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RISE Cloud Concierge Services

NTT DATA Business Solutions offers a full range of services that complement your RISE with SAP solution and address your full technology stack.

RISE cloud concierge services
RUN as a Service

RISE with SAP. RUN with NTT DATA Business Solutions.

RISE with SAP is a flexible solution designed to support your business needs, including industry-specific practices. Specifically, RISE with SAP gives you the ability to combine a cloud ERP with analytics, process automation, enhanced cybersecurity and more. It is a wide-reaching bundle of software, tools and services delivered in a single subscription.

To get the most out of your RISE with SAP solution and minimize risk or interruption to your business, it’s important to ensure that you have ongoing managed services for your project and steady-state RUN support. While there are standard tasks and technical management services delivered by SAP, there are also cloud application services specific to your needs that you will have to cover with your in-house technology team or through a partner.

NTT DATA Business Solutions offers a full range of services that complement your RISE with SAP solution and address your full technology stack. We have the people and the tools to help you succeed, whether it’s onboarding and project support through system integration or helping you navigate support in a RISE environment.

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Our Full Range of Services to Complement RISE with SAP

RUN with SAP cloud services
Full SAP Services

Scope of Services

As your trusted advisor and long-term partner, we help you to design your journey to the cloud and unlock the full potential of the RISE with SAP solution.

  • With our Advisory Services, we help you navigate the different RISE with SAP options, resulting in an actionable roadmap for your transformation journey.
  • Our Co-Innovation Experts are at your service to make sure you will make the most of the innovative power of SAP S/4HANA cloud.
  • Of course, we take care of your successful migration to the cloud (implementation consulting), whether it’s a new implementation, a conversion, or a landscape transformation.
  • Our complementary solution packages provide proven industry templates and accelerators to ensure tailored results with a simple process.
  • With our AMS and RISE Cloud Concierge Services (on top of the basic service coverage from SAP), we ensure that your journey to the cloud continues seamlessly and leads to more flexibility for day-to-day IT operations.
  • Finally, our Own & Partner Product Portfolio offers great opportunity to enhance your RISE with SAP software package for improved, more comprehensive process coverage.

The RISE Cloud Concierge Services Portfolio

NTT DATA Business Solutions offers a full range of onboarding/project support to help you get up and running quickly. It starts with our Foundation Base Package and also offers four add-on service packages that you can select based on your business needs:

  • Enhanced Monitoring
  • Enhanced Security
  • Public Cloud Essentials
  • Application Lifecycle Management

Our Foundation Base Package Provides the Following Services

  • Account Management
  • Single Sign On Advisory
  • SAP Front-End Advisory
  • Printer Advisory
  • Capacity Management (storage/compute)
  • System Health Checks
  • User Management
  • System Copy Support
  • Client Copy Support
  • Memory & Buffer Analysis
  • Transport Management Support
  • Implementation Support
  • Configuration of TMS
  • Audit Support
  • Certificate Handling & Coordination
  • Third-Party Interface Configuration Including Scripts
  • HANA DB User Request Coordination
  • HANA DB Table Partitioning
  • Version Upgrade Planning and Coordination
  • Version Upgrade Pre/Post Support
  • Analysis of SAP Session Reports (EWA)
  • Lock Entry Analysis
  • ABAP Dump Analysis
  • qRFC/tRFC Queue Analysis
  • Monitor Fast-Growing Tables
  • RFC Connection Coordination
  • Termination of Excessive Usage Process/User
  • ICM Service Restart
  • SAP Printer Management
  • Create, Lock/Unlock Users
  • Coordination of Web SRT
  • JAVA Instance Support and Coordination

Enhanced Monitoring Add-On Service

This service provides automated monitoring and a live dashboard so that your team has 24×7 insight into the health of your environment. Capacity and trend reporting provides the information you need to plan and budget.

The Enhanced Monitoring Package includes the following:

  • Interactive Dashboard
  • Monitor Critical Business Transactions
  • Identify and troubleshoot technical incidents
  • Identify and troubleshoot events
  • Monitor and analyze System logs
  • Monitor and analyze Batch input sessions
  • Monitor interfaces and analyze
  • Batch Job Monitoring and notify appropriate resource
  • Monthly Status report
  • Proactive release management recommendation
  • Capacity Management report
  • Technical trending report
  • DB root issue cause identification and recommendation

Enhanced Security Add-on Service

This service provides application layer checks to help optimize your security configuration. It also includes daily monitoring of critical security notes and bulletins, along with services to guide you through implementation of published critical notes.

The Enhanced Security service scans your SAP production system to identify security risks and supports the following:

  • Secure configuration of SAP system
  • Application Server security checks
  • Security Note Implementation Status
  • Profile Parameter
  • Security Audit Log settings
  • Critical authorizations
  • Review of customer authorization concept
  • Secure configuration of HANA system
  • Security settings
  • Critical privileges
  • Develop a plan for high risks findings
  • Tool for self password management

Public Cloud Essentials Add-On Service

This service provides a full suite of public cloud service offerings to support your business with advisory, implementation, or run-state services. Examples include public cloud landing zone design, comprehensive back-up strategy, disaster recovery options, and migration services.

Advisory Services

Includes migration evaluation, landing zone design, and VNET/VPC design and planning.

Implementation Services

Includes migration services, landing zone set-up, and VNET/VPC set-up.

Run Services

Includes backup as a service, patching as a service, DR as a service, monitoring as a service, and public cloud management.

Application Lifecycle Management Add-on Services

This service provides a starter package optimized for implementation or run-state operations. It also includes the Testing as a Service package to help you design, record, manage, and automate testing of critical business processes.

Testing as a Service

Includes design and recording of test cases, management/tracking of testing, and automation.

Cloud ALM Implementation Starter Pack

Enable all Cloud ALM functionality in the customer landscape and perform knowledge transfer to utilize SAP Cloud ALM for Implementation.

Cloud ALM Operations Starter Pack

Enable all Cloud ALM functionality in the customer landscape and perform knowledge transfer to utilize SAP Cloud ALM for Operations.

Cloud ALM Training and Enablement Pack

Training Service: Provide training sessions on set-up and usage of Cloud ALM.

Cloud ALM Transitions Service

Transition Solution Manager customers to Cloud ALM.

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