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Customer Data Managed in the New World of GDPR

In our last blog article, Integrating the Front Office with the Digital Core, we discussed how SAP C/4HANA taps into the S/4HANA digital core, smoothing the path between front office and back office in one simple chain of processes. In this article, we’re switching gears to discuss how C/4HANA can help you manage customer data in this new world of GDPR.

At over 300 pages, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has certainly had a large impact on businesses across the globe. The regulation represents a fundamental shift in the balance of rights and obligations between consumers and business. It broadens the definitions of personal data and extended rights for consumers in terms of data portability, the ‘right to be forgotten,’ notifications in the event of a data breach and higher standards for obtaining and managing consent.

The SAP Customer Data Cloud includes three integrated, cloud-based products that provide customer registration, login, preference and consent management across digital properties in order to build rich, permission-based customer profiles.

  • SAP Customer Identity helps you turn unknown online visitors into known, loyal customers, through flexible registration and social authentication screens and flows customizable to your unique business case. You can optimize the customer experience across devices and channels while protecting your customers and your business against identity fraud and theft.
  • SAP Customer Consent helps your business build trust with customers while addressing compliance with global data protection laws. You can collect, track and manage consumer preferences and consent settings across every brand, channel and property while giving customers control over their experiences via an intuitive self-service preference center.
  • SAP Customer Profile enables you to transform a wide variety of customer identity, profile and account status attributes into unified customer profiles that can be governed across your business from a central location, then analyzed to gain deeper insights into your audience.

These solutions employ a set of technical, strategic and design principles known as “privacy by design.” It’s a collection of data protection and privacy best practices that are built into the registration-as-a-service (RaaS) feature in SAP Customer Identity. Privacy by design elements include consent management strategy, data auditing, data extraction, data deletion and freezing of data processing.

Privacy by Design

Using these principles, the SAP Customer Data Cloud can help your business address many of the requirements of the GDPR and other data protection and privacy regulations. They’re important to delivering transparency and control to customers when collecting and processing their personal data — and that will help you build trusted and long-term brand engagement and, ultimately, better relationships between your business and its customers.

Want to take a deeper dive? Download the SAP industry guide, SAP Guide to Addressing GDPR Requirements for Customer Data Management.

Want to learn more about SAP C/4HANA? Watch for our next blog article, Machine Learning in the Sales Cloud – What Does it Mean?

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