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Setting the Pace of Operations in Wholesale Distribution

New technologies, changing market dynamics, and increasingly demanding customers are altering the way distributors do business. Find out how you can lead this revolution with the support of SAP solutions.

wholesale distribution
itelligence assists you bringing your wholesale distribution operations into the digital age.

Distribution Goes Digital

When it comes to technology, many distributors are still lagging behind. While digitization transforms operations in wholesale distribution, some companies are missing opportunities as they fail to utilize demand management systems, omnichannel commerce platforms, or inventory management solutions.

To boost customer retention, distributors need to gain a single source of truth and optimize processes. This enables them to not only know what’s going on in their business, but also keep customers informed, satisfied, and most importantly, loyal.

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Our Wholesale Distribution Specialties

Streamline your wholesale distribution operations to stay ahead in the consumer goods sector.

Consumer Goods

With diverse types of products, consumer goods distribution can be a challenging market. Efficient inventory management, detailed supply chain planning, and a comprehensive supplier network are key to ensuring success.

plumbing and electrial supplies

Plumbing & Electrical Supplies

Bidding on jobs is very common in the plumbing and electrical sectors, and vendors offer discounts on high-volume orders. Distributors require technology that gives them an overview of these discounts so they can always find the best price.

Omnichannel commerce assists companies in meeting the demands for distributing building supplies.

Building Supplies

The building supplies sector is very diverse, including both small goods and bulk products, sales and rental, B2B and B2C. In order to thrive, distributors therefore require flexible solutions and omnichannel commerce.

Take control of demand management for foodservice distribution with assistance from itelligence.

Foodservice Distribution

Foodservice is one of the most fast-paced and demanding industries, with extremely thin margins and fierce competition. This calls for sophisticated warehouse systems, agile processes, and solutions for inventory management and incentive management.

wholesale distribution

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Building the Case for Wholesale Distribution to Thrive in a Digital Economy

Wholesale distribution is a massive and critical part of the economy, providing the products and services that keep everything moving. What will it take for wholesale distributors to thrive in the digital economy?

Our panel of experts got together to discuss the differentiators, challenges, best practices and vision for the future of wholesale distribution, including:

  • What’s driving distributors to change their business model.
  • The challenges of change, and the dangers of failing to change.
  • How to start the journey to digital transformation.
  • Best practices for using technology to your advantage.
  • Setting a vision for the future.
  • Where the industry is headed.
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Are You Facing These Challenges in Wholesale Distribution?

  • Is your outdated IT infrastructure leading to inefficient demand management and supplier management?
  • Are you able to keep up with the ever-increasing expectations to ensure customer loyalty?
  • Is a lack of system integration making it difficult to gain a clear and complete picture of your overall operations?
  • Are you under increased pressure to optimize procurement and supplier management processes as competitors drive down prices?
  • Do you have the necessary tools to take advantage of your vendors’ discount and rebate programs?

If you are currently facing one or more of these challenges, we can help you rethink your processes.

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wholesale distribution

How Wholesale Distributors Use Technology to Compete

Constant changes in market dynamics for wholesale distributors have populated the roadmap to success with as many challenges as they have opportunities. Whether
those changes were accelerated by COVID-19, market disruptors, or labor challenges, the push toward digital transformation has driven an impressive amount of investment and innovation. That in turn has brought the focus to aligning people, processes, and technology in such a fashion that businesses can both scale and prioritize delivering added value. So much so, distributors must now change their mindset to compete based on customer experience rather than price.

The good news is that if they get this alignment right, distributors are poised to beat out market disruptors because of their deep understanding of their customers’ businesses and their relationships with suppliers. However, they can’t do that without investing in technology and being agile enough to implement the right components at the right time. Plus, they need to attract the right talent.

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itelligence is the perfect partner to improve your wholesale distribution operations with digital solutions.

How We Can Support You With Wholesale Solutions

Having worked with many of the industry’s leading innovators and trendsetters, NTT DATA Business Solutions is the ideal partner for wholesale distribution. We draw upon our unparalleled experience in the industry, our understanding of country-specific requirements, and our long-standing SAP partnership to deliver value to our customers.

Furthermore, we use best practices and industry-specific software add-ons specially designed to accelerate the implementation of SAP solutions and minimize disruption to business.

How Wholesale Distribution Is Changing in the Digital Economy

Process Automation and Standardization

Improving operational efficiency is a top priority in wholesale distribution. Before distributors can capitalize on the latest technologies, they first need to streamline and standardize their core processes. By integrating and automating procure-to-pay and order-to-cash processes, for example, distributors stand to save time, eliminate errors, and ultimately improve customer satisfaction.

System Integration and Modernization

There is a lot to gain from replacing stand-alone systems and point solutions. End-to-end integration enables distributors to gain accurate real-time insights based on a single version of the truth, so they can make the right business decisions and transform their business.

Big Data and Predictive Analytics

Wholesale distributors have a wealth of data at their disposal – but only a few innovative leaders are using it effectively. By analyzing this data, distributors can get deeper insights into their supply chain and make predictions to optimize demand management, planning, and sales processes.

Price Optimization

Distributors are responding to increased cost pressure by trying to recover costs from vendors. Incentive management solutions enable distributors to gain a clear overview of complex discount, rebate, and commission programs so they can improve their profitability.

Supply Chain Management

To meet rising customer expectations, enterprises need to reimagine their supply chain. Process automation, flexible IT solutions, and greater data transparency are key to efficient supply chain management.

SAP Solutions for Wholesale Distribution

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Stay Competitive with Omnichannel Commerce

In today’s world, you have to do business on every channel to remain competitive. Distributors are now moving into e-commerce to open up new customer touchpoints, create new sources of revenue, and improve customer satisfaction.


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