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Cooperate with NTT DATA Business Solutions to turn vague ideas into real results: You may have recently started to think about transformation or already identified your main points on the journey. No matter at what stage you are, NTT DATA Business Solutions is ready to support you to develop the best innovations for your business needs.


Generating Value Through Digital Innovation

There are many new technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA) or the Internet of Things (IoT). However, companies should avoid employing these just for the sake of following the trends. At NTT DATA Business Solutions, we do not support introducing every new technology to every business. Instead, we encourage the use of technology to solve real problems. We work with you to evaluate your needs and to find ways to increase profitability, competitive power, or customer satisfaction. Then we implement and integrate the best technologies that suit your needs into your IT systems (SAP or non-SAP). This is how we add value to your business.

Innovation to the Point.

Partnering with NTT DATA Business Solutions in innovation is a great way to achieve tangible outcomes. Our job is to take raw ideas and turn them into sustainable outcomes so that your business can fulfill its true potential. Get fast, cost-effective and experience-based solutions with NTT DATA Business Solutions.

In the end, you will have a service or solution that is capable of creating real value for your business. The key to this value is using the right innovative technologies to integrate with your existing IT system and business processes.

Wherever You Stand: Start Right Now

What do you have ahead? A concrete challenge or a vague idea that has the potential to become real? No matter what your concern is, NTT DATA Business Solutions is ready to work with you. Using our IT and business expertise, we cooperate with you and devise an innovation plan that is tailor-made for your business. Once the plan is ready, actions will be taken rapidly.
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A Modular Co-Innovation Approach Based on Your Needs

Do you have a starting point for your innovation process?

There is no single path or a standard package for innovation. Every business has a different point to start. That is why we, as NTT DATA Business Solutions, show you the way with a modular and iterative approach.

Joining you in your innovation process, we act as a compass for the journey. After determining your needs, we draw a roadmap to reach your innovation goals. We combine various tools and methods according to your specific needs and thus enable success in the project.

If you seek guidance in innovation or want to create new business models or processes, we are ready to help.

Innovation Management: A Guided Path That Fits You

Inspire: Explore Your Challenges and Opportunities

Are you experiencing challenges that need to be handled with immediacy? NTT DATA Business Solutions is right by your side. Or do you have an idea, but you are not sure if it is the right path for you? We are here to evaluate it. When businesses are faced with challenges, it is vital to assess whether the objectives are realistic and meaningful. We can provide you with information on your strengths, technological capabilities and digital maturity level. Once the situation is evaluated, then we will cooperate to identify at exactly what point the innovation journey must start.


Goals and outcomes:

As NTT DATA Business Solutions, we work with you to identify the goals and outcomes of every stage, thus achieving a fresh perspective on the stages to be followed or planning your innovation journey. Once this plan is made, we join you in searching through our creative methods and tools to develop ideas that meet your needs. For instance, to achieve future-proof business and IT strategies, we will provide you with concrete steps to integrate trending technologies into your main processes. This approach will be entirely based upon our recommendations for future technologies. When required, we will also look into some technologies that might be useful for you and deliver a concise competition analysis, including benchmarks and best practices. Plus, we will add value to your business through methods such as Design Thinking so that you can generate innovative ideas.


Sample tools we use – depending on your situation:

  • Design Thinking and agile workshops
  • Online and on-site innovation events
  • Speeches and 1 on 1 expert sessions
  • Inspiration and clear insights into innovation possibilities

Involve: Get the Right People Engaged

Innovation is not simply about technology – it is actually more related to those who use it regularly. If you want to ensure a successful innovation, you need to engage all users in the process and make sure that they are willing to adopt new technologies. NTT DATA Business Solutions can help you with this process as well by cooperating with your team of users while developing and implementing innovations. Instead of offering you ready-to-use innovations, we develop them together with all stakeholders in operational lines of business. By collaborating on all issues, we have everyone engaged in the process.


Goals and outcomes:

Since every business has a structure specific to itself, involvement of employees also requires methods unique to businesses. In some companies, lines of business and IT are already connected and bringing them a little closer is sufficient for innovation. In some, on the other hand, first all parties need to agree on the scope, goals, and limitations of innovation. No matter where your company stands, NTT DATA Business Solutions will employ agile methods to find the most suitable set of tools for you, while always considering the needs of your users and/or customers.


Sample tools we use – depending on your situation:

  • Usability checks
  • Knowledge transfer sessions
  • Fit-gap analysis
  • Scrum/agile methods
  • Design Thinking workshops
  • Functional prototyping
  • Change management
  • Definition of a digital mission tailored to your company

Implement: Laying the Foundation

The most important qualities of an innovation are agility and cost-effectiveness during the implementation phase. Based upon the challenges unique to your business, NTT DATA Business Solutions identifies the most suitable strategies for you and uses specific tools and methods to enable agile implementation. For example, thanks to our tools and methods, we can identify potential challenges or limitations, create a flexible innovation perspective, and rapidly develop a roadmap. Benefitting from our decades of experience, at an early stage of the process, we make short and long-term rollout plans specific to the needs of your company.


Goals and outcomes:

Based upon our knowledge and experience, we enable you to scale your innovation project – be it on the basis of departments, business units, or the world. In case your teams are not ready for innovation, we help them get on board rapidly.


Sample tools we use – depending on your situation:

  • Guided procedures
  • Best practices
  • Accelerators
  • International rollout expertise
  • Change management
  • Pilots and proof of concepts

Integrate: Blend Innovation Into Your Landscape

Innovation technologies are not solutions to be employed in isolation. To make a difference in business outcomes, they need to be integrated into all IT processes and systems. If you haven’t yet ensured this integration, NTT DATA Business Solutions is ready to help. Plus, we perform this integration not only in your company, but also in the systems of your partners, suppliers, and customers. Our tools and methods enable us to make sure that your existing data provide maximum value for your business. Through our services, new information silos are avoided, and existing ones are unlocked. This means you are always flexible enough to employ new technologies and opportunities.


Goals and outcomes:

There is no single method for innovation. As NTT DATA Business Solutions, we evaluate your landscape and offer you unique solutions that suit your needs the best.


Sample tools we use – depending on your situation:

  • Demo and test systems
  • DevOps support
  • Migration and architecture consulting
  • Technical proof of concepts
  • Innovation roadmap and technology consulting
  • Technology and software evaluation

Every innovation project is unique. By using the most recent technologies and tailor-made methods, we support your business in increasing its profitability.

Klaus-Christoph Müller, Director Innovation Technologies

Our International Innovation Incubators

As your partner in innovation, we combine our knowledge regarding the challenges of businesses with the most recent technology trends and implement innovation projects together with you. With innovation incubators all over the world, we establish the basis for innovation. Our incubators offer many services including proof of concepts (PoC) and real-life tests to turn ideas into new products and services.

Write Your Innovation Story with Us!

Every innovation project is a story of its own. Co-innovate with NTT DATA Business Solutions and write yours now!

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