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Futureproof Your Business with Our Managed Cloud Services

With our broad portfolio of Managed Cloud Services, your business gets equipped with the most efficient cloud infrastructure needed to transform your SAP centered business and make it ready for the future.

Cloud Services Put Innovation and Growth into Reach

Currently, no market undergoes so many rapid changes like the digital industry. Companies are often overwhelmed by the technological progression and therefore shy away from incorporating new innovations. Their view left and right seems to be blocked, as they have no clear perspective on how the integration of new solutions might change their businesses.

As a result, corporations become inflexible, lack agility and suffer declines in production. To regain perspective, however, the view to the left and right is not sufficient anymore. For a full view, the direction has to move upwards – or when it comes to digital technologies: to the cloud.

Cloud infrastructures are the predestined technologies that allow companies to stay flexible, agile, adaptable and therefore competitive on the market. Paired with efficient cloud services, they add a completely new dimension to SAP based IT environments leading to corporation-wide data availability, faster responses between departments, increases in productivity, and therefore a better overall performance.

Managed Cloud Services: We Give You the Space You Need to Grow

As your Managed Cloud Service provider, we cover all the aspects of your cloud transformation. From thoroughly analyzing your business objectives and growth strategy over migrating your data to managing your cloud with our full spectrum of digital, analytics, and enterprise cloud services. Get an impression of our offer:

Run Your Platform

We monitor and operate your cloud from anywhere. The Lifecycle Management of our Managed Cloud Services includes a continuous improvement of your SAP landscape with the incremental steps of migration, conversion, and upgrading.

Run Your Application

As your trusted Managed Cloud Service provider, we manage all the implemented cloud services such as SAP Managed Cloud and constantly optimize the overall performance of your SAP applications.

Enhance Your Landscape

We continuously improve your cloud infrastructure and take care of your SAP landscape extension as well as maintenance and provide a reliable Release Management.

Cloud Transformation

We accompany you on your entire cloud transformation journey and organize your cloud offering infrastructure automation and safeguarding. We make sure that all cloud services are well-integrated into your IT and work securely – on-premise and in the cloud.

Digital Business Innovation

We proactively drive your innovation process forward and offer you advisory along your cloud transformation journey. Thus, we can guarantee that your individual business goals are linked to suitable cloud technologies that carry out your strategy.

RUN as a Service

RISE Cloud Concierge Services

To get the most out of your RISE with SAP solution and minimize risk or interruption to your business, it’s important to ensure that you have ongoing managed services for your project and steady-state RUN support. While there are standard tasks and technical management services delivered by SAP, there are also cloud application services specific to your needs that you will have to cover with your in-house technology team or through a partner.

NTT DATA Business Solutions offers a full range of services that complement your RISE with SAP solution and address your full technology stack. We have the people and the tools to help you succeed, whether it’s onboarding and project support through system integration or helping you navigate support in a RISE environment.

RISE with SAP. RUN with NTT DATA Business Solutions.


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The Benefits of Our Managed Cloud Services

The Managed Cloud Services of NTT DATA Business Solutions liberate your SAP environment from the common limitations of fenced system areas. Take a look at the benefits of our offer in detail:

  • Choose from various flexible cloud models (on-premise, public cloud, hybrid cloud)
  • Offer of standardized and tailormade cloud packages
  • Seamless integration capabilities into your SAP landscape
  • Compatibility with all your SAP or non-SAP applications
  • Full system scalability with adjustable system performance
  • Highest standards regarding security and compliance regulations
  • Our holistic approach and broad expertise as Managed Service Provider and SAP specialist

Managed Cloud Services for IMC Group

NTT DATA Business Solutions demonstrates in every service (implementation project and AWS support) its high technical knowledge. Suggests us the appropriate AWS services to our needs and supports us completely in the architecture of our solutions, the difficulties found in the project were correctly handled, always in alignment with the IMC.

Mauricio Fazole, IT Manager at IMC Group

Strong Partnerships for the Most Advanced Cloud Technologies

We collaborate with the pioneers of the digital industry to offer you the best and most versatile cloud services portfolio. Here is an overview of our partners.


Our successful and long-standing partnership with SAP enables us to support you with state-of-the-art technology regarding Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud infrastructures. All solutions can be easily integrated into your existing SAP S4/HANA environment with all the used SAP applications.

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

As an AWS Managed Service provider with SAP competency, we offer you migration services for SAP S/4HANA and other SAP solutions on AWS as well as a fully managed operation.

Microsoft Azure

We combine mission-critical SAP applications with flexibly scalable, highly available and most secure modern infrastructures on the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform, which is available in more than 140 countries.

Our Managed Cloud Services Approach in 3 Steps: Plan, Move & Manage
Business people planning the move to the cloud.

Cloud Strategy – We Begin to Plan

We as your trusted Managed Cloud Service provider with profound SAP user and cloud technology experience help you find the right cloud strategy in incremental steps:

  • As a starting point, our consultants listen to your needs, analyze your IT architecture and advise you on how to hyperscale your system. Based on your resources and capabilities, we define a scope for your cloud transition.
  • Following this, you receive an in-depth cloud strategy consulting in order to determine whether a public cloud, an on-premise solution or a hybrid cloud landscape will bring your business further.
  • After we have identified a suitable cloud strategy, we continue with a cloud service consulting on our wide range of Managed Cloud Services that carry out your individual business aspirations.
  • In the final planning phase, we set up a cloud migration strategy that rolls out the practical execution of your cloud journey.
Work team with a Managed Cloud Services consultant evaluating the move to the cloud.

Cloud Transformation – We Proceed to Move

At this point, your cloud strategy is in place, and it’s time to get your cloud transformation going – by completing a fast and secure cloud migration of your data:

  • We move your existing SAP infrastructure to the cloud and the data centers from AWS and Microsoft Azure.
  • As a Managed Cloud Service provider, we take care of monitoring, alerting, backup, security, and capacity management for all your business-critical systems.
  • Receive complete end-to-end service for your SAP systems with management for the operating system, database, and SAP Basis.
  • Even the transition of SAP S/4HANA landscapes gets organized by us.
  • We offer you extensive Application Management Services (SAP AMS) for your SAP solutions and improve your SAP User Experience with additional components like SAP Fiori.


Team checking business operations ensured by Cloud Managed Service provider.

Cloud Management – We Start to Manage

When your cloud infrastructure is up and running, our Managed Cloud Services portfolio offers you a cloud management that is tailored specifically to your needs:

  • We ensure that your business-critical SAP systems always run smoothly – from basic operations over reporting to guaranteeing compliance of all the legal requirements and service level agreements.
  • If your cloud management extends to multiple platforms in a hybrid cloud environment, we will streamline your entire SAP landscape and ensure operation efficiency in a cost-effective way.
  • Our remote management supports you 24/7 with all the SAP applications in your environment, including development, quality assurance, performance monitoring and alerting.
  • We execute daily SAP operations and relieve the IT department of previously manual processes.
  • We improve your risk management and uphold important privacy regulations by mitigating security issues and data breaches.

Your Cloud Infrastructure – How to Make the Most of It

RISE Cloud Concierge Services
Fact Sheet
Cloud Concierge Services

To get the most out of your RISE with SAP solution and minimize risk or interruption to your business, it's important to ensure you have complete application management and maintenance. We offer a full range of services that complement your RISE with SAP solution and address your full technology stack. We have the people and the tools to help you succeed, whether it's onboarding and project support through system integration or helping you navigate support in a RISE environment.

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Hybrid Cloud

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Cloud Management

We present you 7 important arguments how Managed Cloud Services can mulitply your IT's efficiency. Together, we find the right solutions for you to take cloud management up a notch and tailor it to your company's needs.

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Fact Sheet
SAP S/4HANA Proof of Concept

Benefit from an easy and fast transition to the cloud. The proof of concept (PoC) enables you to tes tall basic functionality and to understand the procedure for the actual move.

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Public Cloud Services

Learn more about how to strategically facilitate your digital transformation. We provide efficient management of your business solutions in the cloud.

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