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Accelerate Your Business: SAP® Solutions for Discrete Manufacturing

Speed up your product development, individualize your discrete manufacturing operations and optimize your product lifecycle management. We are your partner when it comes to IT solutions for manufacturing – in automotive, high-tech, and industrial machinery and components (IMC).

Discrete Industries in Focus

How IT Solutions for Discrete Manufacturing Help You Succeed

In Discrete Industries, business processes and IT – especially manufacturing ERP systems – are extremely diverse and complex. NTT DATA Business Solutions can help you master your challenges. We help you find and implement the right SAP solutions to successfully realize your digital transformation goals, capitalize on new business opportunities, and optimize your manufacturing processes efficiently:

Accelerate Product Development and Innovation

Today’s customers increasingly demand individualized products. This means manufacturers in discrete industries need highly flexible production processes and responsive material requirements planning. By using tailored manufacturing solutions, you can accelerate product development and bring innovations to market faster and more cost-effectively than the competition.

Implement End-to-End Product Lifecycle Management

Consistent Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) from research and development to aftersales service is crucial in manufacturing operations. By taking an approach that integrates people, data, processes, systems, and tools such as CAD, you can accelerate manufacturing cycle times and reduce waste. Solutions such as SAP Product Lifecycle Management increase engineering efficiency and reduce time to market.

Seize Opportunities from the Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT enables businesses in discrete manufacturing to make precise predictions based on real-time sensor data from machines and give their customers recommendations for future actions. It also paves the way to new business models, such as consumption-based contracts, allowing you to offer your customers more added value.

Unlock the Potential of Digital Manufacturing

Manufacturers are in the midst of a digital transformation. With sensor technology and advanced manufacturing execution systems, companies can unleash the potential of their data. Moreover, flexible platforms help you achieve a connected smart factory and facilitate better collaboration with other companies.

Gain Real-Time Insights Through Analytics

As a basis for strategic decisions, greater transparency into all manufacturing operations is required: from production planning to aftersales service. With real-time monitoring and data analytics, you can leverage sensor data to create new, service-based business models and gain additional capabilities, such as predictive maintenance. And by using artificial intelligence, you can increase productivity and accuracy through automation.

We Are Your Trusted Partner for IT Solutions for Discrete Manufacturing

Whether you operate in the automotive industry, in IMC or the high-tech sector: Thanks to over 30 years of experience in the field of discrete manufacturing, we understand our customer’s needs profoundly and can provide informed advice and support. A third of our total business is dedicated to supporting companies in this sector and over 1,500 of our employees are devoted to discrete manufacturing.

We’d be happy to work closely with you to find the right solutions for your needs, support implementation, and adapt your business model.

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Reliable Partnership

We were able to take a deep and secure breath, because we could always rely on our IT partner during the implementation of SAP S/4HANA Cloud. After 6 months, our Wiesbaden site was already benefiting from new functionalities of the forward-looking cloud solution.

Dean Lindsey, Senior IT Manager Europe, Life Sciences & Environment as part of MANN+HUMMEL

An Industry in Upheaval: Challenges in Automotive

In the modern automotive industry, it’s all about mass customization instead of mass production, and offering multiple product configurations is crucial to success. Consequently, development cycles grow shorter while quality requirements for customers increase. Moreover, the globalization and consolidation of platforms is a huge challenge for automotive companies as new competitors are changing business models and services required.

Here’s what you need to stay on top:

  • Reduction of lead times using continuous process chains
  • Entire mapping of all relevant ERP requirements in one system
  • Uniform platform for the implementation of integrated IoT scenarios

And Here’s How to Achieve That: SAP in the Automotive Industry

Accelerate product development cycles, improve customer experience, and strengthen your supply chain – with SAP solutions for the Automotive Industry.

As this is a very complex and specific topic, it’s best to talk directly to one of our Discrete Manufacturing and Automotive experts to consult, guide and support you – to find the best solutions for your needs.

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New Challenges for High-Tech

The high-tech sector is changing more and more rapidly: Industrial manufacturers are changing the way they run their businesses by implementing a range of advanced technologies to automate business processes, improve operational efficiency, and pioneer new business models. To keep up and remain relevant, ever-faster response times and product development cycles are required. Digital transformation is key to achieve these things and take your customer experience to a whole new level with our solutions for:

  • Improved UX driven by technologies such as voice control and augmented reality
  • Enhanced cyber security and data protection thanks to modern developments
  • Increase in revenue through easier product comparison, variant configuration, and machine management for customers

How to Stay on Top: SAP in the High-Tech Sector

With us, you can rely on proven experts who support you in finding and implementing state-of-the-art SAP Solutions for the High-Tech Sector and ready-to-run processes, so that you can quickly respond to changing market conditions. When you contact us, you can directly discuss your needs with one of our High-Tech experts.



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Challenges in IMC

The competitive pressure in IMC is increasing. This is due to the rise and establishment of new competitors from emerging markets, a growing variety of products and components as well as additional logistical complexity due to the relocation of the production focus to Asia.

A viable way for companies to respond to these changes is servitization. Through outstanding customer experience, IMC companies can differentiate themselves from the competition. Meanwhile climate change and scarcity of resources require a sustainable restructuring of industrial production and corresponding environmental and efficiency innovations.

Your Key to Success? SAP in IMC. With the right SAP solutions for IMC and an individualized approach, this is how you benefit:

  • Faster decision making based on uniqueness and transparency of figures
  • Consistent project structures from sales to assembly
  • Integrated process scenarios end-to-end

SAP in IMC: We Help You With That

We want to empower you with real-time insights to act in the moment and put the end-customers‘ point of view at the center of every decision. Contact us to discuss your specific needs with one of our IMC experts and they’ll be happy to help you find the right SAP solutions for you.

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Let us help you find the right SAP Solutions to leverage your business success. We also offer our own SAP-compatible industry solutions and proprietary AddOns, tailored to the specific demands of discrete manufacturing. Not sure what you need? Just contact us!

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With the new system, we want to optimize central business processes and fulfill our high demand for innovation. With NTT DATA Business Solutions and SAP S/4HANA, a secure IT foundation has been built - for accelerated processes and future growth.

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