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Among all freights transported in Europe, trailer trucks are used in approximately three quarters. What if we could monitor the goods in such trucks with absolute precision? Location of the goods would then facilitate planning the production of other related goods in the supply chain. This would change the game. It is a lot more than automation in a facility. It is about enabling integrated logistics and supply chain processes between several facilities in different cities, countries or even continents.

Our Logistics Bridge solution transforms a simple QR Code into a self-aware logistics tool.

Bringing Transparency

We can now track goods as clearly and precisely as we see products on a conveyor belt.

Mark Albrecht, NTT DATA Business Solutions Head of Innovation, explains how the precision of improved, automated tracking leaves no room for guesses and totally transforms delivery and manufacturing processes.

To Trust a Venture

Human errors or force majeure may cause delays in deliveries and therefore affect global supply chains. When logistics systems are not transparent, such damages even multiply. In the logistics industry, trust is hard to gain.

The idea: Developing a very precise and well-documented track and trace system through SAP Leonardo, mobile technology, sensors for cold chain control and shock, and SAP’s cloud services. This system makes sure that a product is always transparently tracked, without ever getting out of sight.

Imagine a customer who knows when his goods are stuck in traffic and understands in real time that his products will be late. The transparency of the Logistics Bridge removes any surprise, and the customer can reschedule delivery and adjust his other processes as necessary.

Wolfgang Möller, Global Director Discrete Industries & Internet of Things

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The Tech: Connecting You Too

Logistics Bridge operates through corresponding sensors. One of these sensors is in the form of a mini box with a Bluetooth beacon, a thermometer, and a shock detector, each with five years of battery life. This box is attached to a pallet. The second sensor has a corresponding Bluetooth beacon and a sim card. Attached to the door of a warehouse or on a truck, this mobile-enabled sensor sends a signal whenever a mini box is near. Using SAP Cloud technology, our sensors track the exact location of a pallet of goods. This is how Logistics Bridge solution operates and transforms supply chain into end-to-end logistics.

IoT to the Point

There are currently other track-and-trace technologies that enable warehouses monitor the transfer of goods. However, such technologies are very difficult to integrate. What we offer is another method that takes the technology out of the warehouse and facilitates its usage. NTT DATA Business Solutions customers using Logistics Bridge are very much satisfied to see how operational costs fall and transparency increases. The sensors offer great benefits especially for the transportation of fragile or temperature-sensitive goods.

Logistics Bridge is an example that shows NTT DATA Business Solutions’ competence in creating innovations specific to logistics.

That’s innovation to the point.

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The Logistics Bridge is one of the examples that show how NTT DATA Business Solutions employs its vast experience in machine learning and IoT for innovation. There are many innovation projects, but it is experience that makes the difference. It is NTT DATA Business Solutions that transforms good ideas into great products.

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