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Cooling towers have emerged around 100 years ago as a symbol of heavy industry, with their distinctive shapes and huge dimensions. Yet, it is not easy for these gigantic structures to adapt to changing weather. In other words, weather conditions have serious impact on their performance.

Joining forces with XERVON, we have brought new functions to this old technology.

Finding an Edge

How to enable smart industrial cooling: Integrated machine sensors accompanied by predictive technology.

NTT DATA Business Solutions Head of Innovation Mark Albrecht says the right technology can transform business models, even when it is about something ordinary such as the weather.

A Fair Weather Friend

While running multiple cooling towers, changes in temperature and humidity mean you need to decide on whether to continue to operate all towers in full capacity or to shut one down? The answer may lead you to energy saving and scheduling the optimum time for maintenance.

To help you with this decision, NTT DATA Business Solutions processes temperature, humidity and cooling capacity data through SAP cloud resources, and uses smart SAP Leonardo machine learning technology. As a result, the running time of cooling towers is optimized

At XERVON's industrial site, electricity costs accounted for around 70 percent of its operating costs. That's a huge amount! By crunching temperature data and helping forecast for their specific site, we estimate cost savings approaching 10 percent.

Adrian Kostrz, Innovation Technologies

The Tech: Smart Cooling

XERVON has multiple cooling towers at its industrial site. Each tower is now equipped temperature and vibration sensors. The data coming in are analyzed via SAP Leonardo and cloud resources. When these analyses are combined with the cooling data from the plant and weather forecasts, a smart system is created. This system adapts the pump and fan speed in the cooling tower to current conditions and optimizes energy consumption. If a cooling tower is shut down because it is not needed, XERVON uses this break to perform data-driven preventive maintenance that is performed against mechanical problems according to the analysis of data from vibration sensors.

Advanced Analytics to the Point

Industrial companies have huge operating costs, but in XERVON’s case, the share of energy consumption in these costs amounted to as much as 70 percent! Since the costs are also related to weather conditions, using the data from forecasts could improve efficiency. With its expertise in the industry and experience in technology, NTT DATA Business Solutions took the responsibility of the project.We employed our expertise in accordance with the requirements of XERVON and enabled 6-8 percent energy saving through predictive operations. In addition, maintenance costs at XERVON are estimated to reduce by 15 percent.

XERVON’s smart cooling towers underline NTT DATA Business Solutions’ potential to create a more efficient future.

That’s innovation to the point.

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When NTT DATA Business Solutions combines its innovative capabilities with machine learning and IoT, the result is a number of smart projects, as demonstrated in XERVON smart cooling towers. Innovation can be applied in many areas, but the real difference comes with experience – the experience that NTT DATA Business Solutions has so as to transform bright ideas into effective products.

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