideas before starting your journey towards intelligent enterprise.


  • Is there a need for more automation in production and supply chain?
  • Do you need higher efficiency in logistic, production, and delivery?
  • Do you believe that real-time insights into data will improve visibility and transparency to make data-driven decisions?
  • Do you need strategies for reconciliation of economy and ecology?
  • What can you do to increase employee loyalty and become a popular employer?

Focus on the Immediate Added Value of Change

Agility is the main characteristic of every intelligent enterprise. The best time may never come, so it is important to take action with what you already have. In addition, change should not scare you, because it is, in fact, a fulfilling experience to restructure and reshape your business.


Before you set off, you also need to remember that most innovations are not “stolen” but inspired by ideas from other industries or lines of business. You can use reshape them in a way that suits your industry, business, and the new model you plan.

We do not implement technologies for the sake of stat-of-the-art technologies alone. Our goal is to make sure that your company thrives. So let’s join in selecting the right set of tools for your requirements and start creating immediate and sustainable value for your company.

Let's Assure the Successful Journey to Your Intelligent Enterprise

By focusing on your business and employing an iterative approach, we aim to make sure that you experience a successful journey, and we certainly walk every step of the path with you.

Together, we find out the strengths, technological capabilities and digital maturity level of your business, then we decide on where to start.

Our iterative approach enables us to flexibly adapt to your individual needs and to realize our common objective: creating a future-proof business.

Our extensive experience in industries, expertise in technology, and close collaboration with SAP and NTT DATA enable us to guide you in finding the right solution.

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