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Benefit from greater efficiency, transparency and risk coverage – we support you in establishing an Automated Test Suite for your SAP systems to safeguard your business operations

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Benefit from greater efficiency, transparency and risk coverage by establishing an Automated Test Suite for your SAP system to safeguard your business operations.
Automated testing solutions protect against potential programming bugs.

Why Testing Is More Important Than Ever

Today’s businesses typically have a complex infrastructure, with interdependencies between data and systems that require software changes to be thoroughly vetted before being promoted into the production environment. It’s all too common that a change in functionality and data in one part of an application can break functionality in another.

Manually testing SAP software is time-consuming and error-prone. Improper or inadequate testing can lead to service disruptions or downtime, which has an impact on the business both internally and externally. Employees become frustrated when the systems they use in their roles are out of service. Even worse, a service disruption provides a less-than-optimal customer experience that could ultimately impact the company’s bottom line.

Many organizations are turning to automated testing solutions to protect against potential programming bugs, release incompatibilities and security vulnerabilities. Automation allows you to test changes every time, without having to wait for manual testing or potentially missing something important during the testing process. It’s the best solution for the modern, agile IT department.

Saving significant quality assurance costs
Increasing the quality of SAP systems
Test Coverage
Increasing the test coverage of SAP systems

Determine Whether SAP Automated Testing Services Are Suitable for Your Company

  • Are you missing qualified personnel to conduct testing?
  • Are you wondering if you could conduct testing more efficiently?
  • Do you suffer from time constraints in relation to projects, rollouts or maintenance?
  • Do you tend to make trade-offs between good system quality, your project timeline, and your IT budget?
  • Did you ever cut down on quality assurance measures to reach your next release milestone on time?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, you should get to know SAP Automated Testing Services. We will introduce you to the central functions of this service and show you how your company can best benefit from it.

SAP Automated Testing Services: Your Business Benefits at a Glance

  • Use experienced subject matter experts to benefit from our skilled team with extensive functional and technical SAP expertise. Our Testing Hub team can readily adjust its capacity to match project requirements, ensuring flexibility at short notice.
  • Comprehensive test automation service at every stage of the application lifecycle includes the test infrastructure implementation, test case automation and managed execution of test phases through our cost-effective onsite-offshore collaboration mode.
  • Increase quality and test coverage of the SAP systems by enabling to test faster and more often at no additional cost. Above all, faster retesting shortens the duration of the error life cycle in projects.
  • On-site presence guarantees a responsive individual who can effectively guide the offshore team behind the scenes. The onsite-offshore collaboration model allows for the cost-effective creation of numerous automated test scripts within a short timeframe.
  • Avoiding service interruptions and downtime is best achieved through a tool-based approach to testing, which proves to be more efficient than time-consuming and error-prone manual testing. Furthermore, the capability to conduct end-to-end tests for error detection and resolution prior to deploying them in the production environment significantly minimizes the risk of service interruptions.
  • Reduce overall risk in a cost-effective way by decreasing the chances of errors infiltrating your production environment, thereby safeguarding your entire value chain from potential damage. The comprehensive test automation service for SAP applications further diminishes overall risk at every stage.

Costs SAP Automated Testing Services: What does the implementation of a holistic test automation system cost?

With an automated design of your test environment, you benefit from greater efficiency, transparency and risk coverage. SAP Automated Testing Services helps you to to safeguard your business operations – the perfect support for your business processes!


Why You Should Choose Us As Your Partner For SAP Automated Testing Services

Digital transformation helps companies reach their full potential – if the underlying technologies work for the people using them! At NTT DATA Business Solutions, we design, implement, manage and continuously enhance SAP solutions to make them work for companies – and for their people.

Aiming to transform, grow and become more successful? We provide you with more than in-depth expertise for SAP solutions: As your passionate partner, we connect your business opportunities with the latest technologies – and offer you a unique approach to get the job done as smoothly as possible.

Our close ties to SAP and other partners give you access to innovative solutions and developments. Being part of the global NTT DATA group enables us to master any scope of project.

With operations in more than 30 countries, we have enabled thousands of companies to become more efficient and effective during the last three decades. Our 10,000 experts worldwide will accompany you on your journey toward a truly intelligent enterprise – wherever you want to start!




NTT DATA Business Solutions is a global partner of Tricentis, SAP’s long-standing partner for test automation. No matter where you are based, our certified and experienced Tricentis experts are there to support you worldwide. From large-scale automation projects to ongoing maintenance. We are there for you and support you from start to finish.


Do You Want to Know More?

If you have any further questions or want to know more about the SAP Automated Testing Services and how it can benefit your SAP environment, contact us! We will be glad to help.

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