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Maximize Efficiency in the Energy and Natural Resources Industry

Production planning, safety and regulations can be managed in real time.

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Target Oriented Digital Processes

As the world population increases, the global energy need is expected to double. Accordingly, finding sustainable energy resources, managing the existing resources at maximum efficiency and including new technologies in these processes are of great importance. The definition of success for the energy and natural resources industry indicates a properly designed infrastructure in which suppliers, customers and field workers can be managed in an integrated structure.

It has become imperative that production, production planning, safety and regulations can be managed in real time and accurately for the energy industry, where field projects and complex engineering processes are carried out over long distances.

IoT's Impact on the Industry

Many Energy and Natural Resources companies invest in technology and expertise to increase their capabilities with IoT. Once we accept that IoT innovation can create rapid business value, we can improve margins, save costs, or increase our revenue.

Process automation and supply integration are just some areas of potential improvement:

  • Product and service innovation – Accelerate engineering cycles and time to market by identifying product and service development opportunities.
  • Quality assurance and compliance – Optimize product processes through continuous monitoring and risk reduction.
  • Strategic asset management – Increase asset utilization, share performance data and share insight across assets.
  • Workforce productivity and security – Improve on-site workforce connectivity and collaboration with contextual, real-time business and operational insight.

Digitizing Renewable Energy Management Investments

Digitizing Renewable Energy Management Investments with SAP's Business Technology Platform
Watch on Digitizing Renewable Energy Management Investments with SAP's Business Technology Platform
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Real Time Reporting for Better Communication and Decision Making

Small or medium-sized projects in the energy and natural resources industry can be of regional or even national significance. You will need to comply with legal, financial and political regulations for your national work. In such cases, your reporting processes come to the forefront from the management stage, and the reports you create based on real data shape the future of your project.

It requires a robust system for required surveillance, reporting, documentation, interaction process, business intelligence, report generation and electronic data exchange (EDI).

With the IoT (Internet of Things) infrastructure, you can automatically collect data from interconnected sensors and devices, and quickly and easily save data about your employees. You can reach the people you need instantly and easily.

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Are You Facing Any Of These Challenges?

  • Do you have difficulties updating your KPIs in realtime or gathering the data you need to get a clear and complete picture of your operations?
  • Do you spend a lot of time and effort collecting and combining information from IT systems that don’t work well together?
  • Are you dealing with particularly time-consuming or inefficient workflows – for example with regard to demand management and procurement, or HR and workforce management?
  • Do you depend on systems that are vulnerable to human error or miscommunication, or routines that rely entirely on one or two individuals’ knowledge.
  • Are you struggling to get the entire organization to comply with the same standards and regulations?
  • Does the current setup of your SAP or other ERP suite no longer reflect how you work and the challenges your organization?

Expert Paper

Expert Paper
Digitalization: How to Find the Right Strategy for Your Enterprise

Digital transformation is not a future issue: It presents real challenges for businesses every day. In this expert paper, Klaus-Christoph Müller, Director of Global Business Solutions at NTT DATA Business Solutions, discusses changing business models, the opportunities of disruption, and how businesses can make the best start to their digitalization strategy.

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Our Industry Specialities

Plant Management

Managing power plants is about efficiency and cost control, as both the product and market are uniquely unforgiving of waste. NTT DATA Business Solutions assists with digital transformation and sets up systems optimizing for performance, and for safe, effective management of workforce, assets, finances, and sales.

energy mills

Oilfield Services

Oilfield service companies get a competitive advantage by using tightly integrated ERP systems, with business intelligence and predictive analytics to maximize productivity and optimize resource consumption. Tightly integrated systems allow for flexible manufacturing, agility in the market and improved supply chain management.

Oilfield Services

Multinational Operations

With local presence in 20 countries around the world, and native knowledge of each market’s particulars, NTT DATA Business Solutions is a natural partner for companies expanding oil and gas or energy markets. Whether setting up a wholly new ERP system or adapting an existing SAP installation to the new, international reality, NTT DATA Business Solutions can help.

Multinational Operations

Solving Top Challenges in the Energy and Natural Resources Industry

Go Beyond the Barrel to Foresee the Future

  • “Go beyond the barrel” to manage your consumers’ energy use more efficiently and predict the future.
  • Move away from tradition by reshaping your transportation, energy, heating and cooling services.

Digitalize Your Products and Services

  • Re-configure your entire value chain by better managing your supply and service network.
  • Save time and money by managing your maintenance processes with real-time data.

Manage Your Ecosystem

Increase your production and profitability by sharing your real-time data with the ecosystem.

Build Digital Platforms

  • Deliver operationally ready output for more realistic experiences and effective output.
  • Manage your logistics processes more easily, in line with multiple commerce and disciplines.

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Reliable Software Solutions

You need a highly customized, unique IT solution and digital transformation strategy for all your needs. This means that you need solid reliability that comes with the pacemaker software, such as SAP, which is trusted by industry leaders and government agencies around the world, with proven success.

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NTT DATA Business Solutions helps your company to prepare for the challenges of the digital future, regardless of the industry. Our integrated IT solutions specific to companies in the Energy and Natural Resources industry support you in every step of your value chain. Thus, you can ensure that your processes are transparent, compatible and cost effective.

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