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Committing to SAP technology gives you a continuous stream of industry best-practice capabilities. That’s the good news. But the key to staying on top will be taking advantage of those capabilities faster and more effectively than the competition. That’s where our RUN as a Service program comes in.

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RUN as a Service

Agility is the Only Sustainable Advantage

Change is not new in the world of business, but for the past few years we’re seeing a more significant form of change. Technology is accelerating the pace of business and fundamentally disrupting what we once thought were well-established business models and processes. To keep pace, more and more businesses are turning to intelligent technology solutions to automate and run their business operations.

RUN as a Service is an executive-focused program designed to explore your business vision, examine current opportunities and threats, and connect them to the latest capabilities provided by SAP.

Using our micro-industry expertise and knowledge of SAP capabilities, we help you create an SAP roadmap based on your business priorities. Your roadmap will provide an objective view of your opportunities so that you can be confident that your business decisions are fast to implement and create the reality you seek.

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Building your SAP roadmap

The Vision + Opportunity Process

No matter what your business vision, threats and opportunities, we have an approach that allows your business to maximize the value of your SAP technology. During highly interactive business sessions, we work with your team to take a thorough look at your business to get a full understanding of:

  • Your business situation
  • Your industry
  • The latest SAP capabilities
  • Priorities for your budget

This analysis is used to identify your next-best opportunities to benefit the business, and a roadmap is created and prioritized to address your business’ most urgent needs first.

NTT DATA Business Solutions will maintain your SAP roadmap over the course of the engagement, with the ability to adjust or reprioritize based on changing business requirements.

Our RUN as a Service Model

Our 'as-a-service' model is based on three key elements:

Building Your Roadmap

The process starts with a clear definition of the current capabilities of your SAP environment and a joint prioritization process to create a forward-looking roadmap. The roadmap will form the backdrop for all future discussions.

Modular Approach

With our extensive expertise with SAP technology, we have created predefined modules designed for focused delivery and fast value to address talent attraction/retention, driving revenue and growth, creating business value with new technologies, reducing business waste, and driving customer experience. This modular design allows us to deliver maximum value for your business, faster and with lower risk.

Subscription Pricing

Our service delivery model simplifies the procurement process, allowing your business to cover its ongoing technology projects with a single contract, avoiding the need to create multiple project bids. Our model offers a subscription model with affordable payments, flexible staffing, and value-based rather than time-and-materials (T&M) pricing.

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