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Overcome New Challenges in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)

Optimize demand management, comply with food safety regulations, and increase the agility of your supply chain management – with tailored solutions from a global network of SAP specialists.

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Consumer packaged goods

CPG Industries in Focus

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Shifting nutrition habits, growing ecological consciousness, fast-changing food safety regulations, batch management, long-distance transportation, online shopping – the list of current challenges in the food industry could go on and on. But we have a solution. Read on to learn more.

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Digital solutions help the beverage industry to master current challenges: For example, bottling processes can be improved to simplify plant cleaning for higher efficiency. Another example is the optimization of deposit handling for returned empties and returnable packaging.

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Digital transformation and changing consumer buying habits mean that analytics and big data are now requirements in the consumer durables industry. Profit from our technological expertise and industry-specific knowledge to overcome these challenges.

The Current State of The Consumer Products Industry

Today, companies in the CPG industry face a host of new challenges.

Supply Chain Agility

Good planning and efficient re-planning are critical to success. With an increasing number of consumer goods being transported daily, planning must be agile enough to respond to unpredictable events. To accelerate decision making, access to accurate real-time information via the IoT is vital.

Effective Demand Management

Changing consumer demands are influencing product design and price optimization like never before: effective demand management is absolutely essential. CPG companies require quick and easy access to relevant information to support profitability analysis and price optimization.

Food Safety

Businesses require a systemized food safety program that should ensure the highest possible quality across all processes and timely compliance with global regulations. To close the gap between incidents and corrective actions, companies in the food and beverages sector need a powerful in-memory platform, while innovative IoT capabilities can keep them ahead of competition.

Turn to an experienced and innovative partner to bring your CPG company into the digital age.

Transform Your Business For a New Era in Commerce – with SAP Consumer Industries Solutions

To overcome these challenges, stay competitive and lead the way in the future, consumer goods businesses must optimize their processes – by finally exploiting the often untapped potentials of digital transformation: From predictive maintenance over machine learning scenario and digitized quality control to the use of agile product lifecycle management software and cloud-based solutions for ensuring data accuracy in forecasting.

A sophisticated ERP software, like SAP S/4HANA, and specialized SAP consumer industries solutions that fit your specific needs will help you with that. After your digital transformation, you will be able to meet fluctuating consumer demands and capitalize on new growth opportunities in today’s integrated markets.

How Organic Valley is Fueling Supply Chain Resilience

With supply chain’s newfound designation as an enabler of strategy, leaders are now expected to contribute significantly to overall enterprise goals, including sustainability, revenue generation and deepening relationships with consumers — while also managing geopolitical tensions, climate disruptions, and lingering materials shortages.

Meeting this mandate is driving consumer goods companies to make significant investments to move their supply chains further away from cost centers and toward value creators. In this live webinar, you’ll learn from Ron Gilson, Organic Valley CIO, and Jeff Van Pelt, NTT DATA Business Solutions industry principal, consumer products, about how one of the largest organic consumer brands in the U.S. is undergoing a technology and business transformation to meet these new needs.

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How SAP Solutions Help You

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Connect your Business Vision, Current Threats & Opportunities to the Latest Capabilities from SAP

For today’s consumer products companies, sustained success and new growth depend on the industry’s ability to satisfy varied, complex, and changing demands. Customer requirements are only one element in a range of challenges that determine who succeeds in the market.

SAP technology brings together critical solutions and services needed for true business transformation, providing a path to the Intelligent Enterprise for every customer, independent of starting point or complexity.

NTT DATA Business Solutions’ RUN as a Service program complements your SAP solutions and is designed to help your business accelerate and unlock business value based on your specific business vision, challenges and opportunities.

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A Selection of Our Consumer Goods Technology Solutions

At NTT DATA Business Solutions, we truly understand the subtle differences among the consumer products industry’s specialties. As such, we have developed a multitude of industry-specific products to provide our customers with tailored SAP solutions – whether on-premise, cloud, or hybrid.

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CPG Industry 2025: New Technologies for Increased Customer Demands

As customer demands continue to increase and shift with market dynamics, consumer products companies need tools to stay competitive. This strategic guide looks at the consumer products industry landscape and examines technology tools designed to solve challenges into the future.

Digitalization can mean so many things, but a systematic approach can help you prioritize and craft a roadmap for your business. Here’s a look at five different scenarios and their solutions.

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Optimize Export Processes

True to our success factors speed, technology and teamwork we have optimized our export processes with NTT DATA Business Solutions. it.x-press.atlas meets our requirements for electronic customs clearance. Now we achieve a 5-fold acceleration in the creation and management of export declarations.

Yvonne Heussner, Key-Userin, Klingele Paper & Packaging Group

Driving Digitization Forward in the Food Industry
Watch on Driving Digitization Forward in the Food Industry

This is How We Drive Digital Transformation in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

Where food meets IT.

Walioullah Ali, Head of COE Consumer Products at NTT DATA Business Solutions, explains together with Christian Fretter, Head of R&D at Dr. August Oetker Nahrungsmittel KG, the smartFoodTechnology cluster and the benefits of working together with science and industry on one specific topic. In this case the digital transformation and it`s possibilities for the consumer packaged goods industry.

As part of the project “Quality Assurance in Food Production: Cyber-physical Systems and Big Data”, for example, a continuous mashing plant was developed. The demonstrator plant enables the exploration of digital product twins as well as process prediction and pursues the goal of a self-regulating system.

Need Help With Your Digital Transformation?

We’re happy to support you by finding the best fitting SAP solutions for your requirements, guiding the implementation process, and aiding with maintenance as well as ongoing optimization.

Who We Are: Experience Meets Innovation in Consumer Products

As a trusted long-standing partner of SAP, NTT DATA Business Solutions is part of the development process for industry-specific solutions from the outset. Combined with over 30 years of experience in SAP implementations across multiple industry segments, this gives us unparalleled knowledge of the consumer products industry. It also puts us at the forefront of innovation in the sector, meaning that as we grow, you grow.

What’s more, thanks to our global presence, you can benefit from our best-in-class B2B and B2C solutions and round-the-clock consulting, wherever you are.

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Ideal for the Consumer Products Industry: SAP Special Solutions

More Useful Insights Into The Consumer Products Sector

new market mindset consumer products
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A New Market Mindset and Strategy for Consumer Products Companies

Learn how your company can invest in new digital capabilities and be better positioned to compete in the marketplace, grow life-long consumer relationships, and boost profits and revenue.

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Demystifying Digital Transformation for the Food Industry

It seems everyone is telling the food industry to plan and implement their digital transformation. But what if you have questions? This guide tackles some important questions like what you can really get out of it and best strategies for digitalizing your processes. Spoiler: It is never recommended to digitalize everything. Here’s a look at what you should actually consider.

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transformation mindset food industry
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The Transformation Mindset: How Consumer Products Companies Drive Sustainable Growth in an Uncertain World

Midsize consumer products companies are adjusting their approach to business transformation by rethinking traditional organizational priorities, according to a new survey by the SAP Insights research center. Innovation in technology, products and services, and sustainability are crucial drivers for growing revenue and efficiency, operating more sustainably, and adapting to new risks.

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customer experience in consumer packages goods industry
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CX Agility in CPG: Fuel Business Growth & Maximize CX Results

This report from Aberdeen Strategy Research highlights the role of agile CX programs in helping consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies keep up with changes in consumer needs while adapting to changing business conditions. It also provides a framework of five key building blocks CPG firms of all sizes can use to establish a top-notch agile CX program to drive growth.

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