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Retail Industry Reshapes All Processes with Digital Transformation

Produce digital solutions according to the needs of your customers serving in the retail industry.

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Digital Transformation in the Retail Sector with SAP S/4HANA

Changing consumer habits with technological developments that have penetrated our lives day by day, made digital transformation inevitable in the retail sector. All the steps that make up the value chain of the retail industry such as supply chain, consumer habits, consumer experience, production conditions, service concept continue to evolve with digital transformation. An easy-to-manage and flexible IT infrastructure is now almost a vital need to sustainably meet the strategic priorities and future expectations of digitalization. While reaching the right person at the right time, reducing your costs and ultimately increasing your profits, new technologies provide the ability to identify your customers’ needs without telling them.

Digital Economy Challenges Traditional Retailer

Technology-equipped customer profile

With wide usage of internet in our daily lives, the power balances in retail industry shifted and the consumer took over the complete control. Today’s consumers expect to receive services in line with their changing needs and demand holistic experience in both physical and digital touch points. The concept of the new era retailing has ceased to be completely product-centric and is now completely customer and experience oriented.

Either on-time delivery or no delivery

Real-time managed supply chain processes can make a significant difference in the competition of the retail industry.In addition to the expectation of personalized private service, consumers expect to receive their orders from anywhere, at any time. Transparently conducting all procurement and delivery processes are among other important consumer expectations.

Competitive environment

Researches predict that in 2025, retail sector revenue will be derived from services developed largely based on consumer data. New business models such as additional product-oriented services and multi-brand services are expected to make the competition conditions difficult in the future. In order to survive in this process, it is vital that retailers can read consumer behavior very well and make instant decisions according to this data.


To provide a personalized, tailored experience to your customers, you must first have the necessary digital competence. By using the data you have in your customer loyalty, promotion and campaign processes, you can both make your customers happy and make a difference in competition.

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Solution for the Retail Industry

  • Thanks to its simple infrastructure and easy integration ability, it helps your employees view the data of your customers instantly and improve the customer shopping experience.
  • It allows you to manage your sales and inventory data in real time on a single screen. In this way, you will meet omni-channel integrated retail conditions in line with your customers’ expectations.
  • It provides 360 ° viewing and analysis of your stock data and reports, allowing you to make data-based decisions for emergencies in your supply chain processes.
  • Thanks to its in-memory information technology; it helps you to integrate the current status of your sales and service channels such as dealers, distribution channels, stores and reduce your logistics costs by approximately 10%.

Penti meets the rapidly changing needs of its customers with SAP S/4HANA.

As the business world gets complicated, retailers need to see inventory levels, changes in products, supply chains and similar items in real time. Thanks to SAP S/4HANA, we can access all these data from a single point. Thus, we accelerate the process of developing new business models, create new revenue opportunities and offer the experience our customers expect from us.

Sami Kariyo Chairman of the Board, Penti

SAP C/4HANA for Customer Experience in the Digital Age

With SAP C/4HANA, you can integrate all the communication points you communicate with your customers and manage your process in a holistic way. SAP C/4HANA solution family offers a specially designed infrastructure for your marketing, sales and service processes, including an e-commerce oriented solution. Adding the latest trends like machine learning to it, you have everything you need to create real-time interaction with every customer.

SAP C/4HANA brings you all the master data about your customers, shopping history, individual needs, wishes and even emotions. That’s when you can provide your marketing, sales and service teams with all the information they need to create an engaging customer experience.

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