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Online chatbots are effective in customer services, providing services without having people wait in line. However, standard chatbot interactions lack the warmth of a conversation with real people.

Partnering with Kia Motors, we took chatbots to the real-life environment and equipped them with certain human qualities. This solution generates an engaging and personal approach in automated customer services and adds human touch similar to the real life.

Chatting it Up

Can we find a way to bring AI and humans closer to i?

Mark Albrecht, our Head of Innovation, explains the method to support the cloud-based general and product oriented knowledge of bots with a human avatar to add a personal quality.

Flexible Staffing

Due to the exponential growth in online commerce, brick-and-mortar shops experience tighter margins. The first response of retailers is usually cutting down employee costs. However, this results in salespeople with less knowledge and experience, which in turn causes unsatisfied customers.

The idea: Using SAP HANA, SAP Conversational AI and IBM’s Watson to create a human avatar that is similar to real life and equip it with qualities such as personal engagement and detailed and up-to-date product information.

There are multiple industries where we can use an avatar, and I personally think they will change future business life, both for us and the customer,

Thomas Noermark, Director, Innovation & Technology

The Tech: NTT DATA Business Solutions Middleware

Kia Mia is structured like a wheel, with NTT DATA Business Solutions at the heart of the solution. Around the center are cutting-edge technologies required for proper functioning. These functions are supported by product visuals from Quantum Capture and Qlik. SAP’s Conversational AI provides Kia Mia with the ability to speak, while SAP HANA and IBM’s Watson add the data and question-answering skills so that she can think and recall.

All of these parts came together to create a human-like chatbot with talents such as extensive product info, making eye contact with customers, giving personalized answers, and remembering former conversations.

Kia Mia to the Point

We had the project but needed a technology-oriented partner. That is why we were very excited to have Kia Motors on board. The best area of use for our solution would be Kia’s new electric car, the e-Niro, because people interested in this technology would certainly be open to experiencing an innovative customer support service. We called our e-Niro bot Kia Mia. She’s warm, engaging, and has answers to every possible question about e-Niro. With such skills, Kia Mia competed in the the finals of 2019 SAP Innovation Awards and made us proud.

Kia Mia is an example that shows NTT DATA Business Solutions’ competence in creating innovations for better customer experiences.

That’s innovation to the point.

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Kia Mia is one of the examples that show how NTT DATA Business Solutions employs its vast experience in machine learning and IoT for innovation. There are many innovation projects, but it is experience that makes the difference. It is NTT DATA Business Solutions that transforms good ideas into great products.

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